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Cool Tire Tread Fashion Concept (Commercial Shoot)

Munich-based studio Mierswa & Kluska were hired by Goodyear Dunlop to do a shoot for their new product line while conveying the qualities of: strength, robustness and armor. There is no denying that they knocked this one out of the park. [more]

A Tumblr Site Aimed at Outing Photo Thieves

It’s sometimes hard for me to believe that people can be so unscrupulous as to blatantly take steal someone else’s work and pan it off as their own. But sadly it happens far more often than we are aware of. Which is why someone has created a Tumblr site dedicated to outing offenders in our industry. So, if you catch wind of a “photographer” or service that is clearly ripping off your fellow shooters you should consider submitting the intel to Photo Stealers Submit Form. [more]

Not Your Typical MUA (Illusionary Makeup)

A Japanese university student who goes by Chooo-san creates some amazing realistic effects with nothing more than acrylic paints and talent. She does everything by hand with no digital editing at all.

Seeing her work has definitely fired a few synapsis in my brain and has me mulling over some fun shoot concepts. If you can get your hands on an MUA (make up artist) with this kind of talent your imagination is the only limit. [more]

5 Killer Canon Lenses for Video (SMAPP)

To promote their new app aimed towards making the film making process easier and to help the filmmaker really understand the decisions they are making, SMAPP has put out this quick and concise video on DSLR lens choices for video making. [more]

Using Your DSLR for Multiple Exposure Photography

While scooting through Paris, prolific photographer and Fstoppers submitter, Benjamin Von Wong set to the task of photographing master pyrotechnician Andrey Das. Ben has already done a couple shoots with fire (1-2) so to keep growing as an artist and a professional his team decided to challenge themselves. Check out the resulting video and the photos in the full post where [more]

BTSV Polar Bear Photography with Florian Schulz

Watch as photographer Florian Schulz takes the shots for the “To The Arctic 3D” movie companion book. The best part of this video is seeing the exhalation and excitement of Florian when he realizes that he got “the shot”, that would later be used as the cover. Don’t you just love that feeling? [more]

Cinema 5D Review the Canon T4i / 650D Video

Cinema5D’s Sebastian has put together a video reviews of the Canon T4i / 650D and even has a video at various ISOs to compare the noise to that of Canon 7D. [more]

The Slow Motion Video Behind the “Blow Job” Series

Back in May our very own Noam brought you this mind face blowing picture post where Lithuanian photographer Tadao Cern, had taken portraits of people as their faces where being blasted by g-force winds. Since then Tadao has put out a slow motion video that shows all the lip flapping, teeth rattling, eye twisting, jaw dropping (you get the idea) action from his “Blow Job” series. [more]

Creative Projector Portraits

I love projectors. I’ve been trying to come up with a cool photo project using a projector for years now just so I had an excuse for my wife to buy one. Alas inspiration has yet to strike, a problem John Clang doesn’t seem to have as can be seen in his series, “Blind Spot”. Check out these portraits John took by projecting the subject’s portrait back onto their own face. Well done John truly an inspiring idea if not a tad creepy. [more]

Behind Charlie Sheen’s Rolling Stone Cover Shoot (NSFW:language)

Here is a short video featuring Charlie Sheen commentating on his RollingStones cover shoot. No offense Charlie but I would personally love to see this video with comments from Peggy Sirota, the photographer taking the shots. Maybe if we ask nice, our very own Reese Moore could track her down for an FS Spotlight. I mean let’s be honest. [more]

Rubidium Wu’s Insights on Directing a Zombie Series

An idea can start small but very quickly grow into something bigger and better. Such was the case with “The Silent City”, a web series written and directed by Rubidium Wu. Listen/read as Rubidium talks about how his small 3 person project grew into a full scale production. Another perfect example of how all you really need is creativity, initiative and motivation. [more]

Light Painting Portrait Photographer on America’s Got Talent

The Aurora Light Painters troupe performed a light painting routine that used a large digital display as their recording medium (as opposed to your camera’s sensor or film) for “America’s Got Talent” judges: Howard Stern, Sharon Osbourne and Howie Mandel. Light painting is no doubt old news to our readers but for most of the mainstream this is their first encounter with this technique. So [more]

More Street Fashion Photography Gold from The Sartorialist in Madrid

Here is a short video that features The Sartorialist with Loewe in Madrid. If you’re quick and pay attention there are a couple tips in this video about good approach practices as The Sartorialist discusses his process. [more]

The Best Fstoppers’ Posts From May 2012

Your “Likes”, “Tweets”, comments and clicks all help us know which are our best posts of the month. And because we don’t want anyone to miss any of Fstoppers’ goodness we put “The Best of” in a monthly newsletter for you. So, if you think you may have missed anything this last month, check out the top 10 posts and don’t forget to sign up for the newsletter if you haven’t already. [more]

Paparazzi: Vice Stalks the Stalkers (language nsfw)

Steven Randolph and videographer Steven Perilloux give celebrity chasing paparazzi a taste of their own medicine in this short video Vice segment, “Pap Smear”. I dare you to watch this video and not make some kind of comment. I’m curious to see if any of our readers will come to the defense of paparazzi. Is there a right way to do this kind of work? Let’s hear your thoughts.
Vice: “Paparazzi make a living by chasing down celebrities and shoving cameras in their faces and up their skirts. We decided to hunt a few down and give them a taste of their own disgusting medicine.” [more]

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