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My name is Corey Melton. I am a portrait photographer based out of NYC. I love the photographic community as a whole and am stoked to be a part of the new generation of photography that is rising up. Feel free to contact me with any photographic needs or questions. I am always here to help!

“Camera Obscura” Flips The Outside World

Photog Abelardo Morell has an incredible series called “Camera Obscura”. In short, he shoots with a pinhole camera in a pitch black room with a tiny aperture and very long exposure. Then, he essentially turns the room into a giant pinhole camera chamber by drilling a small hole in the wall next to the camera. The outside light then projects an upside down image on the wall being photographed. Awesome sauce! Enjoy! [more]

Um, Awkward … Celebrity Gender Benders

Yeah so, gender bending … this is a thing. Apparently it’s a pretty dang popular thing that creative’s (without much else to do) are doing with celebrity portraits. Worth 1000, just finished a contest on their site that had hundreds of submissions for this twisted genre of photoshoppers. Do yourself a favor, click through to the full post and enjoy the beauty that IS Gender Bending! [more]

Check Out These Fantastic Single-Take Live Performance Music Videos

SerialBox Presents is a live music project created by Texas photog and all-around creative, Ryan Booth. Serial Box produces music videos that are shot entirely on a few 5Dmk2s with audio tracked into ProTools. There are no overdubs, no cut-ins, and no pick-ups. What you see and hear is one time through, mistakes and all. [more]

Gravity Defying Ads Shot In A Simple DIY-able Set

Peter Lundstrom shot the look-book for Courtrai Apperal in a featureless room that they built out of 5 basic walls and painted them all white for one look, and all black for the other. The final shots look great and leave the viewer looking at the image for a few extra seconds, which hopefully leaves them remembering the clothing a bit better than another brand with a model standing straight up. Below are some of the shots before they were cropped tight for the look-book as well as a video showing how they built the set and shot the book. Enjoy! [more]

The “Horror Pumpkin” Series Is Horrifically Beautiful

Every Halloween I set out to carve an awesome pumpkin that is a work of art, but what I end up with is usually a kindergartener’s take on Picasso. There is definitely an art to carving pumpkins, and I certainly havent been blessed with that skill. However, the Villafane family in Michigan has not only mastered the art of carving pumpkins, but they have rocketed carving to a whole new world. Check out their entire “Horror Pumpkins” series in their gallery. Enjoy! [more]

Gallagher In Slow Motion … This Video Was Destined To Be Made

In an attempt to create the best camera review video the interweb has ever seen, FCTN (Fiction) put the Phantom Miro up against Gallagher, 80′s icon and nemesis to watermelons the world over. There’s enough 80′s power, shirtless old men, whacky hair, glitter and splattering in this video that some of you may confuse this for a Richard Simon’s workout tape. But be certain, Phantom Miro + Gallagher = you’re all going to watch this, love it and share it. [more]

Super Sad: Super Heroes and Celebrities From The Walk Of Fame

Most of us have seen, either on TV or in person, the characters that dress up in Hollywood, CA as celebrities and super heroes hoping to make a few bucks as a sidewalk attraction. Photographer Nicolas Silberfäden has taken it upon himself to shoot a series of these unemployed “entertainers” as a statement of the current economic crisis that much of America is experiencing. I must say, this sure is a sad crowd of super heroes. Super sad icon sad Super Sad: Super Heroes and Celebrities From The Walk Of Fame Enjoy! [more]

Freeze Flowers, Smash Flowers, Photograph Flowers

Now this is a cool idea! Photographer Jon Shireman has been freezing flowers in Liquid Nitrogen, then once the flowers harden he smashes them and photographs them. The before and afters really are spectacular to see. The differences in lighting and color balance from image to image is a bit annoying, but what a solid concept, and this could be done with SO many different things. Enjoy! [more]

Banksy’s Work As Animated GIFs

If you haven’t heard of Banksy by now, let me introduce you. Banksy is an England-based graffiti artist, political activist, film director, and painter that is probably most known for his street art and most recently his film, “Exit Through The Gift Shop”. Yesterday, Banksy mentioned on his tumblr that an unnamed animator, which I will call ABVH, has been creating GIFS out of his work, and Banksy wishes he would have thought of it first. I really like these animations, and I sure hope to see more of them come soon. Enjoy! [more]

Human Mosaics, Fractals And Collages

Photographer Claudia Rogge from Dusseldorf, Germany has certainly developed a definitive style for her work. Claudia creates large mosaics, fractals and collages of subjects and scenes which she composites (sometimes even sloppily) in post. I find it to be a solid concept, and think we will see much more of this type of photography to come in the next few years. I can surely see this sort of thing having a place in commercial and advertising photography, what do you think? Is this a concept and style that has a future? Enjoy! [more]

How Much More “Art” Like This Can The World Take?

Let me start out by saying this is not a personal attack on any particular individual, nor on the photographer that created these images, Soren Dahlgaard. I get that art lies, at the very least, in the eye of it’s creator. However, sometimes I run across stuff online that is labeled “art” and it makes me just shake my head. Enough ranting, here is one series that I stumbled upon that gave me said feeling, and I wanted to share some of this photographers dough head “art” with you. Enjoy! (I mean, if you can I guess) [more]

Crazy Awesome Black And White Portraits

Russian photographer, Alexander Khokhlov, hailing from Moscow, has created a brilliant series of B&W “beauty-eque” portraits. I wish I knew who the MUA was so I could give her/him credit, because they did a friggin INCREDIBLE job on this shoot, whoever it was. I really love everything about these shots and it is the kind of series that pushes me to think outside of the box and find something to do that hasnt been seen before. Great job Alexander (and crew). Enjoy! [more]

Timing Is (Can Be) Everything For Making Impactful Images

Here is a great collection of photos that aren’t really the poster child for a technically sound photograph, but are hilariously timed. Some of these shots even look as if they were shot on an iPhone, and not a 4s (bleh). Even though I know that some, or most of these, have been photoshopped doesnt take away from the element of humor for me. It leaves me kicking myself and thinking “Why didn’t I think of that?” Enjoy! via wtw [more]

Get A Grip: Travel With Your Grip On The Cheap

As a photographer that does a lot of non-profit work internationally, I have always been on the look out for traveling with my gear in the safest yet most affordable way. Typically, my cameras, lenses and lighting equipment (strobes and powerpacks) travel with me as carry-ons in two Pelican 1514 cases. As for my grip gear, well, I was mostly limited to what I could throw into my checked bag with my clothes, which typically would be one Manfrotto Magic Arm, a Photek Softlighter and a small softbox or [more]

The Genius “Astro: Time-Lapse And Motion Control” On KickStarter

Industrial Engineers, Oscar RamĂ­rez and Carlos Pendas, have come up with what seems to be the most simple and intuitive motion controlled pan/tilt intervalometers I have yet to see, and looks like it will be a breeze to setup and use (even for a moron like myself). Simply put, the Astro has 3 controlling discs that you have to set: Top disc sets duration, middle disc controls the rotation, and the bottom disc sets the interval. [more]

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