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I hate writing these things, I always end up rewriting them so here's the bare bones bio. My name is Anthony, I live in Las Vegas with my girlfriend Jasmine and our two Siamese cats. I love photography and when not shooting photos side-by-side with Jasmine, I work as a retoucher and assistant for a commercial photography studio.

The Black And White Photography Of Dave Hill

When it comes to composite photography, no name rings louder in my mind than Dave Hill. Looking at his photos and watching the behind the scenes videos on his site get my mind racing, the guy has a photographic eye many of us may never even begin understand. With all that being said though, Dave Hill also shoots some gorgeous black and white film photography. It’s amazing to see the intricate stuff he shoots digitally and the beautiful simplicity of his b&w film work.


Did The Romney Campaign Photoshop This Or Is Someone Just Terrible With Their iPhone?

So before anyone thinks I am expressing any political views on Fstoppers, know this, I AM NOT. I came across this yesterday and at first glance I thought, “well look, a politician lying, SURPRISE SURPRISE,” but then upon further examination I have decided for myself that this is just someone who shot a terrible panoramic on their iPhone. Maybe Mitt needs to hire someone with a little more photo knowledge to run his Instagram account.


Gorgeous Fashion Editorial By Benjamin Kanarek For Harpers BAZAAR.

Benjamin Kanarek is quickly becoming one of my favorite fashion photographers. He just released his editorial spread, “In My Castle,” for Harpers BAZAAR en Español covering Haute Couture, which only comes twice a year and is only shown in Paris. The photos are absolutely gorgeous. This is truly fashion photography at it’s finest!


Von Wong’s Epic Sunrise Band Shoot

I’m starting to wonder when Ben Von Wong sleeps… Not only is he constantly producing great work, but he is also constantly producing amazing Behind The Scenes videos to accompany them. In his latest video Ben takes us behind the scenes on his shoot with the band SX in Belgium. Limited to being able to shoot in just an indoor pool, he had to overcome the challenge of making it appear as if the band was outdoors, in water, at sunset.


Beautiful Shoot Of New Bond Girl, Bérénice Marlohe

Growing up I was always excited when there was a James Bond marathon on TV. My dad was equally excited, but it took me a few years to realize his joy too. Bond films have always had a history of showcasing beautiful women as the romantic interest, and the new Bond film, Skyfall, is no exception. Harper’s Bazaar en Espanol features Bérénice Marlohe, the newest Bond girl in their November issue next month. Check out these photos (and video) of the gorgeous 33 year old shot by Benjamin Kanarek.


Tiffen Introduces Lowel GL-1 Power LED Light

Being a photographer who loves using off camera lighting, I am always intrigued by new and innovative lighting gadgets. Tiffen unveiled the Lowel GL-1 Power LED Light at PDN this week, and it is definitely something different in comparison to the types of lighting I am used to.  [more]

Von Wong Shoots With Continuous Light

Using fluorescent light tubes and a small flash into some transparent cloth, Ben Von Wong delivers with some beautiful images. He shot these photos in collaboration with a hairstylist and makeup artist to compete in the Contessa hair dressing award. As usual, Von Wong didn’t just stop at creating some awesome images, because he also supplied us with a great behind the scenes video.


$22M Class Action Lawsuit Filed By Models Against Agencies

It would appear that some of New York’s top modeling agencies have been up to no good. Many shady business tactics have been brought to light in a $22 million class-action lawsuit against many NY agencies including Ford, Next, and Wilhelmina. Allegedly the agencies have been holding out on paying their models everything they are owed, and now the models are fighting back with this suit. I don’t blame these models, I would be angry too, if a company that supposedly had my best interest was holding out on me.


On Photo Critiques: Treat Others How You Wish To Be Treated

I never went to college or any other secondary school for photography. I have been blessed to fall into this hobby turned career in an era when photographic knowledge is readily available online, and a vast amount of it is 100% free. However when it came time to make my work public on the web, the outcome wasn’t always pleasant. You see, constructive criticism is a great tool for learning and growing, but the keyword is constructive. [more]

BTS Of Lana Del Rey’s Blue Velvet Music Video

The first time I heard Lana Del Rey was watching her music video for “Video Games” last year. I thought it was just a tribute video to some old songstress I had never heard of. Little did I know this “gangster Nancy Sinatra” was about to be the next big thing in music. Her videos are always visually stunning, so when I found this behind the scenes video from her music video for her cover of “Blue Velvet,” I had to share it. “Blue Velvet” was recorded and released in conjunction with H&M’s 2012 Autumn Campaign in which Lana Del Rey modeled in. The BTS video lacks dialog but still gives a very good insight into the production process.


Powerful Photos Of Child Brides

Yesterday was International Day Of The Girl Child. What is that you are wondering? It is an international day to raise awareness of the terrible effects of early marriage, the practice of marrying girls as young as five to middle aged men. These marriages take place in more than 50 developing countries around the world. It is mind blowing to me that this kind of thing happens regularly. Stephanie Sinclair teamed up with National Geographic to produce a series of heart-breaking images around the world to try and help raise awareness of this terrible practice.


Gorgeous Elopement Photos And Video

Sometimes a big wedding isn’t for everyone. Sometimes you just want to elope with the one you love and keep your wedding small and intimate. In my opinion there is nothing wrong with that, although if I did it I’d have to go into hiding from my family out of fear of what they might do. Regardless, just because you elope with the one you love doesn’t mean you shouldn’t document it. When Whit and Colby decided to elope they made sure to have it documented. Check out these beautiful photos from Blush Photography and video from Christopher Robert.


Two Photographers Shoot Double Exposures Together

I’m sure at some point any of us who have shot film have shot a double exposure. Normally it’s an accident, sometimes it’s planned, normally it comes out funky, then again sometimes it’s gorgeous. Timothy Burkhart and Stephanie Bassos have started a project together where they both shoot the same roll of film. Stephanie will shoot an entire roll of 35mm film, and she only shoots people. Then Timothy will reload the roll of film into the same camera and only shoot places. They call the project People Vs Places and the results are often stunning.


Amazing Photographs Of Sharks By Michael Muller

You know, I might catch a lot of flack for what I am about to say, but whatever. I have never been that amazed by sharks. Whenever I have said this in the past, there was always someone who called me crazy. I’ve just never understood the obsession, or why Discovery devotes a whole week to them. Then I saw these photos by Michael Muller a while back, and my opinion changed dramatically. I have never seen such amazing photos of sharks before. If you are like I was, and you don’t understand the shark hype, check out these photos, and maybe your opinion will change some.


Photos From Ron Galella, America’s Most Famous Paparazzi

Don’t get me wrong, I deplore paparazzi photography. The word paparazzi makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. The thought of stalking celebrities with my camera like a blood sucking mosquito seems not only like a giant weight on my moral conscious, but also totally boring. So naturally when I came across these photos on Time from Ron Galella “America’s Most Famous Paparazzi,” I started to feel nauseous upon reading the headline. Then I looked at them. I realized that these come from a time when the plague of the paparazzi wasn’t nearly what it is today. Many of these photos look like the celebrities almost welcomed his presence.


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