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Jaron Schneider is a portrait/headshot and commercial product photographer based out of San Francisco, California. After graduating from Gonzaga University with a degree in marketing and business administration, Schneider spent some time in the photographic lighting business, learning how the industry works, what products are actually high quality, and how to communicate with photographers and videographers around the world. Schneider joined Fstoppers.com in 2011 to aid in the sales and marketing, management and to build the editorial content. He now acts as Features Editor and manages relationships with gear brands.

Blackmagic Design Announces the Crazy Small Pocket Cinema Camera

Blackmagic Design today announced Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera, a pocket-sized digital cinema camera that includes full-size features such as Super 16mm sized 1080HD sensor, super wide 13 stops of dynamic range, built in SD card recorder for Apple ProRes, lossless compressed CinemaDNG RAW capture and active Micro Four Thirds lens mount, all very attractive price of $995. [more]

New Motorized Parabolic Slider Available from Redrock Micro

In addition to a new cage for the GoPro, Redrock Micro today announced the all-new One Man Crew, a new class of motorized ‘parabolic slider’ that operates unattended and delivers elegant cinematic motion. The One Man Crew is being touted as particularly effective for individuals and small crews who want their footage to stand out and have the look of being shot by a professional camera crew. [more]

Redrock Micro Launches New Cobalt Cage, the First Cage for GoPro Hero3

Redrock Micro announced today its new line of Cobalt Cages and accessories for the GoPro cameras, including support for the new GoPro HERO3. The Cobalt Cage delivers an aluminum housing that encases the camera for protection, mounting and rigging support, and extensive accessory attachments. [more]

Fstoppers Reviews the Phottix Mitros TTL Speed Light

The Phottix Mitros TTL Flash was announced in early 2012 but saw another full year of development before it was finally officially released in March of 2013. That kind of time spent building a product really resonates with me, and I was expecting a finished product that was going to stand up to the rigors of daily use. I was not disappointed. [more]

LAST CHANCE: Submit Your Best “Featured Image” and Win a Year of SquareSpace

ENDS TOMORROW: We have teamed up with our friends at SquareSpace to give away three one year subscriptions to their awesome service. That means three of you are going to win brand new websites, and all you have to do is show us what you would use as your website lead image. [more]

Tiffen Announces New Steadicam Fawcett Exovest

NAB (National Association of Broadcasters tradeshow) is this week and Tiffen just announced their new Steadicam Fawcett Exovest for the show. It is a semi-rigid exoskeletal vest that transfers the weight and torque of supporting a Steadicam system into anatomically appropriate areas, without interfering with natural movement. [more]

UPDATED: Retoucher Kristina Sherk Does Mind-Blowing Work

Photoshelter is hosting a webinar featuring retoucher Kristina Sherk this week, and to advertise the webinar they posted an animated gif showing before and after Sherk got her hands on the image. I was shocked, as Sherk not only easily erased 10 years off the model, but even more amazingly did it without making it look fake. [more]

Samsung Announces GALAXY Camera with WiFi

Samsung today announced a WiFi version of the Samsung GALAXY Camera, building on their previously released GALAXY Camera 3G. Centered on the Android Jellybean 4.1 platform, the GALAXY Camera is a loaded point-and-shoot camera with a familiar, intuitive user interface and access to Android applications from the Google Play market. The GALAXY Camera is set to retail for $450. [more]

Wacom releases Bamboo Stylus Mini for Tablets and Smartphones

With the recent push into mobile editing software like Adobe Photoshop Touch, it’s no surprise that additional support in various forms will start to crop up. Today Wacom released a new Bamboo stylus designed specifically for smartphone and tablet editing, which is a plus for anyone who lacks dexterity in their fingertips (like myself). [more]

Teton Gravity Research Shows Off Most Advanced 4K Gyro-stabilized Camera Platform

Award-winning action sports production company and lifestyle brand Teton Gravity Research (TGR) has become the first to acquire the new Gyro-Stabilized Systems (GSS) C520 system, the most advanced five-axis gyro-stabilized camera platform in the world. Mounted on the underside of a helicopter, the 4K bird’s-eye-view footage is remarkably stable. [more]

YouTube is Ready to Select a Winner. Will It Be You?

It’s time… YouTube wants to thank you for all your great entries. YouTube finally has enough videos to begin selecting a winner after years of collecting videos at the rate of 70 hours per minute, it’s finally over. “We’ve been thrilled with all of the diverse, creative entries we’ve seen so far, and we can’t wait to begin the process of selecting the best video. We’ll be announcing the winner in 10 years.” [more]

Zeiss Tells the Story of Melding Design and Performance in the Upcoming 55mm f/1.4

Zeiss lenses have been around for over 120 years, but admittedly “product design has never been the foremost factor.” In designing their new high-end Distagon lenses coming to the market at the end of 2013, Zeiss wanted to really consider aesthetics in the project. “The newly-defined design is intended to reflect the lenses’ unique character and make Zeiss lenses truly unmistakable in the future.” [more]

The Latest Addition to Phottix’s Line is the Multi Boom Flash Bracket

Phottix has released a new product designed to fix one continual issue for photographers that love shooting with umbrella modifiers: though they are easy to transport and use and fast to set up, because of the inherent design they are almost impossible to tilt on a traditional light stand. To rectify this issue, Phottix made Multi Boom Flash Bracket. [more]

What to Expect from Behance This Year Post-Adobe Acquisition

Adobe bought Behance a few months ago in what was said to have been a move to expand the social functionality of the Creative Cloud. Today Behance posted a blog about what is to be expected from them in 2013 post-acquisition. [more]

New Zealand-Based Company Launches New Accessory for Motion Controlled Time-Lapse: The Genie

New Zealand based company Syrp Ltd, has officially launched the Genie, a new film equipment accessory set to “revolutionize motion controlled time-lapse.” Following a hugely successful product launch on Kickstarter.com early last year, the Genie is one of those few products that is actually making it to market. [more]

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