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Is Sal Cincotta Right About His Stink With Miller’s Lab

Wedding photographer Sal Cincotta voiced his opinion on Facebook today about Miller Lab’s launching a new line of albums using the word “Signature” in the title. Apparently Cincotta has a wedding album line that goes by a similar name, Signature Collection Albums, and he feels that there will now be “confusion in the market place.” Read below what Cincotta posted on his Facebook page and voice your own opinion in the comments. Do you think Miller’s was out to copy Cincotta or is “Signature” a generic enough word anyone should be able to use it.  [more]

Wedding Photography Boot Camp With Sal Cincotta

Starting tomorrow, creativeLIVE is hosting Sal Cincotta for a 5-day Wedding Photography Boot Camp. Everything from sales, packaging, marketing, client consultations, and managing the actual wedding day will be covered. [more]

CreativeLIVE: Watch Eight Pro Photographers Speak Live In NYC

Right now the hottest spot on the globe for photography is in New York City at Photo Plus. Our good friends at creativeLIVE have set up an unbelievable opportunity for photographers to learn from eight of the industry’s leading photographers all for FREE. Catch creativeLIVE’s free event Photographers Ignite live right now. If you missed any of the speakers or want to revisit these amazing workshops, [more]

Free Workshop: How To Make Money Shooting Senior Portraits

If you’ve ever wondered how you can begin transitioning from part time photographer to completely supporting yourself in your business, then you have probably considered shooting senior portraits. Sal Cincotta is an excellent photographer, and he is an even better businessman. This weekend Sal is sharing his knowledge behind building a successful Senior Portrait business on creativeLIVE (July 6-8). As always, the live broadcast is free to stream as it happens live. [more]

[Video] Outside The Softbox: Giving Your Photography Clients An Experience

I recently came across this video produced by [Framed] Show, and it really made me stop and think about how I run my business…and this is not just for wedding photographers! Sal Cincotta takes a second to put all of the gear, lighting diagrams, inspiration, and BTS videos aside to talk about something that a lot of photographers fail to capitalize on in their own businesses. Treating your clients to “an experience” they will remember and appreciate is probably THE most important thing you can do for your photography business and gaining future clients. Little things like answering your phone and email within 24 hours seems like a no brainer but how many of you take time out to send handwritten thank you notes or personalized gifts as a token of appreciation? The winter season is a great time to revamp how you will engage your clients in the spring and summer so let me ask you this: What are some things you do to improve your relationship with your clients? Leave your thoughts in the comments below and if you have any ideas that aren’t wedding based I’m sure everyone would love to hear them.

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