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BTSV of Air Canada’s 75th Anniversary Commercial

Director and designer Karmin Zariffa was hired by SpaFax and AirCanada to turn out their promo videos in celebration of AirCanada’s 75th anniversary. The spots showcase air hostess uniforms and airplanes used over the years. Karmin used a lot of in camera effects and object building to pull these off and we are thankful to be able to see how he and his team did. Enjoy this BTSV. You can see the final videos in the full post. [more]

Download Canon’s EF 40mm Autofocus Firmware Fix

Did you buy the Canon 40mm f/2.8 pancake lens, that our very own Jaron Schneider reviewed, only to be disappointed when it’s autofocus stopped working? Well don’t sweat it. Canon just released firmware 1.2.0 to rectify the problem. The downside is you need to be the proud owner of a Canon EOS 1D X, 5D III (at v1.1.3 or later) or a Rebel T4i/650D to install the upgrade. All others will need to send their lens into Canon Service. Eek! [more]

Build A Kick Ass 4 Foot DIY Ring Light

Philippines portrait photographer Laya Gerlock graces the pages of DIY Photography this week as he demonstrate in great detail how to build a giant, kick ass light ring. Take a look at the sample image and video and if you like what you see head over to DIY Photography for the full tutorial on how to build your own. [more]

Shooting Toys in Place of People: “ToysR’JustLikeUs”

Too often I find myself frustrated when I want to shoot but I don’t have access to a model. Like many photographers I get hung up on the idea that I need to have the professional model, the studio, the stylist, the MUA and when I don’t have those things I render myself incapacitated. Not a problem for Santlov and his series ToysR’JustLikeUs, where toys are depicted living our lives and loves. Check out these shots I pulled that show toys engaged in photography. [more]

Playboy Photo Shrunk Down to the Size of a Hair

Singapore scientists have shrunk a portrait of Swedish Playboy model Lena Soderberg down to the width of a human hair. Measuring a mere 50 micrometres across the print was made with a device that can produce colour images of up to 100,000 dots per inch. The image used by a team from the Agency for Science, Technology and Research originated in a 1972 issue of Playboy and is commonly used for testing printing techniques. I know there is a joke in here somewhere and I invite you to drop it in the comments below. [more]

Why TTL is Joe McNally’s Default Flash System Over Radio

Here is a 13 minute video of Joe McNally testing out the range and application of the built-in and SB-900 flashes. If your knee jerk reaction to TTL is that it’s too limited and too problematic watching this demonstration by Joe may just have you giving TTL transmission use a second look. [more]

Fun with Photos: Take Your Own Mugshot

Thanks to a promo for the upcoming BBC America crime drama, “Copper”, it’s never been so easy to become a New York criminal from the 1860′s. Skip the trip to NYC, the raping, thieving, killing and oh ya the time travel and go straight to the online mugshot creator, Mugshot Yourself to quickly and easily produce your very own mugshot. Recognize any one from the sample photos? [more]

Cool 3D Lenticular Image Series for Halloween

The Brookyln-based team known as The Saline Project, made up of animator Liam Kirtley, designer Jesse Roff, brothers Adam Toht and Ben Toht are putting together a great series of 3D lenticular images titled: Monsters, Villains, Heroes And Victims (MHVF). So far only 3 of the images are in circulation with another 10 on the way. Just in time for Halloween. [more]

Improve your Canon 7D’s Features with Firmware v2.0

Good news Canon EOS 7D fans. Canon has just released firmware version 2.0 for the 7D further enriching this awesome “prosumer” level camera’s features with: [more]

World’s Most Difficult Photography (NSFW): viewer discretion advised)

Let me start by saying, this is powerful work if not overwhelming and is not something every viewer will want to explore. Look carefully at the featured image before you continue and decide whether or not Manabu Yamanaka’s work is too visceral for you before proceeding. [more]

Photographing Men in “Half-Drag”

NYC based photographer Leland Bobbé has been getting a lot of exposure for his not only gender but mind bending series, “Half-Drag”. Leland attempts to capture men with their female alter egos at the same time and in camera. I found myself holding a hand up to separate these photos into two so I could process the personas individually. I even cut the first one apart for you. Nice work Leland. [more]

The Best Fstoppers’ Posts From July 2012

Your “Likes”, “Tweets”, comments and clicks all help us know which are our best posts of the month. And because we don’t want anyone to miss any of Fstoppers’ goodness we put “The Best of” in a monthly newsletter for you. So, if you think you may have missed anything this last month, check out the top 10 posts and don’t forget to sign up for the newsletter if you haven’t already. [more]

Behind the Scenes of David Guetta’s “Titanium”

My main man in Montreal, photographer Benjamin Von Wong, sent me two videos last week. The first is this great peek bts of David Guetta’s “Titanium” video. And the second is of Ben kicking, burning and drenching the Silicon Power Rugged Armor A80 to see if it really is as indestructible as it claims. It’s worth noting that this is a product Ben found and wanted to have fun with and that he is not sponsored by the product’s company. You can see his torture test here. Thanks for these Ben. [more]

Fun Portraits of Portraits

I stumbled across an older post today that features English student Lisa Roux, who photographed her subjects while they wore their own portraits. Not a new concept but I found the character in this series fun, natural and a bit whimsical. This analog approach reminded me a bit of this early post where a projector was used to superimpose the subjects’ face back onto themselves but far more light hearted. [more]

Watch Camera Tutorials Right on Your Canon DSLR Screen

Would you like to take full advantage of your shiny new Canon 5D Mark III’s 1,040,000 dot Clear View II TFT LCD screen and maybe learn something new at the same time? Then you should check out Canon’s product page, where you can find “on-camera tutorials” for your specific camera model. That’s right you can watch tutorials right off the back of your camera. Simply choose your model and [more]

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