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My name is Lauren Jonas and I am a wedding photographer based in Charleston, SC. I graduated from Appalachian State University in 2009 with a BFA in Studio Art and Photography. Originally I started out studying Graphic Design but quickly switched over to Photography. I realized that having a degree in Photography still doesn't qualify you as a professional photographer. After moving to Charleston in 2010, I became friends with Patrick and Lee.Here at Fstoppers, I do a little bit of everything from editing, invoicing, answering emails, reading potential blog content from readers and drinking lots of coffee. I spend the rest of my time handling both Lee and Patrick's wedding and portrait editing as well as running Charleston Wedding Photography.If you have a question or concern about something don't hesitate to email me directly at Lauren@fstoppers.com.

Tips To Improve Your Event Photography

This lesson from Jay P. Morgan of The Slanted Lens is a little different than his others. Mostly shooting on a Canon 7D with a Tamron 17-50mm lens, he gives several helpful tips on how he shot this celebrity event. We may not always be able to bring extra lighting and a Kessler Crane but there are will always be more to learn ways we can improve. Check out this video for more ways to learn! [more]

Photographer Emmanuelle Brisson’s Fine Art of Breasts (NSFW)

We’ve all seen breasts before, however in her series, French photographer Emmanuelle Brisson offers images that are an example of penultimate feminism. The titles are what bring De La Sensation together. As the startling photographs deliver a powerful message of women as “things.” No matter the guise of society or action, Brisson’s images argue that it is all driven by sexual objectification. [more]

Enormous Portrait Murals by Street Artists Sten and Lex

These murals are the work of Italian street artists Sten and Lex. The video shows some behind the scenes footage of the mural they created for Open Walls Baltimore earlier this year. I would love to see their work in person; there is so much movement to them that can’t be captured in a still image. You can see the effect in their videos a little bit. Beautiful work! [more]

Why ‘Morning After’ Boudoir Photography is Absurd (NSFW)

A new “trend” seems to have rolled into the photography world. What is this trend? It’s called the “morning after” wedding photography session, and to me it’s a little absurd. [more]

Mosaics Made From Hundreds Of Individual Exposures

Even though we now have the ease being able to see exactly what we shoot on a digital camera, light painting still proves to be very tricky especially when you’re experimenting for the first time. Photographer Brian Matthew Hart has proven he is the master of light painting by creating some incredible multiple exposure mosaics. Very much like a puzzle; each image consists of hundreds of individual exposures to make up a much larger composite image. The featured image is 6 feet wide by 9 feet tall and is made up of 324 individual exposures.

Interview With Magnum Photographer Christopher Anderson

Talented Magnum Photographer, Christopher Anderson, experienced something that completely changed his life. In June 2000, while traveling in Haiti, he met writer Michael Finkel and together they documented a group of 44 Haitians on their journey to the United States. A few days after they set sail, they realized the handmade boat was sinking. Anderson’s first reaction was to continue taking pictures – even though he knew there was a chance they may never be seen. [more]

Police Station Lighting Made Cat Cora Look Great

Cat Cora, a well known celebrity from the Food Network show Iron Chef as well as Bravo TV’s Around the World in 80 Plates, was arrested for drinking and driving in Santa Barbara, California. It looks like this particular police station has taken a few lighting lessons from Peter Hurley. Anyone care to take a guess at the lighting setup? [more]

Surrealistic Light Painting Video Animation

It’s all about light painting today. German collective group, Lichtfaktor took what we normally see in photographic form and made a dreamlike video animation for the brand dENiZEN™. Taking only five nights to film, this crew spent many hours planning and rehearsing the story line and, incredibly, no post production was needed once they were done filming. [more]

The World’s Largest Holga Camera

My Holga is currently sitting on top of my desk, collecting dust. But the folks from Photographic Works/ArtsEye Gallery in Tucson would never let that happen.  They are so passionate about the toy camera that they constructed the world’s largest Holga. This thing is twenty times the size of a regular Holga, and squeezes tightly into a two-horse trailer. They initially started building it to be a prop for a toy camera exhibit.  But then it occurred to them that it could easily be made to be a usable camera. [more]

Shooting Zombies Through A Car

In this behind the scenes video, photographer Jay P. Morgan of The Slanted Lens shows us how he shoots zombies through a car using a Kessler shuttle pod. The camera movement is the most crucial part in making this commercial. The Kessler pod has to stay high enough so that when they move through the car, it will not shake the camera.

Albert Watson Tells The Stories Behind His Most Iconic Images

For the second episode of his show called Capture, Mark Seliger sits down with the great Albert Watson to discuss his most memorable images. He tells the stories of how he photographed Alfred Hitchcock, Christy Turlington, a Las Vegas dominatrix, and Mick Jagger as a leopard. Lauren Bush Lauren also chimes in about her work for the nonprofit organization FEED, which allows her the opportunity to photograph children in Africa.


Nikon D4 And Nikon D800: Camera Of The Year

Voted the best professional cameras of 2012-2013 by the EISA, the Nikon D4 and the Nikon D800 take the lead. The EISA magazines found that the Nikon D4 camera has an exceptional combination of high resolution, wide dynamic range, very low noise levels even at ISO 12800, super- fast autofocus, short response time and high frame rates that can be maintained for very long sequences. [more]

National Geographic Annouces Winner Of 2012 Traveler Photo Contest

The grand-prize winner of National Geographic’s 2012 Traveler Photo Contest was announced yesterday. Cédric Houin of Brooklyn, N.Y won a 10-day Galápagos Photography Expedition for two with National Geographic Expeditions. View a gallery of the three winning photographs along with seven merit winners and the Viewers Choice winners here. [more]

Free Photography Workshop: How To Light Shoot And Retouch Skin

Chances are you’ve been asked to shoot someone’s headshot before. As photographers, we need to be able to make our client(s) look as good as possible. To be able to light, shoot and retouch skin are vital skills that keep our doors open, and food on the table. Hollywood photographer and digital illustrator, Lee Varis been a photographer for 40 years and involved in digital imaging for 20 years. [more]

Amazing Ice Cube Reproduction Of A Painting

Shot completely on a Canon 5D Mark II, Director Laurent Pratlong created this fascinating video called Water Pixels. This reproduction of a 30×30 painting took around 12 hours, 99 ice cube molds, 16 different colors and 30 liters of water to freeze 900 ice cubes. [more]

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