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My name is Corey Melton. I am a portrait photographer based out of NYC. I love the photographic community as a whole and am stoked to be a part of the new generation of photography that is rising up. Feel free to contact me with any photographic needs or questions. I am always here to help!

[BTS Video] This Drummer Is On Fire!

Photographer Sasha Leahovcenco was featured on the Profoto Blog a few days back for his BTS video of him shooting his long time drumer pal, Mike Johnston that included lighting Mike’s drumsticks on fire. The outcome is pretty great, I’m a fan. Enjoy! [more]

[BTS Video] Monte Isom Shoots Sergio Martinez for HBO

Good friend of Fstoppers and Commercial Photographer, Monte Isom, takes us behind the scenes on his latest shoot with world class boxer, Sergio Martinez. Click through to the video to check out his lighting placement and setups. Enjoy! [more]

[Pics] Martin Schoeller’s Celeb Series Is More Than Just Funny Business

Martin Schoeller is undoubtedly one of my favorite photographers of all time. Not because his work is timeless, although much of it is, but because it is fresh and sharp and isnt always to be taken so seriously. Here is such a series of celebrities that Schoeller has created, but feel free to take his lighting, style and technique seriously. Enjoy! [more]

[BTS Video] Free Falling With Joao Carlos

Hasselblad Master, Joao Carlos, was featured on the Profoto Blog last week for his free falling studio images. That’s right, studio images. Not underwater images. I met Joao in NYC last fall at PDN PhotoPlus and fell in love with his portfolio right away. He always lights his subjects with a minimalist approach and his workflow is powerful and consistent. [more]

[Video] Photojournalists Reveal All in “Chimping”

As a photojournalist for the NY Post, I got to see and encounter some CRAZY stuff, and it sure sharpened my skills as a photographer and as a New Yorker in general. In D. Perez De La Garda‘s film, “Chimping” you get take a behind the scenes look at the life of the photojournalist. This short film features Pulitzer Prize winners Preston Gannaway and Rick Loomis, Emmy Award winner Paula Lerner, along with Todd Maisel, Chris Usher, Angela Rowlings, Edward Greenberg, Stan Wolfson, and Rita Reed. Worth a watch for sure if you are interested in what goes into shooting for a paper or publication. Enjoy! [more]

[Funny] The Incredible Work Of Photographer Clayton Sotos

In this hilarious spoof on Dell Inspiron, European photographer, Clayton Sotos, begins explaining that his father bought him a camera out of the blue and he’s been taking photos ever since. From there he blabbers on about how using Dell products helps him to communicate his passion or whatever (00:001-02:00). Then… it gets weird. I won’t spoil the joke—you just have to watch the video. (And no, Dell didn’t actually produce it.) Enjoy! [more]

[Video] Joe McNally Tests The New PW3′s Range

Last week Pocket Wizard released all the specs for their new PocketWizard Plus III Transceivers. Along with the specs being released, so have a bunch of BTS videos and reviews. Our friends over at the McNally camp did their own testing on many of the features on the new PW3 as well. [Pre-order your PW3 here]. Enjoy! [more]

[Video] Lori Nix Doesn’t Take Photos, She Makes Them

NYC Photographer, Lori Nix, is not you’re typical photog, she is also a gifted miniaturist! Her series entitled “The City” is a perfect example of what her creative mind is capable of. She creates dioramas in her small Brooklyn studio with her assistant, Kathleen Gerber, and then photographs the tiny scenes using a large format 8×10 camera (that’s right, she is still using film!). Enjoy!

[Funny] Canon 7D Versus Barbie Video Girl

Hola FS’ers! I would rather not lend this video any kind of explanation and just have you watch it, but I have to write some kind of intro, so here goes. When I first watched this I really wasn’t sure what they were getting at, until the comparisons started coming. Then it became obvious. This is a funny video. I laughed a bit, and then my wife watched it and snorted (sorry honey, they have to know that you snorted). Enjoy!

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