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Freddie Wong Puts on an Epic Car Chase

A good car chase has heroes, villians,  jumps, crashes, helicopters and more. Youtube master Freddie Wong manages to capture the best elements of an epic car chase but does it on a small scale. By using RC cars, Freddie and his crew are able to set up the scene and retake as many times as they want.  Check out the final video below.


A Green Screen Lesson With Freddie Wong

If you’ve followed Fstoppers for any length of time then you know we are huge fans of Freddie Wong and his crazy hilarious Youtube Channel. What’s so great about Freddie’s work is that it’s not big budget at all and he mixes his great sense of humor with relatively simple After Effects to create one of the most watched channels on the internet. Last Call With Carson Daily premiered this video, Gun Size Matters, back in the Fall and I just now came across this behind the scenes video showing how they filmed it with green screen. Click the full post to watch the final short video of Freddie’s dream date with Shenae Grimes come to a not so happy end :)

Freddie Wong Builds His Own Gun Shots

If you are not already subscribed to Freddie Wong’s YouTube channel, you should go there right now and watch one of Youtube’s most popular animators. Well this week he has created a really simple video called The Freeze Shootout and has provided a quick behind the scenes video on how he did it. Watch the full video here and click on the full post to watch how he created it.

Thinking Of Crowdfunding Your Next Video Project? Learn From My Failed Attempt

I recently wrapped up a kickstarter project that was trying to raise $10,000 for the production of a documentary film. During its 30-day run, and weeks of planning that went into it beforehand, I got my own crash course in fundraising and marketing. I’ll share what I learned in this article. [more]

Timbavati’s White Lions

Freddie Child-Villiers was invited as one of two photographers worldwide in November of 2010. “He was officially allowed to photograph the only White Lions to be successfully reintroduced back into their endemic habitat after being technically extinct for over two decades.” The images in the series were shot with the Hasselblad H4D-50 for entry into the wildlife category of the 2010 Hasselblad Masters competition [more]

Chest Hair. Everywhere. You’re Welcome?

Photographer Ingrid Berthon-Moine was born in France, works out of London and loves a man covered in hair more than Freddie Mercury ever could have. Okay, I don’t really know how she likes her men, but in 2010 she created a collection called “V” which features the glory of chest hair ranging from full bush to barely visible. It is a series of 15 C-Type photographs of men’s chest hair. Have fun interwebs, enjoy! [more]

Real Action Sequences Only Need One Take

Another week has passed which means Freddie Wong has posted yet another great action video. This guy is a machine when it comes to producing interesting action videos consistently which is probably why he has one of the most viewed channels on youtube. In his newest action sequence, Freddie is determined to capture 50 seconds of mind blowing violence in one single take. You can watch the entire video in the full post. Below is a little behind the scenes on how Freddie and his staff created One Shot ft. Eliza Dushku. The beauty with Freddie’s production is that literally anyone can make these videos if they just use their creativity and keep the production high despite the gear they own.

A Real Life Mario Kart Behind The Scenes

Many of the posts we have seen here lately on Fstoppers have been heavily influenced by Freddy Wong and the amazing special effects videos on his YouTube channel. Now Freddy has tackled something very sacred to us all: something that might still keep some die hards up late in to the morning. Anyone giving homage to Wario or Donkey Kong, the two best characters in the game, will always get two big thumps up from me. If you want to see the final Real Life Mario, click on the full post after watching this great BTS video.

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