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CreativeLIVE Hosts Tim Ferriss and The 4-Hour™ Life: Healthy, Wealthy and Wise

Starting today, creativeLIVE will be hosting Tim Ferriss to talk about The 4-Hour™ Life: Healthy, Wealthy and Wise. During this exciting 2-day workshop, Tim will present his best lessons, principles, and hacks for becoming (and remaining) “healthy, wealthy, and wise.” As always, the course is free while it’s live and cheaper if pre-purchased before the course ends. Enroll here! [more]

A Question of Color

Before Joel Meyerowitz’s work came along, most curators and collectors focused exclusively on acquiring black and white photographs. In the 1960s Meyerowitz started challenging that norm; part of that process was for him to carry two cameras — one loaded with b&w film and the other with color — and photograph the same scene with both cameras. [more]

TOMAAS Hits Your Sweet Tooth With Candy Warhol

Here’s a bright and sweet series by NYC photographer TOMAAS. Although I’m tired of seeing photos of models with XYZ pasted on their lips or eyelids, this series caught my eye because TOMAAS mixes in some fresh ways for utilizing candy (and props in general). [more]

The Beautifully Graphic Photography of Nick Frank

I recently stumbled onto the photography of art director Nick Frank and was really captivated by the graphic nature of his shots. He breaks down architectural structures into pleasing frames of bold lines, strong sweeps, and walls of contrast. Take a look at this small sample of his work below and be sure to check out more of his work here. [more]

Wedding Photography Boot Camp With Sal Cincotta

Starting tomorrow, creativeLIVE is hosting Sal Cincotta for a 5-day Wedding Photography Boot Camp. Everything from sales, packaging, marketing, client consultations, and managing the actual wedding day will be covered. [more]

Ken Hermann Shoots Pro Skaters for Hasselblad Masters 2012

Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, Ken Hermann is the winner of the General Category in the Hasselblad Masters Awards. The behind the scenes video above gives a brief look at his work involving pro skaters. “It’s a big honour for me and I’m really proud because this is one of the most prestigious and well-known awards in the industry,” he says. “Winning the award will give me the chance to show my work to a global audience including potential international customers and agencies.” [more]

Hermes Transforms Polaroids Into Scarves

Hermes recently released their third iteration of Hermes Editeur, a limited edition set of scarves conceived through a collaboration with an artist. This edition features Japanese artist Hiroshi Sugimoto and his series “Colors of Shadow”, in which he took Polaroids of Tokyo sunrises over the course of a year. [more]

Lulu’s Fall 2012 Campaign Shows Carpet Is Still Cool

Carpet hasn’t looked this cool since the 70′s. Take a look at what set designer Adi Goodrich and photography team JUCO came up with for Lulu’s Fall 2012 campaign. [more]

Immersion: Actors Diving Into Character

We’ve featured Tim Tadder a few times already with his water wig series. Now he’s done another project featuring water, this time using its surface tension to represent that moment in time when an actor literally dives into their character. [more]

Reid Gower Spends 6 Months Filming Timelapse

In case you haven’t heard the name Reid Gower before, he’s the Canadian guy who started making ad campaigns to promote NASA because they can’t actually spend taxpayer money to do it themselves. He just released a timelapse that he spent 6 months working on, titled Natural Phenomena, and it’s got a few interesting twists that others haven’t had until now. [more]

VSCO Introduces Keys, A Keyboard Shortcut Tool For Lightroom

You’re probably already familiar with VSCO from their film presets, but they just released a keyboard shortcut tool for Lightroom that might change the way you handle your workflow in a more powerful way. [more]

Portraits From A Land Forgotten

Vikas Vasudev is an Indian photographer who recently captured a portrait series in the northern rural area of India called Baltistan, the ‘Forgotten Land’. Check out these fantastic 11 pieces from the series. [more]

IKEA Ad Controversy Sparks Meme

We previously reported on Ikea Saudi Arabia photoshopping women from their ads, now the internet has gone and made a meme on it. Check out these hilarious photos where all women are replaced with Ikea products. [more]

Adobe Releases Lightroom 4.2, Camera Raw 7.2 Update

Adobe just released the Lightroom 4.2 update, and you can grab the Windows version here or the Mac version here. Most notably, Nikon D600 files are now supported (with a slight hitch, read on for details)! [more]

10 Photo Hoaxes Throughout History

It’s incredibly easy to fake photos these days with a few minutes in Photoshop, but it wasn’t always that easy. Take a look at these 10 photo hoaxes throughout history, from the first one in 1830 to some more modern ones. [more]

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