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I hate writing these things, I always end up rewriting them so here's the bare bones bio. My name is Anthony, I live in Las Vegas with my girlfriend Jasmine and our two Siamese cats. I love photography and when not shooting photos side-by-side with Jasmine, I work as a retoucher and assistant for a commercial photography studio.

Custom CD/Print Packaging For Clients

Generally speaking, we as photographers get hired because of the quality of our work, but in a market flooded with up and coming photographers how do you make yourself stand out? You’ve already shot a job and now it’s time to deliver the photos, how do you make a lasting impression so your client remembers you in the future? Hopefully the quality of your work is enough, but maybe it’s wise to go a step further and wow them one more time. Aaron and Whitney at Durall Photography have a beautiful system for delivering finals to clients which leaves the client with one more lasting memory.


Complex’s Shots Fired With Zack Arias

Complex Magazine has started a new video series on their blog called Shots Fired. For their debut episode they feature Zack Arias and follow him through Atlanta while he does his street photography thing. I have to give so much respect to Zack (and really all street photographers) for going out and boldly shooting photos of total strangers. The thought of getting in an awkward conversation/confrontation with a total stranger is not something I think I would enjoy.


This Music Video Was Shot On 16 Rolls Of 35mm Film

In a day and age where DSLR HD video is all the rage with indie film makers, Scotty Liberatore decided to take a different route. Using only a Lomography LomoKino 35mm Film Camera and a few different film stocks Scotty made a very interesting and unique video for rapper Diatribe.


Myspace Re-Aims Its Sights On Creatives

Lunch time here at work which means it’s time to set the stylus down and lurk Facebook. Once upon a time I would have been saying “time to lurk Myspace,” and it looks like that time could be coming back. Myspace is rebuilding itself from the ground up, and it honestly looks stunning.


Zack Arias Answers Your Photography Questions

I know when I started down the path to becoming a professional photographer I had A LOT of questions. I wished there was just someone I could ask for advice who had climbed the mountain I was attempting to climb. Oh I guess Zack Arias heard my prayers, because on his tumblr that’s exactly what he does.


Game Of Thrones CGI VFX Breakdowns

Be fair warned, this video contains SPOILERS for anyone who hasn’t seen season 2 of Game of Thrones yet. Ok, the warning is out of the way. This video, while lacking any commentary, gives an awesome insight into the CGI effects used in this visually stunning show. The group who did this, Pixomondo, actually won a Creative Arts Emmy for outstanding special effects for this season. Check it out! (I just wish it was in HD)

Magic Lantern Team Cracks The Canon 7D

Many 7D users never thought they would be able to run Magic Lantern on their cameras like their friends did with their other Canon cameras. It was thought that the firmware of the camera was just impossible to crack. Then yesterday the magic lantern team said they had made the first successful patch of the 7D.


VSCO Film Gives Your Digital Images An Authentic Film Look

I have never been a huge preset guy. I love having total control over my images, so presets were never really a big thing to me. I also love shooting film, and no matter what kind of tinkering I do in Photoshop I never really nail that film look with my digital files. Then I discovered VSCO Film.


Amazing Multiple Exposure Images By Christoffer Relander

This amazing series of multiple exposures by Christoffer Relander, from Finland, is done in camera, and for a great cause! It is a charity campaign for Children With Tumors. More awesome photos after the jump!


Day19 Shoots Usain Bolt For Puma

Day19 (the photography team of Jeremy and Claire Weiss) recently shot a new ad for Puma’s fragrances Green & Yellow with the fastest man in the world Usain Bolt.


Pop The Highlights With Gry Garness

We have featured a tutorial on here from makeup artist turned photographer/retoucher Gry Garness before. This one is a tutorial on how to pop the highlights and create shimmer in the skin. Without a doubt Gry is a master at her craft. [more]

The First Review Of Canon 24-70mm F/2.8L II

The new Canon 24-70mm f/2.8L II is supposed to be in stock on September 13th, but YouTube user ThatNikonGuy (kind of ironic) already got his hands on one and did a comparison review between the new 24-70 and the old 24-70.  [more]

Awesome Video And Photos Of Motorcycle Lifestlye

It’s Better In The Wind is the personal photo project of Scott G. Toepfer, a photographer and film maker from southern California. Some of Scott’s clients include Specialized Bicycles, Harley-Davidson, Honda Motorcycles, Triumph Motorcycles, Sapporo Beer, Fossil, and Discovery Channel, among others. This massive project focuses on the mobile lives of motorcyclists and documents the beautiful in their gritty nomadic world. [more]

Summer In America: A Patriotic Series By Photographer Manny Mares

Hey everyone, my name is Anthony and I am new here to Fstoppers. I really got into photography by documenting hardcore shows (as in hardcore punk rock). I first encountered Manny Mares on a message board for this genre of music. During this summer I have watched Manny continuously post images from a series he has been working on called “Summer in America.”  [more]

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