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Korean Photoshop Page Is…Odd…To Say The Least

A Facebook page out of Korea, We Do Photoshop is somewhat of a…well I don’t how to describe this exactly. After looking at the page, words have become difficult to muster on how to properly explain in detail what’s going on over there.

It seems that the Facebook page (with over 36,000 thumbs up) was put together around the end of June so that people can upload their photos and request free photo manipulations. [more]

Fstoppers Review PhotoShelter’s New Portfolio Websites

Starting today PhotoShelter released their new “Beam” portfolio websites templates on top of the secure cloud storage, e-commerce capabilities, SEO, image delivery and client proofing tools that are available to PhotoShelter’s existing members with Standard and Pro accounts. PhotoShelter’s CEO Andrew Fingerman gave me a quick rundown of the new designs during a walkthrough last week and from everything I saw it looks like it could be great tool for account holders who need a functioning website with minimal set up.  [more]

“The Impossible Family Portrait” A Heart Warming Ad Campaign From Skype

The Impossible Family Portrait is the latest ad campaign from Skype, which tells the story of Denis, a man who left his native land of Uganda with $5 in his pocket to travel to America. The concept gives the viewer the warm fuzzies while revealing the story of how he and his family stay connected through Skype.  [more]

Rare Photographs of Lady Liberty

The New York Public Library’s Flickr photostream hosts some rare photographs that have been scanned in and displayed for the public. In celebration of Independence Day, a gallery of photographs from the building and assembling of the Statue of Liberty seemed fitting. [more]

A Look At Visual FX On Set Of The Great Gatsby

Chris Godfrey, VFX Supervisor on the film The Great Gatsby, recently released a 4 minute clip of before and after shots from the movie.

The sweeps reveal the sheer amount of post production that goes into a Hollywood movie like this. As a viewer, we know the movie magic is happening and that the heavy amount of FX are standard in blockbusters that hit the silver screens. It is interesting seing how some of the wide shots [more]

Powerful Ad Campaign, How Facebook ‘Likes’ Don’t Help

“Liking isn’t helping”

Ad agency Publicis Singapore, put together that powerful tag line for Crisis Relief Singapore’s latest ad campaign. The C.R.S. is a disaster relief organization run by volunteers. The jarring ads reveal the fact that simply clicking on a ‘Like’ button doesn’t help crisis situations.  [more]

Andy Warhol’s Polaroids

The Campbell’s soup can and colorful repetitive images of Marilyn Monroe might be the first impressions that creep up in your mind when you hear the name Andy Warhol.

The pop artist most notably know for his printmaking and painting utilized a camera quite often for his work.  [more]

11 Secrets To A Great Photo Website From Photoshelter

Photoshelter released a new guide 11 Secrets to a Great Photo Website, packed with information and tips about creating and updating websites for your photography business.

The free downloadable guide dives into 11 important points you should keep in mind when building your website to attract potential customers, helping spread word-of-mouth referrals and how to grow your businesses through your website. [more]

Here I Am: The Story of Tim Hetherington, War Photographer

Tim Hetherington, without a doubt stands high among the elite of war photographers.

There is no way that one can possibly encompass the magnitude of an individual within the pages of a single book. Alan Huffman makes that attempt with his biography Here I am: The Story of Tim Hethergington, War Photographer.

Famous Faces Blended With Modern Day Counterpart

Then & Now is a project from Marc Ghali, which explores the statures of famous faces from previous decades and infuses them with their modern counterpart.

Each generation has their own iconic faces of actors, politicians, musicians or celebrities. In this mix of throwback figures and current icons, Ghali creates a new look at comparing both of the individuals and blending them into one image.  [more]

The Kick: Wirelessly Controlled LED Panel From An iPhone

Photojojo.com is well known for having a ton of fun photography related products. Their latest happens to be a LED light panel that can be controlled from an iPhone.

The Kick is a five row LED light panel that can be customized to any color temperature through a downloadable app. The unit runs on a USB rechargeable battery which is a huge plus.   [more]

Photoshelter & Agency Access Webinar: Ad Agencies’ Selection & Hiring Processes

On Tuesday June 4th, starting at 4pm ET, Photoshelter and Agency Access are teaming up to bring a behind-the-scenes look at what ad agencies are looking for from photographers. The webinar will feature former art producer and Agency Access creative consultant Kristina Hicks, who will discuss tips for getting noticed, how to craft email promos, details on direct mail pieces and creating leave behinds [more]

BTS – National Geographic’s June Cover Shoot With James Cameron

James Cameron graces this months cover of National Geographic for good reason. Not long ago, Cameron took his solo manned submarine Deepsea Challenge, to depths no other human has traveled into Challenger Deep.

In the behind the scenes video, we get to see photographer Marco Grob working through pre-production with the team, how the shoot came together in a couple of hours and the tracking down a huge tank (apparently from America’s Next Top Model) for the shoot. [more]

Chicago Sun-Times Starting Reporters On iPhone Photography Basics

After a horrible decision to fire an entire photo staff on Thursday, the Chicago Sun-Times media writer Robert Feder, released a Facebook statement from a memo sent out by managing editor Craig Newman. It seems that in the next couple of days, editorial employees will be starting “iPhone Photography Basics.” [more]

Chicago Sun-Times Lays Off Entire Photo Staff, Goes All Freelance

In surprising news out of Illinois today, the Chicago Sun-Times has let go of all staff photographers and will be hiring only freelancers moving forward. The estimated 20 photographers found out about the move this morning.  [more]

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