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My name is Lauren Jonas and I am a wedding photographer based in Charleston, SC. I graduated from Appalachian State University in 2009 with a BFA in Studio Art and Photography. Originally I started out studying Graphic Design but quickly switched over to Photography. I realized that having a degree in Photography still doesn't qualify you as a professional photographer. After moving to Charleston in 2010, I became friends with Patrick and Lee.Here at Fstoppers, I do a little bit of everything from editing, invoicing, answering emails, reading potential blog content from readers and drinking lots of coffee. I spend the rest of my time handling both Lee and Patrick's wedding and portrait editing as well as running Charleston Wedding Photography.If you have a question or concern about something don't hesitate to email me directly at Lauren@fstoppers.com.

Photos of Celebrities Taken by Their Friends

The media tends to make celebrities larger than life, seeing them naturally interacting with their friends is refreshing. From Lindsay Lohan to Harper Lee, these celebrity snapshots were taken by non other than their equally famous friends. [more]

Octodomes Ping Pong And Fire At The Beach

In this lighting lesson by Jay P. Morgan of The Slanted Lens, shoots promotional material for Cui Baoqun, a Chinese champion ping-pong player. Using the information from his previous lesson on octoboxes, he was able to achieve some nice, dynamic shots.

Aerial Images from Beaches All Over The World

Taken from beaches all over the world, photographer Gray Marlin’s perspective has turned ordinary aerial photography into art. Using the people and objects, he emphasized repetitive patterns while composing the image to illustrate shape and form. [more]

Visceral Images Of The Aftermath In Iraq

Photographer, Richard Mosse captured some amazing images while he was spending time with American troops in Iraq. The images in his series titled Nomads, juxtapose a smooth, fluid background with jagged, rough, sharp subject matter. The composition forces you to look at the holes and the ripped metal and it’s made even more powerful because of the lifeless, smooth, gorgeously lit backgrounds. [more]

Every Playboy Centerfold Combined

Have you ever wondered what every playboy centerfold would look like if it they were all put into one image? Chicago based Photographer, Jason Salavon created a series of portraits that combined every centerfold from the 1960s to the 1990s. While you can’t see explicit details of each centerfold, you can see a silhouette figure that mimics that of foggy glass. This process, called amalgamation, was done with a program called ImageMagick. [more]

Images From Before Las Vegas Was The Bright-Lights Big-City

It’s hard to imagine Vegas as anything other than the fast paced, bright lights, gamblin’, let’s-go-get-married city that it is today. But the image of a quiet, dark town was what LIFE magazine was trying to portray in their skeptical 1955 view of Vegas. Most of these images taken for the magazine never appeared in the June 20, 1955 article. LIFE was trying to illustrate the scarcity of lights and customers after their big grand opening had died down, but these images say otherwise. [more]

Understanding Octodomes And Octo Boxes

In this behind the scenes video, Photographer Jay P. Morgan of The Slanted Lens explains in-depth, the differences between lighting with the Octodome and a rectangular soft box. By building a 12 foot tape wall, he was able to clearly explain the area of coverage and quality of light for 14 different lighting set-ups. [more]

Impressive Slow Motion Video Using The Sony FS700

With just $500 and 4 days to film, Luke Neumann of Neumann Films created one heck of a slow motion video with the new Sony NEX-FS700. What sets this video apart from all the others is that in at least every clip something or someone is flying through the air. With 24 frames per second we are able to see a ridiculous amount of detail captured on video. Check out Luke’s review below to see what he has to say about rolling shutter performance, low light and resolution capabliiltes. [more]

Elf Faces Made From Raw Peanuts

Portland based artist and photographer Wendy Given created these highly unusual and whimsical photographs of elves found in peanuts. The inspiration behind these photos came from a game she played when she was a small child. Wendy would search to find elf-like faces after cracking open the raw peanuts. Each peanut you see in the images was chosen because of it’s preexisting, natural elf-like features. [more]

How Lens Focal Length Shapes the Face

It’s pretty crazy to think just a small change of focal length can drastically distort your subject’s face. In this behind the scenes video , Jay P. Morgan of The Slanted Lens goes into detail to show us each change and how it effected the model’s appearance. Maybe you’re interested in buying a fixed lens or maybe you’re interested in gaining tips on portrait and headshot photography – either way this video is definitely worth checking out. [more]

Photographs Of Snakes Like You’ve Never Seen Before

Most often we only see these reptiles eating their prey or striking at a potential threat. French photographer, Guido Mocafico has created some pretty fascinating images featuring snakes of all different sizes, shapes and colors. [more]

Beautiful Underwater Photographs From The Land Down Under

There’s a feeling of quietness about South Australian photographer, Narelle Autio’s series, Water hole. Using a couple of old orange Nikonos film cameras, a 20 mm lens, and no breathing apparatus other than her lungs, Autio captured some pretty incredible images during her travels in the outback. [more]

Who Thought Sea Slugs Could Look This Cool

Their scientific name? Nudibranchs. These tiny creatures can be found on the ocean floor. Most of them are no bigger than a human index finger, and live fully exposed their entire lives. In these photographs taken by acclaimed underwater Photographer David Doubilet, these sea slugs look almost like meticulously crafted Play-Doh creations. The bright coloring is actually an act of beautiful self defense. [more]

How To Turn Sunlight Into Moonlight

In this behind the scenes lighting lesson, Jay P. Morgan of The Slanted Lens does something we might not often think to do: he uses the natural sunlight and turns it into moonlight-like light for this 1920′s “speakeasy-themed” shoot. Believe it or not, he was able to achieve moonlight all in the camera – no post processing involved. So with a couple of tungsten lights, gels and sunlight, Jay P. has shown us a great idea that can easily be mimicked in your own shoot. [more]

5 Tips To Make Your Music Photography Better

With Music Festival season now in full swing, right now is a great time to experiment and take some awesome photographs. Prize winning photographer and Nikon user, Morten Rygaard has 5 tips for making your music photographs better. [more]

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