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Award winning photographer David Bickley approaches his craft as he approaches life; fearless, and wholly engaged. David’s minimalistic nature coupled with his innate ability to choreograph an evocative dance between lens, light and subject have earned him an international reputation for his powerful portrait and fitness photography. His style shows raw vision, capturing people in extraordinary and powerful ways. David’s energy and ingenious artistic flair transcend the shoot; his retouching ability is among the best in the industry and effectively shatters the status-quo. Whether shooting for an ad campaign, a magazine, or an individual, his astute perspective and raw commitment to existing in the moment enable David to capture the power and voice of every person that steps in front of his lens. His poignant and simple photographic style is a wonderful representation of the easy depth which encompasses David’s personality and talent.

Behind the Scenes with Melissa Rodwell for Ben Trovato

Melissa Rodwell is easily one of my favorite fashion photographers. It’s not even because of her work, although it is phenomenal for sure. She is at the top of my list due to how involved she is with us mortals. If you’re unfamiliar, she runs FashionPhotographyBlog.com, a site so popular it holds the number 1 spot on google when you search for fashion photography. That’s not an easy feat. Every now and then she puts out a behind the [more]

Video From an Electron Microscope Just Made The World Cooler

When I read about this earlier today I nearly dismissed it as being another blurb about ultra-macro photography. Thankfully it’s not, kind-of. Don’t get me wrong things through an electron microscope are insanely cool, but I’ve seen them. What’s the cool part then? German photographer Stefan Diller, after 3 years of hard work, has figured out how to create some incredible video with these monstrous magnifying glasses. [more]

Shloosl Can Copy Your Key From a Smartphone Photograph

How would you feel if I told you that you could take two pictures of a house key with your phone, send them off and receive an exact copy in the mail a few days later? If you’re anything like me then it makes you a bit uncomfortable. Security concerns aside, Shloosl is making it happen. The company is so good at duplicating keys this way that it even nailed LifeHacker writer Adam Dachis’ key when nobody [more]

How To Shoot “Bullet Time” Video With a GoPro and a Ceiling Fan

I’ve seen a lot of DIY setups over the years, but every now and then one comes along that’s so unstable it’s scary and yet way too cool not to try. You can tell by the title that this isn’t going to be some amazing setup with a hundred cameras arrayed. This is what it sounds like…A GoPro on a ceiling fan whipping around your subject while [more]

Lasers Take Down a $20,000 Camera in Less Than One Second

Hopefully you already know this but, concert lasers will kill your camera. They are bad for your eyes and equally so for your lovely camera sensor. This isn’t a random unlikely occurrence. It will happen every time, to any camera with a digital sensor. It doesn’t even matter how high-quality your gear is as evidenced by the above video from a once lovely RED Epic. [more]

What You’ve Probably Overlooked Now That Your Hobby is Your Career

For many professional photographers the path to this life started off as a creative outlet. It was birthed out of a need to escape the day to day grind that came from an unsatisfying career, stress, or creative boredom and experimentation . You started slow and with every hundredth of a second the passion grew. Eventually you scoured the internet to try to understand how to make that ominous jump from safe, secure life into pro [more]

Using Photography to Put an Awesome Twist on a Family Game

The Fourth of July has come and gone here in the states and while most photographers spend that evening trying to capture the light of the explosions, I opted to give my family something fun to do after the shows. That turned into an awesome game. It went over so well that I pretty much have to share it with you. [more]

TSA Starts Instagram Account of Crazy Contraband

Social media being the powerhouse of outreach that it is, it only stands to reason that generating unique sharable content is THE way to get attention today. The TSA has taken heed in a unique way and started an Instagram account to build awareness of what it deals with. Back in 2008 they opted to start their outreach with a blog to discuss changes in the ever-evolving security industry. [more]

Shutterstock Founder Becomes First Silicon Alley Billionaire

Shutterstock founder Jonathan Oringer became a billionaire yesterday when Shutterstock Inc (SSTK). shares rose to a record high. Shutterstock is the world’s largest photo and video marketplace and has about 28 million licensed photos, illustrations and videos available for sale on its website.

39 year old Oringer owns about 55% of Shutterstock’s shares, [more]

The Changing Shape of Cinema: The History of Aspect Ratio

John Hess From FilmMakerIQ.com traces the evolution of the screen shape from the silent film days through the widescreen explosion of the 50s, to the aspect ratio of modern digital cameras. If you’ve ever wondered why and how the formats we use today came to be, this is something you’ll want to watch. The topic is too broad to summarize for those that would prefer to not watch his video but, there is one piece that definitely stuck out to me. [more]

Behind the Scenes with Martin Wonnacott for Jameson Irish Whiskey

It’s been over a year since Profoto interviewed Martin Wonnacott about his amazing beverage photography. Now the man dubbed “the master of liquids” has released a behind the scenes video of his work for us all to drool over and try to dissect. There isn’t anything to guide you through it either, just press pause a lot. Martin definitely knows how to make a [more]

Joe McNally on Creating Lighting That Matches the Character of Your Location

Joe McNally does it again with a great video on making sure you’re lighting for your overall scene. He breaks down the editorial by first discussing the message he wants to communicate, and then goes on to explain the whys and hows for lighting to achieve that vision. McNally is a great teacher and is able to convey these ideas in a way that even those new [more]

Mobile Apps Essential to Your Photo Business

There is always talk about what apps you need to get in order to take cool photos, but the fact is you already have a camera. Quite honestly there is no camera or editing app that will greatly affect your business in my opinion, and that is what’s truly important. So what apps does it take to really help streamline your business? I’ll tell you what has worked wonders for me, and what I believe will do the same for you. [more]

Metallic Mood Photoshoot BTS With Rob Werlinger

When Profoto contacted Portland-based fashion photographer Rob Werlinger about doing a blog post for them, he pulled out all the stops. “The concept revolved around metallics and you can see them used prominently in the wardrobe, makeup, and also reflected in the mood and emotion of the model,” writes Rob. “Since we were using the ‘Profoto Pro-8a packs’ that feature action-stopping short flash duration times, I wanted to bring in a strong element of motion as well.” [more]

How to Photograph a Watch in Studio

It never ceases to amaze me when I see how complicated lighting setups for products can be. Thankfully photographer Phillip McCordall can walk us through his process with relative ease. This tutorial video definitely doesn’t come close to the most complex setup, but of course it’s still very interesting to see especially considering how cheap most of the modifiers are. This is seriously a setup most of you could do in your living room. [more]

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