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Hey, there! I'm Adam, and I love writing for Fstoppers!I a lot of things that are going on in the photography world -- from gear and tech to fine art and odd adventures. If you ever have a question of any kind, don't hesitate to email me. I'm young, but I also have a lot of energy to research things I don't have the answer for right away -- so ask away! And if you want to see something on Fstoppers that you've seen or done yourself, go ahead and send it in. I'd love to see it!

Seagate’s Backup Plus Fast is a Pleasant Surprise After All

Fellow writer Jaron Shcneider earlier reviewed Western Digital’s My Passport Pro Thunderbolt hard drive. However, this was an answer (if already planned) to Seagate’s Backup Plus Fast 4TB drive. What’s the big deal…? Both drives combine two, RAIDed 2.5″ mobile hard drives into a single enclosure to allow for the best possible dollar/performance ratio when it comes to mobile drives. [more]

Side-by-Side Video Bitrate Comparison on Nikon D800 with NikonHacker Firmware

After yesterday’s post, Lars Steenhoff sent us an updated, side-by-side comparison of video bitrates on the Nikon D800 at 3200 ISO with NikonHacker’s new firmware. Steenhoff comments that the 64Mbps file has more noise as a result of less compression, but cleans up easily in a final file output that is cleaner with just a little noise reduction. For those interested, he has also made the original 64Mbps and 24Mpbs files downloadable on Dropbox, too. [more]

Nikon D800 Video Bitrate Comparisons with NikonHacker Firmware

To date, Nikon users haven’t enjoyed the benefits of Magic Lantern hacks appreciated by many Canon shooters. However, this is slowly changing as NikonHacker has added firmware hacks for a variety of Nikon DSLRs. Using recent NikonHacker updates, Lars Steenhoff has shared his own 54Mbps sample, albeit without comparisons for the moment. NikonHacker user, LPowell, however, has shared a series bitrate comparison videos with the Nikon D800. [more]

America’s Finest Art Has One Month Left at the Whitney

The Whitney Biennial only happens every two years, yet it is perhaps the most prominent and fundamental celebration of American contemporary art in the world. Featuring works from over 100 American artists, this rarer-than-a-lunar-eclipse event is a must-see if you’re in NYC — and it ends May 25th. Don’t think fine art can help your photography? Think again… [more]

Thoughts on Current Copyright Issues and the Future of “The New Prohibition”

We covered a story last year in which Andy Baio was sued for his use of a Miles Davis photograph as a reference for pixel art for a tribute album he created. Now, he’s spoken about copyright issues and what constitutes “fair use.” There are many opinions on this, but it’s a great video if you’re curious about the issue — which you should be if you’re any kind of artist or image-maker.

Should You Always Talk to Strangers Before You Take Their Photograph?

We can all be a little shy: it’s not the easiest thing to go up to a stranger and start taking pictures or strike up a conversation. Adam Marelli had an interesting post on his blog called, Can I Take Your Picture, How to Talk to Strangers, in which he discusses how most people are okay with being photographed if you just take the time to talk with them. He even argues that you should always talk to a stranger you’re about to photograph first. But are there exceptions? [more]

[Updated] Nikon Updates D600 and D800(E) Firmware

Finally, Nikon has released a firmware update to address some minor issues. Some major features include 100% viewfinder in HDMI-out (up from 95%) in the D600, improved AF-C tracking performance for the D800, and support in both cameras for that new 800mm f/5.6 that I know you all ordered recently… Update: Even more DSLR firmware updates added from Nikon, too! [more]

Review: The Fuji GX617 Panoramic Beast

What first drew me to the panoramic format was that it’s the way we naturally see. Sure, you can’t really compare a camera’s lens to the abilities of two (or even one) human eyes. But nevertheless, we are a horizontally-oriented species — we live, work, and see along a horizontal plane. And so, after a bit of research, I dove in to get the Fuji GX617. Why not Hasselblad’s XPAN? Why not the Linhof or Horseman variants? And how on Earth do you use these things? Let’s find out… [more]

More-Than-Awesome Leica X3 Concept by Vincent Säll

Sweden native Vincent Säll has created something truly magnificent. No, you can’t get it. But if Leica actually were to make this, it would be one beautiful and simple piece of recording equipment. Once you get through this concept, check out Vincent’s other work that’ll keep you intrigued if nothing else at VincentSäll.com. [more]

Nikon Coolpix A and D7100 Discounted Before Pre-Orders Hit Shelves

Even before the cameras ship, Best Buy looks like they’re discounting the D7100 DSLR and Coolpix A models, the latter of which has been the center of recent criticism for its high price in addition to that of compatible accessories. Save $200 on the Coolpix A and $100 on the D7100, officially beginning Thursday. [more]

The Nikon Coolpix A: Why It’s Way More Important Than You Think

I love Nikon, but for its professional line of cameras (anyone can make the little guys). But I’ve never been a fan of the Coolpix name. Maybe it reminds me of an era during which plastic boxes that could barely make a file for a 4×6 print were actually cool. So when I first saw the Coolpix A, I didn’t think anything of it. But when I really read about it, I realized it’s time for me to drop the silly baggage I have with the Coolpix name. This isn’t just cool. It’s red hot — for a number of reasons. [more]

PhaseOne Announces New IQ2 Medium Format Digital Backs

There are a few companies out there known for high-quality medium format digital solutions. But few are as highly regarded as PhaseOne, whose popular ‘won’t get crushed by an elephant‘ and various freezing and heating Youtube videos helped people see its products’ durability. Today, they’ve sent a round of emails announcing their revised IQ series, offering wireless capabilities, revamped sensors, and top-of-the-line 16-bit image production with 13 stops of dynamic range… [more]

Three Women on Modeling Sites Go Missing in Denver

ModelMayhem is to budding photographers and models everywhere what Craigslist is to…well…budding photographers and models (and then some) everywhere, though with a few more perks that let you have a profile complete with photos, model measurements and opportunities to network within the site. Unfortunately, just as anywhere else in the world, both have their share of creeps. And when three young women go missing in one area, we have to remind ourselves yet again: no matter the situation, be safe… [more]

Review: Olympus PEN E-PL5

In October, we had a huge month dedicated to all the great mirrorless cameras that are out there. While the Fuji X-Pro 1’s technology was promising, the Olympus OM-D E-M5 took away the best mirrorless camera award. While it’s all worth it, the OM-D E-M5 is a bit pricey, and therefore, not for everyone. So how do some of Olympus’ other cameras line up?
Today, we have the PEN E-PL5. [more]

Nikon Announces D7100, Pre-Order Now!

Tonight, Nikon announced the much-anticipated D7100, the D7000 replacement. The new camera merges aspects of the D7000 and D300 in this updated body that’s similar to the D600 in build. In a nutshell: 24MP, 6fps, no AA filter, professional-level AF performance — all for $1,199. [more]

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