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Hello there fellow photographers. As you can see, my name is Chris Lambeth. Photographer for 4 years now. Its always been a passion of mine to create images out of nothing and share them with the world. Now I am able to. I shoot mostly portrait and weddings however, I like to shoot random objects as well. If you guys have any questions, feel free to email me at chris@chrislambethphotography.com or add me on facebook. Cheers!

Surreal Self Portraits By Kyle Thompson

It’s amazing what some people can do with just their camera, self timer and a little imagination. Kyle Thompson is one of those people. He takes by far the most amazing self portraits I have ever seen. From gorgeous to creepy and everything in between, every single shot of his is perfect. [more]

The Geometric Food Art Of Sakir Gökçebag

Cooking isn’t my forte. Much less cutting food to make it look all nice and pretty for guests. Thats not the case with this man.Sakir Gokçenbag cuts common fruits and vegetables into geometric shapes and takes pictures of them. A lot of effort goes into these shots to make them perfect, and it shows. [more]

Freewheeling – Self Propelled Underwater Wheel Chair

This has to be the most interesting thing I have seen in a long time. This idea, created by Sue Austin, was for the 2012 Cultural Olympiad in which she, in her self-propelled underwater wheel chair, explored the underwater world in order to generate a widespread public debate about the nature and value of contemporary arts practice shaped by the experience of disability. [more]

Memoto Lifelogging Camera

“Swedish startup Memoto today announced the availability of its self-titled flagship product, a tiny camera you clip to your shirt that captures a 5MP picture every thirty seconds. Unlike GoPro, which has a tight hold on the mobile video recording market, Memoto seeks to bring effortless capture of life’s less extreme moments to consumers.” [more]

19 Fantastic Double Exposure Shots

I have recently gotten back into film and love everything you can do with it. One of thing techniques I have missed is double exposure. So to get back in the mood, I went and searched for some double exposed shots and stumbled across these. [more]

Hasselblad HTS1.5 Tilt/Shift Adapter Returns To US Market

“In 2011 the Hasselblad HTS1.5/ Tilt/Shift adapter was removed from the US market pending litigation involving a patent infringement claim. The legal process has been concluded in favour of Hasselblad. As a result the HTS1.5 Tilt/Shift adapter is immediately available for purchase in the US.” [more]

Black And White Photography Of Devin Yalkin

I was just looking around on tumblr today and stumbled across 5 interesting looking black and white images. Saw the link to Devin‘s website and decided to take a gander. This is some interesting work he has going on here. For me, each shot tells a story in a unique way. [more]

MagFilter – Magnetized filters for your compact cameras

Have you ever wanted to put a filter on your compact camera but just never had a way to attach it? Well now you can. A company called Carryspeed just came up with this brilliant idea of putting magnets on the filters to attach them. [more]

Lytro To Add Parallax-Based 3D Effect By The End Of The Year

Later this year Lytro will introduce a “parallax-based 3D effect” for photos taken with their light-field camera via a software update. The company is also planning to add support for 3D monitors and TVs. [more]

How Would You Like To Have Your Very Own Instagram Photo Book?

For all you Instagramers out there, now instead of just sharing your photos on your phones or Facebook, take them to the page. Artifact Uprising now offers Instagram photo books for you to display your square works of art. [more]

Photographer Captures Ordinary Objects In Clever, Meaningful Ways

“Connecticut, US-based Kevin Van Aelst reimagines and reassembles the little, mundane things in our daily lives, and turns them into mysterious notions of life and existence with his photography compositions.” [more]

Inside The Fire By Zbigniew Wantuch

So with the summer being over and winter quickly on its way, take a look at these, they will warm you right up.

Zbigniew Wantuch is an up and coming photographer who was born in Poland and lives in Norway – typically taking photos of the deep Arctic, including beautiful auroras. Currently working as photojournalist for Hammerfestingen – a local newspaper in northernmost town in the World, Hammerfest. He specializes in pictures of hard working people and industrial photography, while pursuing challenging projects world wide.” [more]

Most Popular Photographs On Stumbleupon

Stumbleupon.com is an amazing resource for photography or anything for that matter. I was bored one day and decided to hop on there and ran across these amazing images on myrandomstuff.com. They very from spectacular landscapes to powerful portraits. [more]

Pictures From The Edge Of Space – Redbull Stratos

So today as many of you know, Felix Baumgartner jumped from the edge of space. 128,000ft straight up, stepped out onto a platform the size of a skateboard and broke multiple world records including the one they were aiming for, breaking the speed of sound without an aircraft. [more]

Melting Cars, CGI and Post-Production By Souverein

This is not a way to present a new car or anything. Most people like their cars in one piece and not melting all over the asphalt. Souverein studios thinks otherwise. [more]

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