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My name is Corey Melton. I am a portrait photographer based out of NYC. I love the photographic community as a whole and am stoked to be a part of the new generation of photography that is rising up. Feel free to contact me with any photographic needs or questions. I am always here to help!

[Photos] Photographer Li Wei’s Work is “Wei” Out Of The Box

Photographer Li Wei from Beijing, China is making quite a name for himself with his acrobatic photos and straight up mind-bending group shops. I am not sure what exactly his process is, but what his images may lack in photographic technique he more than makes up for with his content. Check out the full post for some of his work and the links to his site. Enjoy!

[Video] Incredible Timelapse Of Earth From Space

NASA must be training actual photographers to go into space these days, this timelapse of Earth as seen from the International Space Station is proof. This is one of the radest timelapse videos I have seen of Earth and it’s weather. From auroras to electrical storms, this video illustrates just how incredible this planet’s environment can be. Full details in the description on Vimeo. Enjoy!

[Video] BTS Look at a Kitesurfing Paradise

Naish Kiteboarding’s Brand Manager, Damien Girardin, gives us a BTS look at what goes into the making of their photoshoots and video productions. The video starts with a short and sweet explanation of what they went through to make it and then cuts to the final product. Enjoy!

[Video] Sushi Roll Goes To Space

Ok, I wasn’t really sure whether to label this [Video] or [Funny], because I laughed through the entire thing. Is this the future of small business advertising? First Toshiba puts a chair in space, then sushi makers put their rolls up there. What’s next, dog breeders? How far will this trend go? Click Here for the full post.

[Video] Composite Master, Dave Hill, Shows Us His Process

Here is a looong (but good) video of Dave Hill talking to a room of digital creatives, who aren’t necessarily photographers, about how to make great images. It’s all straight from the conference room and has quite the C-Span vibe to it, but it’s well worth watching. This kid knows what he’s doing and he does what he does so well. Enjoy!

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