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A Canadian photographer, living and working in New York City.

[Video] Kai Man Wong & Eric Kim Dress Up for Some Street Action

Ironically, DigitalRev’s Kai Man Wong hits the streets of Hong Kong with well known analog street shooter Eric Kim. Kai and Eric end up kicking it old school with film cameras, Leica M6 & M2, and even try to get into the spirit of their camera’s time periods by dressing up. As always Kai’s video is humorous, entertaining and litered with nuggets of good to know info. [more]

[BTSV] Set Your Model Ablaze: Playing With Fire, Not Photoshop

Photographer Benjamin Von Wong is at it again! I’m starting to think he hates his models as he can’t seem to resist setting them on fire. All in the name of art, right? Well I guess we should be thankful, cause as usual the results are nothing short of freaking awesome. This isn’t photoshop work guys. Do I have you fired up yet? Then check out Benjamin’s latest BTS video. [more]

[Pics] Matchstick Photography: Ignite your Imagination

Here is a bit of inspiration for those of you who are looking around your house, in the hopes of finding something interesting, in the everyday object. Photographer Stanislav ‘PolTergejst’ Aristov, from Ekaterinburk, Russia, uses burned matches, their flames and smoke to create unique works of art. The balls in your court.Shoot something. More

[Pics] The Hyper-reality Photo Style of Winkler+Noah

Blending multiple art disciplines to create a special mix of traditional photography with experimentation, Winkler+Noah have turned out an impressive portfolio. This body of work has landed them clients such as: Audi, BMW, Bose, Jaguar, Martini & Rossi, McDonald’s, Nissan, Saab,Samsung, Volkswagen, Yamaha, blah blah blah, believe me the list just goes on. See what kind of creativity is required to land the big fish.

[Pics] A Perfectly Balanced Model (Maddie the Coonhound)

Most of us started out the same. Having got our first camera the hunt for a subject/model ensued. And sooner or later your early muse comes along. Usually your girlfriend, boyfriend, child or even yourself. But Theron Humphrey may have found the perfectly balanced model in Maddie. A Coonhound with cat like equilibrium and a propensity for posing.

[Video] Become a Professional Photographer in One Week (or not)

Another humorous video from Kai over at DigitalRev has him training a complete newbie to try and pass him off as a pro photographer in under a week of not so intense training. Then they face him off against a real pro in a final challenge with Hasselblad Master Eric Wong as the judge. Will the judge know the difference? Can Kai’s fake pull it off? Watch to find out.

[Pics] Award Winning Portraits of Congolese Wrestlers

Remember the likes of Hulk Hogan, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, Roddy Piper and Ric Flair? Well the ghost of wrestlers past maybe nothing more than nostalgic memories of the 80′s for you but the spirit of entertainment wrestling is alive and well in Congo. If you don’t believe me check out documentary photographer, Colin Delfosse‘s, PDN Photo Annual Award 2011 winning work on Congolese wrestlers.

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