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Hey, there! I'm Adam, and I love writing for Fstoppers!I a lot of things that are going on in the photography world -- from gear and tech to fine art and odd adventures. If you ever have a question of any kind, don't hesitate to email me. I'm young, but I also have a lot of energy to research things I don't have the answer for right away -- so ask away! And if you want to see something on Fstoppers that you've seen or done yourself, go ahead and send it in. I'd love to see it!

BTS Photos from Hollywood Classics…

…and a few non-classics… It’s always a treat to see actors (or fake sharks) out of character in classic films, reading a script or speaking with a director. Here are some photographs that show just that from several movies over the last several decades. [more]

North Korea from a Western Perspective

After working to get permission to bring a camera into North Korea for over a year, Charlie Crane finally did make his trip, camera in hand, back in 2007. Cell phone confiscated and accompanied by two ‘guides’ throughout his stay, Crane knew he wouldn’t get what he necessarily hoped to get. So he did the next best thing and shot exactly what they wanted him to. The resulting images are an astonishing work that launched his career into the spotlight. [more]

Why I Still Shoot Film

Some say film is dead. And while I have to concede that at times, it can seem like it’s certainly on a few crutches, I can’t say it’s dead… Because in reality, it’s the most live photography medium I know. And so, I still shoot film. If it’s something you’ve been curious about or if you’ve been wanting to try it out but don’t know how to get started, this is for you. [more]

19th-Century Photoshopped Photos

Before Photoshop, we had professional retouchers that could touch-up images by hand. But what about ‘real’ content changes? Here are some photos from over a century ago that seem to defy what was possible before the computer age. Can you guess how they were done? [more]

WWII: Women at Work

World War II changed the world, no doubt. But many of these changes likely weren’t even predicted. What seems so normal now was a rare occurrence before the war: women working real jobs (and getting paid to do it). World War II really changed the way the world saw women in the workplace, giving them a place there to begin with. Blogs.Babble.com posted an article including 20 photos of these hard-working women — a movement that led to the now-famous “We Can Do It” slogan. [more]

Canon Goes Small With the New Mirrorless

Canon’s mirrorless camera is due out Monday, but Digicame-info.com posted a photo of what promises to be this mirrorless camera. And if the picture is correct, it’s quite a neat little thing — not so bulky as these other ‘semi-pro’ mirrorless offerings. [more]

Fuji: Velvia No More

This is a sad day. While I don’t foresee the end of the world, the Mayans tell us we still have time…it can still happen. Certainly, this being the third post about discontinued film since I started on Fstoppers just six months ago, this is the start of the photographers’ Armageddon. But don’t go hang yourself just yet — there’s just enough good news to keep me going just a little longer. [more]

Sinar’s New Medium Format Back

Sinar’s new Sinarback eXact boasts an impressive 12-192-megapixel capabilities within a single back. While it’s just been announced, and so far without a price, there is definitely a catch or two… [more]

Plot Device: A Film By Red Giant

This was done a while ago, but Red Giant, the maker of a number of software tools to help image-makers create more realistic visual effects, created a short to showcase the capabilities of their software. The short, “Plot Device,” has a great BTS video to go along with it — they even share all the products they used. Enjoy the finished product after the break. [more]

XQD Card Format: Do They Have a Chance?

XQ-What? Okay, so most of you have heard of the Nikon D4′s new card slot and the XQD card that goes with it. But that still leaves the question: What are they good for? Lexar apparently knows the answer, as they announced they’re introducing XQD cards due out third quarter of this year. So what is the hype? Should we get ready for an XQD revolution? [more]

New Nikon 800mm f5.6 by September 2012?

Nikon seemed to have settled with their 600mm at the top of their line-up. But NikonRumors now reports there could be an 800mm on the way… [more]

Faster Sony S Series XQD Cards

Sony just announced a new S Series XQD card that increases the speed of the card to 168MB/s — that’s just past the limit of the compact flash card. [more]

Hasselblad, Phase One, or the New Nokia 808 Pureview?

Some might say we’re a little iPhone-biased. Well, this might change some things. The new Nokia 808 Pureview has not 8, not 20, but 38 usable megapixels packed in its shell! It’s a little thicker than the new iPad right where the camera is, but the rest stays remarkably thin. Even if it’s $700 or more (according to eBay pre-order listings), I can’t wait for a Nokia 808 v. Hasselblad H4D-40 shootout! [more]

First Sony, Now JVC with a New Action Cam

After Sony’s teaser, JVC’s new action cam, the GC-XA1 Adixxion, seems to want the action camera market all to themselves. Full HD, a 1.5″ screen, and 5x zoom will come standard on most of these kinds of devices. But what sets this apart? How about the shock-, water-, dust-, and freeze-proof housing that it’s in? Or the standard Wifi included? [more]

Sony’s Newest Tiny Addition: A GoPro Killer?

We’re still missing some key information, so it’s hard to say. But Sony’s gunning for GoPro with their newest little action camera. [more]

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