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Everybody Wants to be The Sartorialist

Who knew that street fashion photography was so trendy? Like many others, I really enjoy the work of The Sartorialist and have followed his blog for years now. But I never considered that his popularity would lead to this – streets filled with photographers trying to emulate his style. Of course, this video does take place in the midst of New York fashion week. So I’m not convinced that what these crowds are shooting can even be considered street photography. Aren’t they more like paparazzi? [more]

More Street Fashion Photography Gold from The Sartorialist in Madrid

Here is a short video that features The Sartorialist with Loewe in Madrid. If you’re quick and pay attention there are a couple tips in this video about good approach practices as The Sartorialist discusses his process. [more]

The Sartorialist: Documentary on Street Photography

Scott Schuman runs a really popular fashion blog called The Sartorialist, and the whole idea is that he takes timeless looking images of fashionable people in cities around the world. A few days ago we ran a viral story on Vivian Maier who may have been the greatest unknown street photographer of her era. I thought this short documentary on Scott might be interesting to those of you who enjoy taking spontaneous images on your own city streets. It’s easy to get wrapped up in gear and fancy lighting with ‘modern’ photography but ultimately it’s your subjects that really makes an image. What better way is there to test your own craft than to take just a camera and lens and hit the streets?

FS Weekly News #6: The Week’s Best Photo/Video Related Stories

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