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I am a wedding photographer based out of Charleston, SC. Although weddings are my primary arena of business, I dabble in the other realms of photography and video. I'm producing a feature length documentary about a cycling team who biked across the US to raise awareness and funds for Burundi, Africa.

Yokohama’s BTS of Sports Cars Playing Duck Duck Goose and X’s and O’s

In one of their most recent advertising campaigns, Yokohama blends a fun mix of high speed sports car chases and childhood games to produce two different commercials. The filming process involved multiple rigs and setups to get a variety of shots, including the director hanging through the windshield of a truck filming the driver. Check out the final commercials below.


The Cullinator- Sort Through Your Images Like A Boss

If you’re in any job long enough, you’re bound to come across quirky industry developments that just might help your work flow. Photography is no different. What’s this you might ask? At first glance it might seem like a video game controller with a cleverly placed sticker on it. [more]

WPPI 2013- Are Photography Conferences Worth it?

I’ve been to a fair amount of conferences and seminars throughout my life. It seems as I was growing up, most offered an amazing getaway that pumped me up for whatever the topic of the weekend focused on. The more conferences I’ve gone to, though, the more I’ve felt jaded and unappreciative of the hype they create. That said, I wasn’t sure what to expect at this year’s annual wedding photography conference in Vegas, WPPI.

Using Speed Lights and Water to Create a Sports Shoot

A while back, our very own Patrick Hall gave us a detailed run down of how to set up an indoor wake boarding shoot using flashes and water in a garage. Along a similar vein, Erik Isakson uses the same shoot concepts and applies them multiple sports. By using a simple backyard, hot tub water, and some great rim light Erik puts a fun flair into his action shots.


Walk Through of How to Composite A Sports Sequence

If you’ve ever wondered how photographers stitch together elaborate sequences of sports maneuvers, here’s your answer. Pete Webb takes some of his snowboarding shots and offers us a detailed walk through on how to composite such an image in post. Although this concept is most easily applied to sports photography, I’ve also seen it show up with some fun  applications in couples portraits and commercial work.


How I Filmed a Feature Length Cross Country Cycling Documentary on $2500 With No Assistants

Last spring, I met a group of 4 cyclists planning a 35 day epic adventure from coast to coast across the US. Their goal was to cycle over 100 miles a day, resting only one day a week, in order to raise awareness and funds for the poor and needy in Burundi, Africa. I decided it would be awesome to tag along and film their journey.


Man Records a First Person POV of Plane Crash

With video now available to most people through their phones and devices, not only can people easily capture the happy memories on the spot, they can also video the horrifying ones. For a birthday gift for his wife, Jonathan Fielding and his family took a flight over snow covered Utah. When the pilot announced that the carburetor had iced over, Jonathan pulled out his phone and filmed the impending crash. [more]

BTS of the Pistachio Super Bowl Ad Performed by PSY

Whether you watched the Super Bowl or not, it’s very possible you saw the now world famous PSY perform an adapted version of “Gangnam Style” for a pistachio commercial. I have to admit, when I first saw the commercial, I was taken off guard by the lack of connection. Still, I’ve thought about pistachios since, so I guess the marketing campaign worked.  [more]

4 Different Kinds of Outdoor Natural Portrait Light You Should Look For

It is pretty common knowledge that photography is based on understanding the principles of good lighting. It’s also pretty common for the average photographer not to have the budget to afford a studio and light their subject from 8 different directions. Instead of worrying about not having enough, use the natural light you do have. [more]

Creative Inginuity- No Visual Effects or Compositing Were Used For This Video

Calvin Frederick is an experimental animator who put some fantastic thought and creative talent into this trippy work  called “Bermuda.” By using an LED panel, a motion control rig, and a bunch of mirrors, Calvin managed to create this piece without any visual effects or compositing in post. Before you click play, brace yourself for the twilight zone.

The 2013 Sony World Photography Competition is Narrowing Down

For their annual photography competition, Sony received more submissions from around the world than ever before. With over 122,000 entries from 170 countries, the entries are now being shortlisted into 15 categories. At the end of April, finalists for each category will be showcased for two weeks in London. Check out some of this incredible work from around the world.


This Drone Supports a GoPro and Flies Itself

If you’ve been wanting to get an aerial perspective but dont have a clue how to fly an octocopter, check out the new LA100 by Lehmann Aviation. They’ve designed a drone that flies itself while an attached GoPro records the flight. After take off, the drone follows a preset flight pattern for five minutes and gives an excellent view of the surrounding area. While the usefulness for creative filming is severely limited by the lack of variety in flight path, it’s a fantastic idea for hobbyists who want to get a birds eye view.

David Hockney: Photoshop is Boring

Very few of us have been involved in photography and art long enough to truly appreciate how much change has taken place in when it comes to cameras and photographs. David Hockney, a British artist who has dedicated much of his life to painting and photography, thinks some of the art in imagery has been lost along the way. In short, Photoshop is boring.


The Importance of Stretching Yourself Personally and Professionally with Clients

It might be easy to form a quick opinion about a picture like this. I’ll admit it, when I first heard “trucks,” I was already curious about the people I was going to work with. It’s not often that you run into someone who is passionate about their vehicle. [more]

The Faces of a Hundred Years – Portraits by Karsten Thormaehlen

To live to 100 is no common feat. Karsten Thormaehlen made a project of photographing over 40 people who have achieved a triple digit life. The faces in these portraits are filled with so many emotions of a long life lived, it’s hard to put into words. Under all signs of age, each individuals personality still shine through.


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