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[Video] A Photographer and A Model Switch Roles

See what happens when professional photographer, Mark Chung, hands his camera over to professional model, Callie Roberts. Given just a couple hours to instruct one another, each are then asked to do one another’s job.

A heads up for all our model readers: this video does seem to focus more on the photographer’s role and less on the model’s. Which, despite the inference, I know to be quite difficult.

[Gear] iPad3 = Happy Photographers

While drinking my morning coffee, happstr (a curious little site that helps you find your happy place) asked me, “What makes you happy?” My wonderfully supportive and beautiful wife? A photo career that nurtures my soul? Having the freedom to live anywhere and do anything I want? And then it hit me. It’s the 9th and exactly one week from today, Apple’s “the new iPad” will be on the shelves. You know you’re a gadget fanatic when… [more]

[Video] How the 5D Mark II Was Used to Make an Invisible Car

Ok, admittedly this video has more to do with the Mercedes than the 5D Mark II but what they have done with the two is far too cool not to show you. Using mats of LEDs and mounting Canon’s 5D Mark II on the opposite side, the promoters of Mercedes new F-Cell concept vehicle, were able to render the vehicle virtually invisible. To see the set up and the resulting video jump into the full post. [more]

[Pics] Two Great Series: A Professional Baby and An Invisible Man

Paris based photographer Malo “Monday Monday” shot a baby series that is absolutely adorable. Ya that’s right I said adorable. What of it? But as I began looking into his work to get some background I found an older series that I liked too. Not being able to choose which to post I said f#@k it and decided to post both. [more]

[Video] Gotye’s “Easy Way Out”: An Elaborate Stop Motion Animation

In an earlier post, Prime vs Prime and Other Lessons in Stop Motion Animation I tried to show you where homegrown stop motion animation is in it’s evolution and offered a couple links to get you motivated. But compared to this video, for Gotye’s “Easy Way out”, directed by Darcy Prendergast, those other videos with their hours and hours of painstaking meticulous work will seem down right simple. [more]

[News] The Lively Morgue: A Place Where Photos Go To Live Again

What is, “The Lively Morgue“? I have 1000′s upon 1000′s of photos in my archive, stemming back as far as the 80′s. I never get rid of old photos. Now imagine how many photos I would have it I were an institution, say like, The New York Times. How many photos would you think I would be archiving then? Try: 5 million to 6 million prints and contact sheets (each sheet representing many individual images and 300,000 sacks of negatives (35mm to 5×7′s) estimated at about 10 million frames. Now add to that 13,500 DVDs, each storing about 4.7 gigabytes worth of imagery and you have one hell of a big photo archive or “The Morgue” as the paper likes to call it. [more]

[Video] Patrick Boivin’s Interactive Prime vs Prime and Other Lessons in Stop Motion Animation

In this post you will see two awesome examples of homegrown stop motion animation by Patrick Boivin. Patrick has done some amazing work such as, “AT-AT Day Afternoon“, which we featured awhile back. For the first video, you get to shape the outcome of a battle between the first generation Optimus Prime and the latest generation Optimus. I hold this up as a fun example of what patients and creativity can yield with todays, easily accessible technology. [more]

[News/Video] Police Diligence or Harassment?

I’m not sure if I’m over reacting but this kind of thing get’s my blood boiling. What kind of thing? Picture being on an over pass, late one night, shooting a time lapse video (maybe to win the next big Fstoppers contest) when you are approached by a police officer. The officer questions what you are doing and why and then demands your ID. You know that you are observing all the laws and regulation, have commited no crime and are not obligated to justify yourself. What happens next? Well,Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania-based photographer Jason Macchioni can tell you. Better yet, he can show with this video. [more]

[Video] 12,000 Sheets of Paper: 1 Awesome Video

The music video for Josh Ritter’s “Love Is Making Its Way Back Home” was created with over 12,000 pieces of laser cut, construction paper. Directed by Erez Horovitz and conceptualized by Sam Cohen and Erez Horovitz, this video didn’t utilized any effects in post production. Everything you see in the final video is purely a physical set of frame by frame photographs, of the paper cut outs, with no effects added. [more]

[News] Photoshop Touch Now Available for iPad 2

Adobe has finally let iPad 2 users in on Photoshop Touch (Android tablet users have had this for some time now). Having impulse buy issues I just dropped the $9.99 that it costs for the app but being so excited to share the news, I’ve yet to review it. Some of the highlights Adobe is boasting are: being able to work with core Photoshop tools designed for tablets, using your tablet camera to fill area on layers, select parts of an image to extract by scribbling, and being able to sync files to Adobe Creative Cloud and open in Photoshop. [more]

[Video] A Mesmerizingly Beautiful Tilt Shift Video

Keith Loutit and Jarbas Agnelli, put together an incredible example of tilt shift videography with the Rio de Janeiro Carnaval Party as their subject. This video is absolutely killer. You will be mesmerized and amazed by how much you get to experience in such a short video. I don’t know what else to add but believe me when I say, this video is riveting with it’s unreal stop motion nature and spectacular sights. You’ed have to be a fool not to appreciate it. [more]

[News] Canon’s 5D Mark III: First Pics in the Wild

The rumor is that March 2 will be the date for the 5D Mark II replacement. And Canon Rumors believes these to be the specs :22mp, 61pt AF, 100% VF, 3.2″ LCD ,Dual CF/SD Card Slots, $3500 USD. Far from being written in stone but the photos that turned up on their forums seems quite legit. For me, I hope to see something a little more impressive than what I’m seeing here or I may have to bite the bullet and step up to the 1D-X. [more]

[News] Fake Gear Alert: Are Your Nikon Filters the Real Deal?

Well it looks like they are at it again. Who are they you ask? The parasites that produce knockoff gear and sell them as the real McCoy, of course. Our very own Lee Morris brought you the news about knockoff battery grips and now 1Kind Photography has brought counterfeit filters to our attention. [more]

[Video] Kai Man Wong & Eric Kim Dress Up for Some Street Action

Ironically, DigitalRev’s Kai Man Wong hits the streets of Hong Kong with well known analog street shooter Eric Kim. Kai and Eric end up kicking it old school with film cameras, Leica M6 & M2, and even try to get into the spirit of their camera’s time periods by dressing up. As always Kai’s video is humorous, entertaining and litered with nuggets of good to know info. [more]

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