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Vincent Laforet Shoots 5K Infra Red with the Red Epic and MoVI!

Plus three gorgeous Brazilian triplets. But that’s not the point here.

Seriously though, I’ve seen a lot of crazy things done with the Red Epic, but I’ve never seen it shot without it’s IR pass filter. The results are the definition of ethereal. The biggest shocker to me though was that none of these shots, which included a very complicated Handheld to Rope to Handheld shot that looked like a crane shot, were all done without any post-stabilization or complicated steadicam rigs. All of the shots were done using the Movi stabilization system.


Get A Free Lesson In Timelapse From Vincent Laforet

DSLR Video pioneer Vincent Laforet partnered with Canon to create a 4 part instructional video series where he shares many great tips for getting started with shooting timelapse sequences. He takes viewers with him on a shoot in Bryce Canyon and explains his setup, and also goes in to detail on: finding a subject matter, lens selection, how to calculate properly to get enough frames, using intervalometers, and so much more. This is loaded with tons of great tips, a must watch if you do any timelapse work. [more]

More-Than-Awesome Leica X3 Concept by Vincent Säll

Sweden native Vincent Säll has created something truly magnificent. No, you can’t get it. But if Leica actually were to make this, it would be one beautiful and simple piece of recording equipment. Once you get through this concept, check out Vincent’s other work that’ll keep you intrigued if nothing else at VincentSäll.com. [more]

Vincent Laforet Takes on DigitalRev’s Cheap Camera Challenge

You’ve most certainly heard of Vincent Laforet, you just may not recognize the name. He is the mind and talent behind such short films as Reverie, Nocturne, and Mobius. In fact, when Canon was introducing video functionality into their DSLRs, they used Laforet’s footage to put it on the map. Now DigitalRev is giving him a new challenge, a LensBaby Composer and a Canon A2e. [more]

Tadao Cern Gets a Portrait of Famous Artist Vincent Van Gogh

Of course, if you ever learned anything about art history, you know Vincent van Gogh has long been dead. That didn’t stop the creative mind that brought you the Blow Job series from posting the backwards claim on his blog that someone had turned his old portrait photograph into a painting. Aside from Tadao Cern putting some good humor into his work, it’s stunning to see the photo-shopped transition from painting to photograph.

The Incredibly Intricate Light Painting of Vincent Bruno

Of all the light painting photographers I’ve seen, there are few who create such intricate pictures as Vincent Bruno. He cleverly plans each scene and then paints it into one shot. For most of his final products, he shows the process of painting.


[Video] Vincent Laforet Calls Adobe CS6 “Awesome”, Shows New Features

Vincent Laforet, the man who arguably started the DSLR-Video revolution, and most recently created the short film Mobius with the Canon C300, posted a quick video giving an overview of new features in the new Adobe CS6 Production Premium. Hover scrubbing (like in FCX), a customizable interface, and adjustment layers are now in Premiere Pro. After Effects got a bump with 32-bit support on CC Effects, also new is the inclusion Speedgrade, a professional color grading addition.

[Workflow] Green Screen Tutorial From Vincent Laforet

Working with a green screen can be fairly intimidating for videographers who have never used it before, but Laforet Visuals just released a great new tutorial that breaks everything down for you and shows you the whole process. It’s a fairly long tutorial but it’s very detailed, and definitely worth your time if you ever wanted to know how some of Hollywood’s most amazing sequences were put together.


[Video] Behind the Glass with Vincent Laforet & Blake Whitman

In this series of videos aimed towards novices, Vincent Laforet and Blake Whitman from Vimeo Video School give you a breakdown on the lenses used in video production and their specific characteristics. This video is aimed at beginners, so seasoned shooters might want to pass, but it’s shot and organized so well even if you know the difference between a wide-angle and a standard lens you still might want to give it a look, especially video #2. They go into details regarding how focal length effects framing, compression, depth-of-field, distortion, and they’re proper uses for storytelling, dialogue shots, and providing context within your frame. Click here to see the full post.

Vincent Laforet’s Latest Video Shot On The New Canon C300

Out of the blue Canon just jumped into the movie business. Hours ago Canon just announced the new C300 video camera and minutes ago Vincent Laforet released “Movius” his newest short, shot on this unreleased camera. Patrick and I have been trying to get in contact with Vincent over the last few weeks (for a reason you will soon know) and I now understand why he was so “busy”. Check out the short below and the BTSV in the full post.

Vincent Laforet’s The Story Beyond The Still

Back in December of 2009, photographer turned film maker Vincent Laforet teamed up with Canon and Vimeo to start a social experiment in story telling. The idea was to create an short 3 or 4 minute video that would end on a single still frame. Then by taking that final frame as a starting point of reference, other film makers could continue the story and add their own twists and turns into the developing scripts. Each segment would be judged by industry heavy weights like Philip Bloom, Shane Hurlbut, Russel Carpenter, among others, and a new chapter would begin. Over the next year, hundreds of chapters were written with 6 lucky directors winning spots in the final video that is currently being shown at Sundance. Below is a summary of the final project and the final video in its entirety is included in the full post. Hopefully this contest not only inspires you in your own photography but also encourages you to test the waters in film making.

Vincent Laforet Plays DP For TV Commercial

Most people know Vincent Laforet as the guy that got his hands on the 5DM2 before it was released to shoot that amazing promo video. Well he is a full time photographer but in the video below he got to be the DP for a Famous Footwear commercial. The BTS is below and the final commercial is in the full post. Usually I like the BTS more than the actual commercial but in this case, I like the finished product more. It’s stunning.

BEHIND THE SCENES: Famous Footwear “Neighborhood” from Vincent Laforet on Vimeo.

Photographing a Moment of Carefreeness

The Mimi-Foundation with Leo Burnett France gave the gift of carefreeness, “Ne Serait-ce Qu’une Seconde” (If Only For One Second), to 20 cancer patients. They accomplished this by applying hair and make-up while the subjects kept their eyes closed. They were then placed in front of a one-way mirror, where photographer Vincent Dixon waited to capture their reactions as they opened their eyes. [more]

What Will Your Next Personal Project Be?

Tadao Cern is a photographer who has a particularly interesting approach to developing his projects. His latest body of work, “Comfort Zone” is a whimsical look at how we can all – for whatever reason – seemingly leave our physical and psychological inhibitions at home when it comes to sunbathing on the beach, and be happy to “let it all hang out”. We’ll take a look at Comfort Zone, and how Tadao approaches ideas for his work, which we can probably all learn a little something from. [more]

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