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Jaron Schneider is a portrait/headshot and commercial product photographer based out of San Francisco, California. After graduating from Gonzaga University with a degree in marketing and business administration, Schneider spent some time in the photographic lighting business, learning how the industry works, what products are actually high quality, and how to communicate with photographers and videographers around the world. Schneider joined Fstoppers.com in 2011 to aid in the sales and marketing, management and to build the editorial content. He now acts as Features Editor and manages relationships with gear brands.

UPDATED: Sigma 24-105mm F/4 OS Art Lens Confirmed

UPDATED: Estimated arrival date released. In a stunning development, Sigma has placed the rumored 24-105mm on their website. I say stunning, because the whole of the Sigma USA team is on holiday today and we were never briefed on this lens officially (which is HIGHLY unusual, eg. this is the first time it’s happened). This story is still developing, but the page is live and you can look at it yourself. [more]

Benro Adds Larger Video Monopod with 13.2 Pound Capacity to Lineup

If you’ve been following Fstoppers, you might recall the Benro S2 and S4 video monopods that we reviewed in the spring of 2013. They’re solid, and despite an abundance of plastic parts that could be a turn off, the larger S4 was a great monopod. Seeing the need for one just a bit larger, Benro today announced the S6 video monopod. [more]

Like Aerial Photography? Check out this Webinar on Using Drones

Photoshelter has some pretty sweet webinars relatively regularly, and this week they’re hosting one on aerial photography: “How Eric Cheng Is Democratizing Aerial Photography.” Eric Cheng spent over 10 years mastering underwater photography before deciding to try his hand at aerial videography. Now he’s already turning the industry on its head with a new innovation that allows photographers to capture above-ground footage without the massive expense of a helicopter. [more]

Is this the Sigma 24-105mm f/4?

Canon Rumors is reporting an image of what appears to be a legit image of the rumored 24-105mm f/4 that Sigma has purportedly been working on. It will supposedly be heavier and larger than the Canon 24-105, but that’s not unexpected given the build of the previous pro lenses Sigma has released. [more]

Organization in Chaos: Photo Series for Obsessive People

I love order. I’m kind of crazy when it comes to organizizing (Taxi Driver reference). One of my favorite Tumblr blogs is is all about unrelated things fitting into each other. So when I saw this series on Reddit submitted by yamsilem, I got really excited. They are images from the book “The Art of Cleanup,” by Ursus Wehrli (Author), Geri Born (Photographer), Daniel Spehr (Photographer). It speaks to my soul. It makes me want to organize my sock drawer. Or my liquor cabinet. Or everything. [more]

Super Clever Optical Illusion Video Featuring Ray-Ban Sunglasses

At least once a week I enjoy watching something that totally blows my mind. I love challenging my brain and my perspective, and this video featuring Ray-Ban Clubmaster sunglasses does just that. Not really sure what it’s supposed to teach me about sunglasses, but it sure as heck is sweet to watch. [more]

Leica Announces New Rainbow-Colored Binoculars

I certainly wasn’t expecting this from Leica today: The new Leica Ultravid Colorline collection of compact, high quality binoculars. In addition to the classic models with black leather trim, the Leica Ultravid 8 x 20 and Leica Ultravid 10 x 25 are now also available in vibrantly colored leather trim: apple green, Aztec beige, dove blue, Capri blue, cherry red and lemon yellow. [more]

Adler and Shaden Square Off in a [F]ramed Network 6-Episode Series

Last summer Lindsay Adler and Brooke Shaden teased a new show they were working on with the [F]ramed Network called “The Concept,” where they will take on the challenge of executing a surprise concept by the Framed Producers. Equipped with the same Sigma lenses, both photographers will be expected to shoot the same models in the same location, giving viewers the opportunity to see them plan a shoot from start to finish, the first episode of which will air on October 22. [more]

Compositing the Incredible: Fine Art Portraits with Sue Bryce and Lara Jade

Ready to turn your wildest ideas into fine art images? World-renowned photographers Sue Bryce and Lara Jade are teaming up for a mesmerizing creativeLIVE workshop — free to watch while it’s live! With their powers combined, only magic can happen. [more]

UPDATED: Nikon’s D610 and Canon’s T5i are Proof That Brand Loyalty is One-Sided

When Nikon released the D610, I’m sure that many of you (myself included) initially reacted with joy. “Hooray!” we said. “They’ve fixed the problem of the D600! Nikon made things right!” But then I let things sit for a few hours and I realized, Nikon did no such thing. They didn’t fix anything, no more than Canon “fixed” the T4i when they released the T5i. Hooray? No. Not hooray. [more]

Zeiss Announces the 55mm f/1.4 Otus, A No-Corners-Cut Lens

Zeiss, makers of some of the most outstanding glass on the market, announced a new member of their Canon and Nikon connected lenses: the 55mm f/1.4 Otus Distagon T* Lens. It is a standard focal length premium lens optimized for full-format DSLR camera sensors. If it’s anything like the 135mm f/2.0 APO SONNAR, there is a lot to be excited about. [more]

Have 10K Instagram Followers? Then You Get to Stay Free at This Hotel

To be categorized in the “strange yet brilliant ideas” bin, the 1888 Hotel in Sydney, Australia is coining themselves as the first “Instagram Hotel” with their architecture both inspired by and made for Instagram shots. What results is actually a really well-designed space that’s fitting for the most discerning hipster… a hipster who can stay for free if they have at least 10,000 Instagram followers. [more]

Adobe Servers Hacked, Product Source Code and Data At Risk

Adobe has disclosed that there has been a breach in their servers, and hackers had access to encrypted data for as many as 2.9 million customers. Adobe is stressing that the data is encrypted and that they “do not believe the attackers removed decrypted credit or debit card numbers.” [Read Fully Story At TC]

Nick Brandt Captures the Beauty in These Deceased, Calcified Animals

When it comes to photography, it often takes a lot to truly drop my jaw, but the first image I saw of Nick Brandt’s series of calcified animals from his new book “Across The Ravaged Land” (Abrams 2013) floored me. The images depict deceased animals from Lake Natron in northern Tanzania. These have to be some of the most beautifully captured images of death I have ever seen. [more]

This Completely NSFW Video Called “Mine” from GQ Spain Was Inspired by 50 Shades of Grey

Well, this is certainly not what I expected to run across today. GQ Spain proposed a film to director Álvaro de la Herrán inspired by the characters of the book “50 Shades of Grey.” What results is incredibly NSFW (seriously, it’s super sexual), but still quite beautiful. I have to say I’m a huge fan of how it was shot. The lighting is gorgeous. But we have to ask, where does fashion end and porn begin? The line is becoming rather foggy. [more]

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