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Jaron Schneider is a portrait/headshot and commercial product photographer based out of San Francisco, California. After graduating from Gonzaga University with a degree in marketing and business administration, Schneider spent some time in the photographic lighting business, learning how the industry works, what products are actually high quality, and how to communicate with photographers and videographers around the world. Schneider joined Fstoppers.com in 2011 to aid in the sales and marketing, management and to build the editorial content. He now acts as Features Editor and manages relationships with gear brands.

Fstoppers Reviews the Benro S2 and S4 Video Monopods

Monopods, once really only useful in a handful of situations, have evolved into irreplaceable members of our creative arsenals due to the advent of high quality video being produced in DSLRs. The idea of a “video monopod” might frighten video purists, but there are those such as Patrick Hall and myself who swear by them. Manfrotto’s version was a fantastic foray into the medium, but slightly pricey. Benro recently released their more affordable versions, and I was more than ready to see if they were able to hold their own. [more]

UPDATED: Those Bizarre Adobe CC Squares Aren’t The Desktop Icons… They’re “Box” Logos

UPDATED 05/14/13 9:50 AM PT: I have received word from a source that the reason these original totems were made were effectively replacements for the box imagery that Adobe will no longer be producing since… well… there are no more boxes. If you recall, CS6 had a lot of imagery surrounding faces (just look at the cover of Adobe Photoshop CS6). Moving to Adobe CC, the team wanted to try a different angle that was more expressive, abstract and fun. [more]

Have Money to Burn? Canon’s New 200-400mm f/4 L USM Announced for $11,800

Canon has announced their answer to Nikon’s 200-400mm with their new 200-400mm f/4 L USM. It boasts a built-in 1.4x extender which, with the flip of a switch, extends the lens to a 280-560mm f/5.6. Measuring in at 5.0 x 14.4 inches and 127.7 oz, the specs on this beast look amazing, but the price tag is a little surprising. It’s expected to retail for $11,800, nearly twice what Nikon’s is selling for. [more]

Not Happy With Your Depth of Field? You Can Adjust It In Post

Of course many of us want to always nail a shot in camera, but sometimes things happen. Maybe it looked great on your camera’s LCD, but entirely different once you got it on your computer. Maybe your sensor is too small and shallow DOF is hard to nail. It’s for these cases that Aaron Nace at PHLEARN does tutorials like this one, where he shows how to adjust depth of field in post. [more]

Space Oddity: Chris Hadfield Makes First Ever Music Video from Space

This is one of those projects that is almost beyond words. Astronaut Chris Hadfield shot this music video to express his feelings of leaving the International Space Station, and it’s basically the coolest possible way to go out. If you haven’t yet seen this (which you probably have but heck, it’s so amazing I just had to share), quit reading and hit the play button. Your life needs this music video. [more]

Olympus Announces New Flagship Camera: PEN E-P5

Olympus is following up their hugely successful PEN line with an all new member: the PEN E-P5, a digital update of a classic film camera designed new tech and performance advancements. Designed for photographers looking for superior image quality in a portable body, the PEN E-P5 delivers a unique shooting experience for photographers looking to keep things compact, including offering a shutter speed of 1/8000th of a second, a first for the compact camera market. [more]

Watch Adobe Explain Projects Mighty & Napoleon

We learned a lot about Adobe at Adobe MAX earlier this week. We learned that they are moving to a cloud-based system that will remove support for perpetual licenses. We learned about new features that are really something special. And we also learned just a little bit about Project Mighty and Project Napoleon, Adobe’s push into hardware through a pen and ruler that link to the digital world. [more]

Behind the Scenes of a Dark and Dramatic Portrait

Sometimes you want a portrait that just screams drama and emotion. Sometimes that emotion might be joy, other times you may want to portray a sort of dark, brooding atmosphere. In this tutorial by PHLEARN, Aaron Nace walks you through a method he chose to turn a daytime portrait into something much darker. [more]

Why You Should Hate Adobe’s Creative Cloud

Ok, so we’ve covered why you should love the Creative Cloud: it gives you access to everything Adobe everywhere you go. It gives you all the outstanding programs at your fingertips. It is taking connectivity to a whole new level for creative collaboration. Updates are instantaneous. But all that aside, it’s a stifling, expensive system that might be forcing you into something you don’t want. [more]

Fstoppers Discussion: About the Outcry Over the New Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud, in lieu of Adobe Creative Suite 7, has some great new features but also some hotly contested issues including the loss of disc support and move to a monthly payment feature for all future software. Mike Kelley, Rebecca Britt and I (Jaron Schneider) discuss what this means for creatives and why it may not be the big deal some are trying to make it out to be. [more]

Behance Brings Social Integration to Adobe Creative Cloud

When we first discussed Adobe’s acquisition of Behance earlier this year, there was speculation that the purpose was to add social to the Creative Cloud. Adobe has proved that speculation correct, as Behance plays a pivotal role in Adobe’s new CC-branded software with live feeds to your Behance buddies. [more]

What is Camera Shake Reduction and How Does it Work?

Adobe Photoshop’s new feature “Camera Shake Reduction” has been has been carrying a ton of hype, likely due to the publicity Adobe has been putting behind it since last year (and more recently just a couple weeks ago). However, what it actually is and how it works is somewhat misunderstood. Many were prepared to hate the program, thinking it a panacea for all bad, blurry images. It’s not the all-healing-blur-fixing-magic-of-the-gods some of you might think it is, but it’s still really flipping amazing. [more]

Adobe Advances to “CC” in Lieu of “CS7″

Adobe has announced that in lieu of continuing with the “Creative Suite” naming convention, they have instead changed the outlook of the popular suite of creative software to “Creative Cloud,” a move that should not surprise those of you who have followed Adobe over the course of the last year. [more]

Adobe Photoshop CC Adds 10 Sweet New Features

Photoshop has become a powerhouse in terms of editing software, easily the number one choice in the industry. They haven’t gotten there by being complacent, and Photoshop CC introduces new and awesome features that expand the power of the biggest name in post production such as Camera Shake Reduction, Camera RAW as a filter, and their new Smart Sharpen. [more]

Follow the Fstoppers Live Tweets from Adobe MAX

Rebecca, Mike and I are all at Adobe MAX, ready to bring you the news as it breaks. To follow the story, either watch the live stream at Adobe.com and Fstoppers on Twitter to hear our thoughts on what Adobe is bringing to the table this year. [more]

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