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I am a wedding photographer based out of Charleston, SC. Although weddings are my primary arena of business, I dabble in the other realms of photography and video. I'm producing a feature length documentary about a cycling team who biked across the US to raise awareness and funds for Burundi, Africa.

Comprehensive Behind the Scenes of The Hobbit Post Production

I’ve been a fan of all of the Lord of the Rings movies and am very much looking forward to the release of The Hobbit this December. I always knew that a lot of work went into the film industry beyond the actors and cameras, but after seeing this behind the scenes of the upcoming Hobbit movie, it makes me realize how extensive the work is after all the filming is said and done. [more]

Save a Little on Your Next Audio Purchase

If you’ve been looking to upgrade your video set up and get some higher quality audio, take a peek at the holiday savings for the TASCAM DR-40 4-Track Portable Digital Recorder. B&H is offering the fantastic price of $139 plus a $15 rebate. Although online ordering is unavailable till tomorrow afternoon, you can still stick it your cart for later. Amazon is also offering a deal, though not nearly as enticing.  [more]

A Little Humor for Your Day – Fauxtographers and their DSLR’s

Everyone knows “that” guy or girl who should have stuck with a point and shoot when picking out their camera. From the gear head to the overly enthusiastic “artist,” Youtubers DSLRnoidea have a little fun with the type of people who really weren’t meant to own a dslr.

For Bird Watchers-The Newest Accessory for the Iphone and GoPro

If you’re a fan of setting up bird feeders and watching the adorable little animals swoop into your back yard, you might want to look into this new piece of equipment designed by Bryson Lovett. Instead of hunting down your favorite avian wildlife at 200 mm, this little contraption allows you to view and photograph the birds up close and personal without invading their space.


Constructing Photo Scenes From Our Favorite Breakfasts

While thinking over possibilities for new landscape photography, Ernie Button acquired some inspiration over his breakfast food. In this fantastically creative series of dubbed Cerealism, Ernie creates some pretty “Cerealistic” looking places and puts a nice background to them. The best part about it his set came after the shoot with the addition of a spoon, bowl, and milk.


Existence- A Time-Lapse by Michael Shainblum

It takes a lot of patience to put together an extended time-lapse work; I have great admiration for anyone who actually finishes one. “Existence” is a time-lapse project which Michael Shainblum worked hard on for four months. The scenes he picks are meant to contrast the two sides of life, the busy metropolis that many of us live in and the beauty in nature that can be seen when we step outside our city boundaries.

How to Create a Giant Croc Munching on Your Friends

Good special effects are the ones you don’t really realize were “special.” They are the moments that give you that sense of awe without dragging you away from being caught in the moment. Fuel VFX specializes in creating special effects for a wide range of movies, some of which you’ve most likely seen this year.  [more]

BGZ Studios Sets Xmen’s Jean Grey on Fire – BTS

As a kid, I was a big fan of Saturday morning cartoons and comic books. By far one of the most enrapturing stories was X-men, each character with an awesome ability, some more potent than others. BGZ Studios was also a fan considering their latest photo shoot, which focuses in on the most powerful mutant in the series, Jean Grey after she turns into Dark Pheonix.  [more]

Parkour and a Flexible POV With a Multicopter

I’m always a fan of watching talented humans. Parkour is one of those activities which I’ll never be good at, but am amazed to watch. HeliPOV had the same idea and decided that parkour group 3RUN should be shown off to the rest of us. The HeliPOV team was kind enough to film the groups jumps and dives using their multicopter. Not only does this clip show off some fun acrobatics, but it also gives a sense of what kind of shots a multicopter can pull off.

Some Fun and Well Done Canon 550D Rebel t2i Test Footage

Short films are regular projects for Andres Overgaard. Instead of doing his normal work, for one of his most recent projects, Andres decided to take out the Canon 550D/Rebel t2i and test out his Tamron 18-270 mm shooting some video. All shots were hand held with some work done later in post. While the cinematography does show some of the quality shots you can get with the body and lens combo, make sure you stick around for the ending, it’s worth it.


David McLain and the Sony a99

David McLain has made his life’s work traveling the globe capturing stunning images for different editorial magazines. With seven feature articles in National Geographic, he knows his way around a quality image and what it takes to get one. During this interview, he steps back and talks through the camera work available in Sony’s new a99 camera and the ways it will help him continue to capture incredible moments.  [more]

Freddie Wong Puts on an Epic Car Chase

A good car chase has heroes, villians,  jumps, crashes, helicopters and more. Youtube master Freddie Wong manages to capture the best elements of an epic car chase but does it on a small scale. By using RC cars, Freddie and his crew are able to set up the scene and retake as many times as they want.  Check out the final video below.


Catherine Nelson Creates Entire Worlds in Photographs

When you think of landscape photography, you may picture some of the most beautiful places on the planet at the perfect moments in time. Catherine Nelson likes to take her landscapes a step further and create entirely new planets. By stitching together hundreds of pictures from one point, she captures an entire scene in one picture. Which mini world would you live on?


The Human Motorcycle -Body Paint and Photography

When asked to come up with some new promo material for the Progressive International Motorcycle Show that was creative, racy, and original, I.D.E.A  met the challenge. By teaming up with Trina Merry, a body paint artist, and Juan Moreno, the photographer for the day, the team was able to create the motorcycles by using human bodies. [more]

Manchul Kim Gets up Close and Personal with a Motocross Photo Shoot

There are a few ways to photograph motocross in action, but one of the best is to use a high powered strobe. For his latest shoot in NamJi, South Korea, Manchul Kim takes a couple of strobes to the track and sees how close he can get to the action. Since motorcycles can be dangerous and all flying by you, it’s a good idea to strap on a remote trigger to your camera and step out of the way.

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