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Jaron Schneider is a portrait/headshot and commercial product photographer based out of San Francisco, California. After graduating from Gonzaga University with a degree in marketing and business administration, Schneider spent some time in the photographic lighting business, learning how the industry works, what products are actually high quality, and how to communicate with photographers and videographers around the world. Schneider joined Fstoppers.com in 2011 to aid in the sales and marketing, management and to build the editorial content. He now acts as Features Editor and manages relationships with gear brands.

Win the Sigma 35mm f/1.4 or 17-70mm with Your Best Shallow DOF Photo

Sigma’s new lenses are making some real waves in the photo community. They’re affordable, beautiful and most importantly perform amazingly. The Sigma 35mm f/1.4 is one of our favorite lenses currently on the market, and it can be yours if you win this month’s contest (for the camera mount of your choosing). We want to see your best shallow depth of field image! Enter now! [more]

New Fotopro Tripods Appear Identical to MeFoto

Because we cover a lot of news, we often get sent a slough of press releases from companies looking to get their product out to the masses. Today I received a release from Fotopro who announced a new line of colorful tripods. Sound familiar? It should, because they look exactly like MeFoto tripods. [more]

Think Tank Keeps it Light with New TurnStyle Sling Bags

Think Tank just announced the release of it’s new sling camera bag collection, the TurnStyle. Designed to be lightweight with easy access to your gear, the bags come in three sizes to match specific needs. Think Tank says the new bags are ideal for DSLRs in the larger options to mirrorless and smaller cameras in the more compact sized bags. These hybrid bags can be worn as a shoulder sling bag or as a belt pack for increased versatility and comfort. [more]

The LED Light Cube Wants to Redefine Your Idea of Photo Light

A small team based in Melbourne, Australia wants to change how you view your studio lights. They say their new invention, the LED Light cube, offers answers to age-old problems. Their Cube has no recycle time, better control over light output and no external battery packs. Due to The LED Light Cube using an LED model rather than a filament, the Cube can just as easily double as a video light as well as a flash. Sounds cool right? [more]

See Jennifer Lawrence’s Photo Shoot for Vogue Magazine

Most of Vogue’s photo shoot behind-the-scenes videos aren’t full of a lot of meat, but they do give glimpses into the lighting and general demeanor of the actors and actresses on set. This video with Jennifer Lawrence is no different, but it’s hard not to love this girl. I think she might be near the top of everyone’s favorite actress lists right now. [more]

Fstoppers Reviews the Lowepro Photo Sport Pro 30L Adventure Pack

If you’re an outdoor or adventure photographer, one of the situations likely tangle with regularly is balancing the line between comfort and size when it comes to your backpacks. You usually need a bag to both safely transport your expensive gear as well as your climbing supplies. However, our spines have limits and the bag also needs to be supportive and lightweight. Lowepro’s recent iteration of their popular camera bags is the Photo Sport Pro 30L AW, aimed to give you a light bag option for your adventurous ways. [more]

Watch This Gorgeous Time Lapse Video of an Iceland Expedition

Yesterday I posted a great aerial video over New York, and today I stumbled on this gorgeous time lapse/environmental piece by videographer Eric Hines. The project, called Expedition Iceland, is a collection of shots from a 17 day adventure around the country during the midnight sun in June 2013. It was all shot on a Canon 5D Mark III, a few different Canon lenses and Kessler equipment (such as the CineDrive). [more]

Beautiful Video of New York Shot Via Phantom Drone

Despite the information floating around regarding the legality of drones, when you see some beautiful aerial footage taken with them, you can’t help but gape in awe. In this video uploaded by Nicolas Doldinger you can watch a GoPro take to the skies. In their own words: “DJI Phantom + Zenmuse H3-SD Gimbal + Gopro Hero 3 = NYC LOVE.” [more]

Nikon’s New Announcements: SB-300 Speedlight and 18-140mm Lens

Last night Nikon announced two new products, the Nikon SB-300 AF Speedlight and the Nikon AF-S DX NIKKOR 18-140mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR Lens. The SB-300 is a smaller strobe designed for on-camera flash with i-TTL support. It has a guide number of 59′ at ISO 100 and is compatible with DX and FX sensors with coverage from 27mm-200mm on a FX-format camera. The 18-140mm is a kind of all-in-one zoom lens is compatible with DX format cameras and is aimed at photographers looking for one lens solution. [more]

MeFoto Shows Off New Colorful & Compact Monopods

MeFoto, makers of my most favorite travel tripod, today announced a new addition to their product line: the WalkAbout monopod, which also looks like it could be used as a general walking stick. It comes in a host of colors, similar to the tripod line, and also sports a removable compass for when it’s not attached to a camera. [more]

Win a Year of Squarespace in This Month’s Photo Contest

Our last contest had thousands of entries and the two winners have already been notified- Congrats to users macropixel and nathalie86! This time we’re giving away two, one year subscriptions to one of the best photo website companies around: Squarespace. All you have to do is submit a photo that has some “pop.” I hope you had your camera out this past Fourth of July! [more]

My Website Got One Simple, Almost Unnoticeable Update That Truly Rocks

I’m not sure when it happened, but sometime in the last couple weeks my website received one simple update that filled in the single complaint I had with the design: it made right clicking to save my images to your desktop a thing of the past. I received no notice and ran into this update by mistake, but I might be happier with my service more now than ever. [more]

Blackmagic Cinema Camera Price Just Dropped $1000

This was a rather unexpected but welcome development: the Blackmagic Design Cinema Camera EF and MTF mount bodies just dropped in price by $1000, making them a very tempting $1995 today. Blackmagic has told me that the price has fallen because they have “been able to build Blackmagic Cinema Camera at a lower cost, so they can reduce the price and pass those savings along to their customers.” [more]

Is This the Rumored Sigma 24-70 f/2 Lens?

Most of the time, we leave rumors to the rumors sites. However, in this circumstance we thought it would be worth showing you a “leaked” image of the recently rumored Sigma 24-70mm f/2. If true, this lens would be something truly special. But is it real, or just some guys making a fuzzy-yet-believable fake? [more]

Dear Hasselblad: I Like That You’re Widening Your Audience, But Hate How You’re Doing It

The photography industry is so drastically different today than it was just ten years ago that if you’re going to survive, you absolutely have to be dynamic and ready to adapt to the things quickly. You have to find your niche and go for it full force or risk failure. Hasselblad is doing this with their form-over-function Lunar and Stellar. Yet I’m left thinking… Hasselblad, I’m not certain you thought this latest set of moves through. I’m not certain you know what’s happening to your brand. I’m not certain this is where you need to be. [more]

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