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Hula Hoop + Cam + Duct Tape + the Women of Burning Man = Gorgeous

I’ll no doubt take some heat for this video but you know what?… It’s worth it. Filmed and edited by Rob Volkel (Hula Fantastica), this video captures the POV (point of view) from a hula hoop as it makes it’s way around some of the women at Burning Man. The result is a gorgeous, upbeat and fun video. Is it sexy? Hell ya. Is it sexy enough for a NSFW? Maybe. But one thing for sure is [more]

7 Tips by Reuters’ Damir Photojournalism Sagoli

Have you ever thought about making the exciting move to photojournalism? Then we have someone you have to listen to. Sarajevo born photographer Damir Sagolj has been on the Reuters’ staff since 1997 and is currently their chief photographer in Thailand. He spent five years in the Bosnian army and worked for the Paris-based Sipa press agency as their Bosnian photographer. To sum it up: he knows his shit. So if you answered “yes” to the question above here are 7 tips from Damir that you better take to heart. [more]

Inspiration: An Interview with Von Wong by Von Wong

Spend 16 minutes with Benjamin Von Wong as he answers questions about inspiration, photography as a career and himself. Benjamin is very prolific and for that reason on it’s own he is worth listening to. Getting off your ass and doing it is the hardest part and some of what Benjamin has to say may help you do that. Check out his Q&A as there are definitely words to live by. [more]

Camera Van: World’s Most Unique Camera Studio

Seeing how this project has been running since 1995 this maybe a very old story for some of you but one that hasn’t been on Fstoppers yet. Harrod Blank has a unique “studio” in the form of a van… a Camera Van. Conceived of in a dream and constructed over two years the Camera Van has since left it’s home in Berkeley, California, travelled across America, into Canada, Britain and Germany, capturing the astonished faces of those it encounters [more]

In-Camera Face Replacement, Just Around the Corner?

Camera/video tech is becoming ever more sophisticated to the point where we now have cameras that can recognize and track faces. So, how long will it be before we start seeing cameras that can completely change a person’s face in-camera? Never going to happen you say? Tell that to Arturo Castro and Kyle McDonald. [more]

A BTS Look at Diorama Landscape Photography

Photographer/Diorama Artist Matthew Albanese constructs and photographs unreal real looking landscape scenes using readily accessible materials. Scroll through some of his work and be amazed at their realism, effort and the materials. Can you figure out what Matthew used to make each scene before reading it? No, no you can’t. [more]

The Best Fstoppers’ Posts From August 2012

Your “Likes”, “Tweets”, comments and clicks all help us know which are our best posts of the month. And because we don’t want anyone to miss any of Fstoppers’ goodness we put “The Best of” in a monthly newsletter for you. So, if you think you may have missed anything this last month, check out the top 10 posts and don’t forget to sign up for the newsletter if you haven’t already. [more]

BTSV: The Girls of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Shoot

I am an old school Tekken fan. There was a time when I could compete against my little brother, one handed while only watching his controller. Back then my true loves were photography and the obscenely hot girls of Tekken. So you can imagine my excitement when they put out a quick BTSV for the upcoming release of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 featuring the girls of Tekken. [more]

Long Exposure Photography: Can You Guess What This Is?

Ontario ceramic artist Steve Irvine took this wickedly wonderful long exposure that had me drawn to it like a moth to a flame. If you haven’t figured it out yet, these are moth trails at night, shot infront of a flood light. [more]

Wrapping Up with Nude Photography (NSFW)

Self taught German photographer Klaus Kampert is no stranger to the female form as his work boast amazingly beautiful and tasteful female nudes. His main interest is people-photography, focussing on beauty, portrait, nudes and dance. Although his site is filled with great work, I pulled these shots from his “Wrapped” series because of it’s use of a simple length of fabric to create unique poses. [more]

BTSV of Hockey Portrait Photography

Check out German photographer Jan Hinkel as he hits the ice to produce, “Freeze”, a pretty cool series of ice hockey portraits. Jan does really great work so be sure to check him out and if you read German you can learn a thing or two from his blog. [more]

Improve Photography Shows us How to Shoot the Stars

Idaho photographer Jim Harmer over at ImprovePhotography.com takes the time to give you the low down on shooting the night’s Milky Way. All you trolls out there be nice cause Jim froze his butt off on this one and he is just so damn likable. [more]

A Behind the Scenes Look at Tim McGraw’s “Car Stories”

Joey L teams up with Variable to capture Tim McGraw on his ranch. Unfortunately there isn’t any narration in this BTSV but you do get to see what went into the final and to drool over their use of a RC helicopter mounted Epic Red. You can see the final video in the full post. [more]

High Speed Photography: Shooting Wigs Made of Water

Los Angeles-based husband, father, picture maker, cyclist, Ravens fan, photoshop geek (his words not mine), Tim Tadder, never lacks creativity (these are mine). His latest series has him whacking bald dudes in the head with water ballons to form these awesome water wig images. Tim gets the job done with the help of a laser (to pop the balloons maybe) and a sound trigger to capture the perfect moment in time. Nice work Tim. [more]

Laurent Seroussi Combines Beauties with Bugs (NSFW)

Women are often portrayed as being afraid of insects, so to combat this stereotype French photographer Laurent Seroussi mashed the two together. Put simply these shots are just damn cool but even if these images aren’t for you, Laurent’s site is definitely worth a click through. Landscapes, album covers, ad campaigns, editorials, video, art, this prolific artist does it all. [more]

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