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I am a wedding photographer based out of Charleston, SC. Although weddings are my primary arena of business, I dabble in the other realms of photography and video. I'm producing a feature length documentary about a cycling team who biked across the US to raise awareness and funds for Burundi, Africa.

Springing Popsicle Sticks Filmed at High Speed

In a creative and fun spec commercial, Ross Ching uses a really cool Popsicle stick trick and creatively applies it to a fun story. As he describes, Popsicle sticks can fit together in a certain way so that when triggered, a chain reaction occurs down the line at 35 mph. To capture this process, he used the Phantom Miro shooting at 1000 fps.

Nissan Shoots Their Cars Miniature Style

To put a little twist on filming one of Nissan’s most recent car commercials, the crew involved shot everything on a miniature scale by using a few different RC vehicles. Check out how the team tried to preserve some of the standard elements that you might see in a car commercial. The group gets quite creative in building customized camera mounts to keep the best angles. [more]

Iranian Photographer Seeks Asylum in the USA

Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad came to the US last week but it appears that his entire delegation didn’t return to Iran. Ahmadinejad’s photographer is reported to have filed the paperwork to seek asylum and remain in the United States. According to U.S law, once you’ve filed for asylum, you can legally remain within the country until a decision is made. [more]

Mars Curiosity Rover Shoots an Old Stream Bed

Some of the latest images sent over from Mars by the Curiosity Rover give a little glimpse into the past of the planet. The rover appears to have shot pictures of an old stream bed. By comparing to equivalent scenes from earth’s stream beds, scientists judge that the former stream used to flow at 3 feet per second and was between ankle to hip deep.  Check out the pics! [more]

How Lightroom 4 Could Have Saved a Wedding Flash Misfire

As a wedding photographer, there’s a certain amount of pressure to get all the “key moment” shots throughout the day. Make sure you get the kiss, dances, tosses, cutting, etc… The list adds up quickly. Despite good preparation, dependable equipment, and anticipation of events,  every now and then you’re probably going to miss one of these shots. [more]

Ryan Buller Visualizes and Photographs Sound

I am always amazed at photographers who can take a simple idea  that costs very little and turn it into a really cool photo shoot. In his most recent shoot, Ryan Buller does just that by applying drops of multicolored paint to the top of a garbage bag wrapped over a speaker. Check out his simple set up and the beautiful results!


Portraits and Projection Mapping in Fashion Photography

We’ve seen behind the scenes videos of how projection mapping can be used artistically and commercially. Tobias Bjorkgren takes on a slightly different angle and applies the concept to his latest fashion shoot. The use of projection allows him to stand his models in front of varying scenes without having to leave the studio. To see the final images, check out his blog. What do you think of the effect?

Relax to John Eklund’s “Art of Timelapse”

Stressed at work or need a break? Seriously, put your feet up and enjoy. There’s nothing that will relax you quite like some gorgeous scenes of nature put to some dulcet piano notes. John Eklund took this series of time lapses at multiple locations throughout the pacific northwest shooting around 260,000 images.

French Magazine Publishes Princess Kate Sunbathing Topless

It’s a standard today that once you get famous, you’re going to have paparazzi following you around taking pictures. Granted, it’s their job to get the juiciest shots possible to show up on the racks of your local convenience store. But, every few weeks there seems to be some new complaint by celebrities of invasion of privacy, so it begs the question, how far is too far? [more]

The First Short Film from Canon’s new EOS C100 EF Cinema Camcorder

Canon just recently released their newest model of the one man Cinema Camcorder EOS C100. The camera boasts a some new features not found in it’s predecessor, the Canon C 300 such as One Shot AF, Push Auto Iris, a built-in microphone and non-compression HDMI out with superimposed timecode and 2:3 pull down marker. [more]

The Art of Aerial Photography

I have always been in envy of natural photographers who seem to perfectly frame a shot so that the final composition flows beautifully while cropping out necessary or distracting elements. Daniel Beltra is one such photographer who specializes in aerial photography involving environmental issues. [more]

Chase Jarvis Breaks Down a Time Lapse Set Up

If you’ve ever wondered about a simple, travel friendly time lapse setup, check this out. During his recent time in South Africa, Chase Jarvis was able to use four different cameras to capture time lapse sequences over the course of two hours. Not only does Chase break down the settings he uses, he also explains how time settings of his camera will translate to a final product at 24 fps.


Nightfall in Los Angeles – Timelapse

“Nightfall” is one of the most recent works by photographer Colin Rich, who photographs the transition from day to night over the massive city of LA in a stunning way. Colin utilizes some fantastic camera movement which really adds a dynamic element to the work. I find it particularly impressive how he manages to capture the busyness of the city while showing the natural beauty that is present as well.

The Quickdraw Makes Multiple Lenses Easy

If you shoot high paced events or like to get creative with your focal length, you’ve probably run into the dilemma of how best to carry and swap out multiple lenses on the go. Only a few effective  ways to deal with lens swapping exist. Riley Kimball has come up with a simple fix that allows for quick, safe, and simple lens changes. [more]

Red Bull Features Extreme Sports in Sequence

In one of their latest advertising campaigns, Red Bull partnered with a variety of photographers to show you step by step how extreme sports are really done. By taking multiple frames on a tripod and stitching them together, each one of these jumps and dives is captured in perfect sequence. This style of photograph allows you to see multiple moments of the stunt while preserving the sense of motion that happens. Which one is your favorite? [more]

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