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creativeLIVE Photoshop Week Streaming LIVE Now

The folks over at creativeLIVE are broadcasting an entire week of photoshop classes. Classes kicked off Monday, February 24 and will continue to stream LIVE for free until Friday, February 28th. This week covers a broad spectrum of things available to photographers in Lightroom and Photoshop such as workflow, digital file management, local and global adjustments, photo restoration, selections, and my personal favorite, advanced beauty retouching. [more]

We’re Giving Away a $1,200 Workshop Today on CreativeLIVE

Today, tomorrow, and Saturday RGG Photo will be teaching a commercial photography workshop LIVE on creativeLIVE. We will be giving away ROSCO Lite Panels, a 2 day workshop to the Fstoppers Bahamas workshop, a hard drive from OWC, and a lot of other stuff. Tune in and like us on Facebook to win. [more]

Every Workshop Is Currently On Sale At creativeLIVE

Most of the multiday workshops are $150 or less on creativeLIVE which is a really great deal as it is but for the next 3 days, everything is on sale. Many of the workshops are as much as 50% off. Head there now to check out this incredible opportunity.  [more]

Don’t Miss creativeLIVE Photo Week!

Ready to pack in a ton of learning over six days? Then creativeLIVE Photo Week is for you. It convenes the best and brightest photographers working today, connecting you with your photographic favorites in real time. Broadcast over six days, Photo Week is one of the most ambitious events the photography industry has ever seen, and you can be a part of it. [more]

creativeLIVE – Comprehensive Lighting Essentials Week

Beginning tomorrow and spanning through the weekend, creativeLIVE will be hosting their Lighting Essentials workshop with the likes of Lindsay Adler, Rick Friedman, Roberto Valenzuela, Tony Corbell, and Chuck Arlund. Spanning the remainder of the week, these five awarding winning and critically acclaimed photographers will teach you everything you’ll need to know to manipulate the light in photographs. Click the more link for an entire breakdown of the schedule. [more]

CreativeLive’s Personal MBA: A Solution To The Photography Vs. Business School Debate

Internationally acclaimed author Josh Kaufman will be hosting an upcoming creativeLive event dedicated to guiding you through the tenets and teachings found in every MBA program in the country. This 2-day workshop will start tomorrow April 4 at 9AM. [more]

Photoshop Week With creativeLIVE

Whether you’re just starting out or if you’re a seasoned professional, you won’t want to miss this week’s programming on creativeLIVE. Right now until March 2, they will be featuring some of the best instructors who will be teaching instrumental techniques for photographers. Some of the topics they’ll be covering include retouching and compositing, workflow and automation and using text and brushes. Start watching live NOW for FREE OR purchase the video downloads for $299 and watch them any time. [more]

CreativeLIVE Hosts Tim Ferriss and The 4-Hour™ Life: Healthy, Wealthy and Wise

Starting today, creativeLIVE will be hosting Tim Ferriss to talk about The 4-Hour™ Life: Healthy, Wealthy and Wise. During this exciting 2-day workshop, Tim will present his best lessons, principles, and hacks for becoming (and remaining) “healthy, wealthy, and wise.” As always, the course is free while it’s live and cheaper if pre-purchased before the course ends. Enroll here! [more]

CreativeLIVE: Watch Eight Pro Photographers Speak Live In NYC

Right now the hottest spot on the globe for photography is in New York City at Photo Plus. Our good friends at creativeLIVE have set up an unbelievable opportunity for photographers to learn from eight of the industry’s leading photographers all for FREE. Catch creativeLIVE’s free event Photographers Ignite live right now. If you missed any of the speakers or want to revisit these amazing workshops, [more]

CreativeLIVE’s Fashion Week With Matthew Jordan Smith and Yoanna House

Each week creativeLIVE has unbelievable live content that you can stream for free. Starting today through Sept 15th, creativeLIVE will host one of Fstoppers’ most featured photographers Matthew Jordan Smith. Matthew is an acclaimed fashion photographer, and he has brought along America’s Next Top Model winner Yoanna House to talk about everything that goes on in the fashion industry. For more information about this week’s entire event, read the full post. [more]

Fstoppers, Who Do You Want To See On CreativeLIVE?

Over the last few months Fstoppers and the guys over at creativeLIVE have built a fun relationship. We love sharing inspiring photo shoots, behind the scenes videos, and gear talk, and they broadcast free workshops from some of the industry’s best creative professionals. So we thought it would be fun to ask Who would you like to see on creativeLIVE? I know a short list of photographers I’d love to see on CL (some are our own readers) but we want to hear from you. Complete the Questionnaire [more]

Free creativeLIVE Workshop: Learn Photo/Video Fusion this Weekend

Update: Live Now! As a wedding photographer myself, I think the most important thing any photographer can do for their business is adding video to their services. I met Rob and Vanessa earlier this year and was excited to hear they are teaching this new “Fusion” video/photo hybrid to other photographers. On June 29 – July 1, creativeLIVE is airing their 3 day workshop for free! Learn how you can easily incorporate video into your photography business from two of the industry’s leaders. [more]

Learn Product Photography For Free From June 21-25 On creativeLIVE

Product photography can be one of the most difficult facets of photography. Everyone expects organic objects (like a human) to have imperfections but clients want their products to look flawless in the finished image. Your choice of lens, angle, lighting, color, composition, and retouching must all work together or your shot won’t hold up. In the past photographers would have to assist for years to learn the tricks of the trade but today, you can learn them for free from your laptop. [more]

Jared Platt’s Free Lightroom 4 Workflow On CreativeLIVE

This Thursday, June 14, Jared Platt is doing a 3 day workshop on how to speed up your Lightroom 4 workflow. As always with creativeLIVE events, the online workshop is free to watch live (so sign up for that now) and then the video recordings of that workshop cost $150 to download after the event ends. Click the full post for more details on how you can watch this intensive tutorial for free this coming weekend. [more]

[Free Education] Sign Up For Mark Wallace’s Free CreativeLIVE Workshop

Update: Mark’s is going LIVE tomorrow. Sign up for an email notification in the full post: Photography educator Mark Wallace has been featured on Fstoppers probably more than any other photographer. His easy to understand approach to lighting and tech talk has made Mark one of the top teachers in the field. On May 18-20th, Mark is hosting a FREE Speedlights 101 Workshop on CreativeLIVE. If you aren’t familiar with CreativeLIVE, they stream full photography workshops for free but also allow you to download full copies for future reference. Enroll for the free online workshop in the full post [more]

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