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I am a wedding photographer based out of Charleston, SC. Although weddings are my primary arena of business, I dabble in the other realms of photography and video. I'm producing a feature length documentary about a cycling team who biked across the US to raise awareness and funds for Burundi, Africa.

Using a Miniature World With Green Screen

We are in an age where CG dominates today’s movies and cartoons. While the effects can be pretty cool, it can be refreshing when people work old-school and create a work based off green screen and creativity. [more]

Pre Wedding Photos in Jaipur India

If your wedding client asked to have a customized pre wedding shoot halfway around the world, how would you treat the opportunity? Simeon Quarrie, who has developed a reputation for himself as an incredible creative and committed photographer jumped at the option to be flown to Jaipur, India to shoot in a unique setting for his wedding clients.  [more]

Amazing Star Streak Photos by Don Pettit

On his current mission, Don Pettit, the flight engineer for the International Space Station put together some stunning images of star streaks around the earth. His images give a surreal and artistic look at the beauty that can be seen just above the atmosphere. On the ISS’s Flickr page, Don describes his process. [more]

Adapting Your Commercial Project Cross Culturally

Anyone who works commercially knows how important it is to adapt the product you deliver to your clients needs; this is especially true when dealing cross culturally. Voodoo Partners in Germany does an excellent job of this as they take us behind the scenes in one of their recent Jewelry commercials to be aired in Qatar. [more]

Snowboarders With Hundred Foot Vertical Drops

Scott Serfas has an incredible knack for being able to take beautiful photos in the snow. Combine that with a passion for snowboarding and Scott serves out some unbelievable shots of boarders jumping off cliffs. Not only does he catch amazing moments, his sequences give you a play by play of every twist and turn. I dont know what I find more fantastic, the shots or the boarders who jump off the cliffs. Which one is your favorite? [more]

3000 + Hand Cut Pictures in Stop Motion

Every now and then you have to stop and recognize a piece of work not only for the creative thoughts put into it, but also for the sheer amount of effort involved in pulling off the project. Vu Hoang and a small team managed to come up with this clever stop motion music video using over 3,000 hand cut pictures stitched together in a clever guy meets girl music video. The final product was shot  with a Canon 7D and Canon 17-55mm F/2.8.

What if All Sports Were Shot Like Beach Volleyball

Although this Olympics required some extra covering up, beach volleyball is one of those sports that not everyone watches for the game. Nate Jones, over at the Metro, had the insight to ask the question, “What if every Olympic sport was photographed like beach volleyball?” The results he found on getty images were entirely amusing. I guess it really takes a trained eye to take sports shots that look this good.  [more]

Shocking Floral Photographs

Flowers and floral arrangements are a point of interest that most photographers have shot at some point in their development as hobbyists or professionals. They’re naturally beautiful and give a good self esteem boost when a pretty picture turns out. While pictures of flowers are often over-done; Robert Buelteman’s takes a different route and puts an electrifying twist to his images. [more]

DCP Productions Puts the Geico Money Man into HDR Video

If you watch TV shows through any medium, there’s a decent chance you’ve seen Geico’s new Money Motorcycle Man. DCP Productions was kind enough to give a little behind the scenes on how they utilized 3D capture technology to video the money man and give him an HDR look. While the HDR effect has been explored extensively in the arena of stills, using it in video with 3D technology is quite innovative.


A Habit of Gravity Defying Photography

Li Wei has earned his way to recognition in China through his trademark gravity defying images. This video, recently featured by the Creators Project, gives a little behind the scenes glimpse of how Li Wei was inspired to pursue his aerial stunts and how his creative ideas have reflected the quickly changing culture and country around him. [more]

Is This Picture Too Good to be True?

Since he posted this image on his facebook profile, Shawn Heinrich’s image has drawn a lot of attention. Many have stated the the shot is just a little too perfect to have happened all at once. Upon first glance, what do you think?


Volkswagen Evolution of Style in One Clip

It’s always fun to see time progression of how things change. Staud Studio, which does a lot of work photographing the Automotive industry, had the chance to do a photo shoot with an older model of  the beetle and progressed to show us one of the latest.


The Copter Kids Show Off Aerial Slow Motion

Thanks to remote controlled copters, aerial photography and video has brought some fantastic new content to the scene in the last few years, especially from guys like the Copter Kids. For their latest video, the Copter Kids grab the new Sony FS700 and take it to the skies alongside a motorcycle with some awesome results.



Ryan Emond Shows Off China in Timelapse and Video

Not many people are able to travel around the globe and play with photography and video. In this trip to China, Ryan Emond puts together some shots of a few beautiful scenes from China. For the shoot, he used both a Nikon D700 and a 5D Mark III along with some tools from Dynamic Perception to help with camera movement.

Frederico Martins Puts a Beach in the Living Room

As a fan of the beach, Frederico Martins loves mixing his photography with the sand and surf. To throw a unique twist on his latest shoot for an 8 page spread in Elle, Frederico, decides to set up a beach shoot inside a house. With the use of a ton and a half of sand, a boat, two dogs, and a lot of natural light from the windows, Frederico grabs some really fantastic images.



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