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Hey, there! I'm Adam, and I love writing for Fstoppers!I a lot of things that are going on in the photography world -- from gear and tech to fine art and odd adventures. If you ever have a question of any kind, don't hesitate to email me. I'm young, but I also have a lot of energy to research things I don't have the answer for right away -- so ask away! And if you want to see something on Fstoppers that you've seen or done yourself, go ahead and send it in. I'd love to see it!

Affordable Nikon D800 Grip Option Now Going Pro Route with Magnesium

Phottix has had their BG-D800 grip for the Nikon D800/D800E on the market for a while now. However, a new BG-D800M is now available, featuring a higher-quality magnesium build. While the BG-D800M is currently listed on their site for $200, the BG-D800 (the regular one) is listed for $150, but can be had for $90 on Amazon. The BG-D800M isn’t yet available on Amazon, but this post will be updated as soon as it is. [more]

Fuji UK Posts Full Specs and Release of X100s and X20

Fuji’s latest mirrorless systems are some of the best in their category because of their new X-Trans sensor technology that allows for sharp, moire-free images without the blurring anti-aliasing filter. Now, we have specs on the newest updates to Fuji’s line, the X100s and X20, both with new, X-Trans II sensors and speedy phase-detection autofocusing… [more]

Art in America’s Best Photography Exhibits 2012

Joshua Chuang, associate curator of photography and digital media at the Yale University Art Gallery, created a photography exhibit ‘Best of 2012′ list for Art in America magazine. While many of these are over, some can still be seen (but hurry, some end as soon as Monday!). Check to see if they’re in your area… [more]

Samsung Announces NX300 Mirrorless with 3D and More!

Samsung just announced the replacement of the excellent NX210 camera with the new NX300. While the 210 was quite good as it was, the NX300 offers several features that make the camera something quite different — in a very good way… [more]

What To Do With All That New Christmas Money: Pop Photo’s Best Gear of 2012

Pop Photo released a great guide for all things photography (including everything from high-end DSLRs to light wands and iPad apps) that were released this year. So if you don’t know what to spend your new Christmas money on, check it out. Everything is on there for a reason — and quite a few have been reviewed and are highly recommended by Fstoppers writers… [more]

The More Affordable Wide-Angle Tilt-Shift You’ve Been Waiting for Is Almost Here!

Samyang’s T-S 24mm f/3.5 ED AS USM tilt-shift lens has been delayed until March 2013, but we’re coming on that date soon enough. In the meantime, pricing via Samyang Russia came in around $1,100 after the conversion, significantly cheaper than its Nikon and Canon counterparts, each roughly $2,000. All that’s unknown now are the performance characteristics of the lens, but we’ll know soon enough… [more]

New Gear Rumors as We Approach January and CES 2013

PhotoRumors has a lineup from the Japanese magazine Impress’ annual predictions of products to be released. The predictions include educated guesses and previously discussed products that will certainly come out, including news with Fuji’s X-Trans sensor, Olympus’ E-5 replacement, and a new Nikon with the D4 sensor! [more]

Instagram Reaches to Regain Trust as It Reverts to Previous Terms

Apparently, Instagram thinks it’s worth fighting to stay alive today for the promise of a future tomorrow. While they’ve been under intense criticism after public outcry against revised terms of service that blurred the lines of users’ ownership of their own content, the company has decided to clarify its position, now backpedaling entirely… [more]

Drobo Mini, 5D, and 5N Preliminary Review

A few days ago, I went to Drobo’s offices for a Q&A as well as some time with the new devices that Drobo promises are faster than ever. What I found surprised me… [more]

Annie Leibovitz Puts Her Massive NYC Property on the Market for a Cool $33 Million

Annie Leibovitz, who got her start with Rolling Stone Magazine and is more recently one of the most sought-after commercial photographers, is asking $33 million for a massive 10,202-square-foot property in NYC. In 2007, Leibovitz put her entire work (and future work) up as collateral for a $24 million loan to help pay off some of her debt. I can’t help but think this should definitely help her keep the rights to her own work… [more]

Red Giant Gives 40% Off All Software!

Red Giant, known for its video editing tools such as Plural Eyes, which a lot of Fstoppers writers use for syncing audio and video with ease, is having a sale! They have plenty of other neat bits of software, too. So head over and check them out. Code 2012BSF40 will get you the discount here on their site.

Apple and Google Jointly Bid on Kodak’s Massive Patent Library?

According to Bloomberg, famous tech rivals Apple and Google have teamed up to offer $500 million for Kodak’s roughly 1,100 photo-related patents. While the partnership may seem odd, given infamous battles between Apple and some companies with close relationships with Google (most notably, Samsung), the partnership enables both companies to expand into new and different areas of photographic technology at a relatively low cost… [more]

Nikon: “Do Not Breathe on the Lens”

You’re in a pinch and some kid who’s never seen a camera before just grabbed yours, front element first, leaving a nice handprint just before your shot of the usually stern village chief lifting his kid into the air. There’s no time to grab that lens cleaner in your bag, so what do you do? You open your mouth in an ‘O’ and breathe hot air on the front, and then rub your lens off gently with your shirt, right? Wrong. [more]

Canon’s New 200-400mm f/4L IS 1.4x TC Lens Around the Corner?

Canon’s highly anticipated dream lens, the 200-400mm f/4 with a built-in 1.4x teleconverter that was seen at the Olympics has been used “in the wild.” CanonRumors reports that one of its readers, Ben, got to use the likely $11,000 lens in South Africa for a bit after speaking with a product manager… [more]

New Nikon DSLR Rumors Out for 2013

NikonRumors just gave us a few more rumors for new DSLR releases to come from Nikon next year. Among them is a claim that the D7000 and D300s lines will be consolidated into one semi-pro body APS-C camera that will sit just between the D5200 and D800… [more]

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