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My name is Lauren Jonas and I am a wedding photographer based in Charleston, SC. I graduated from Appalachian State University in 2009 with a BFA in Studio Art and Photography. Originally I started out studying Graphic Design but quickly switched over to Photography. I realized that having a degree in Photography still doesn't qualify you as a professional photographer. After moving to Charleston in 2010, I became friends with Patrick and Lee.Here at Fstoppers, I do a little bit of everything from editing, invoicing, answering emails, reading potential blog content from readers and drinking lots of coffee. I spend the rest of my time handling both Lee and Patrick's wedding and portrait editing as well as running Charleston Wedding Photography.If you have a question or concern about something don't hesitate to email me directly at Lauren@fstoppers.com.

Gigantic Living Grass Portraits Created with Photosynthesis

I can honestly say that I have never seen anything like this before. The England-based artistic collaboration of Heather Ackroyd and Dan Harvey (a.k.a. Ackroyd & Harvey) have been creating large grassy portraits with the use of photosynthesis. They exposed the grass to the sun through large custom-made negatives, creating different tones from yellow to green. It’s a breathtaking concept that I would love to see in person. [more]

Urban Landscapes of Japan, Shot with Multiple Exposures

Here’s a beautiful set of images from German photographer Stephanie Jung. They are multiple exposures of four Japanese cities – Tokyo, Osaka, Shibuya and Nara. If you were to just glance at them, you might think they are sketches. Each frame captures so much movement. And in my opinion, these urban scenes are very appropriate for the process. I couldn’t find any technical information, but I’m a big fan of the resulting images. [more]

[Stop Motion] Fascinating ‘Underwater’ Stop Motion Video by Hayley Morris

I’m so captivated by this stop motion video by Hayley Morris. She has gone above and beyond, creating a magical world of sea creatures. You will love the vibrant colors and interesting use of textures. It’s a brilliantly executed project and definitely worth watching. It was made as a music video for the song ”Bounce Bounce” by Hilary Hahn and Hauschka. [more]

[BTS Video] How to Use an Afghan Box Camera

Here’s a fascinating video of 44-year old photographer Qalam Nabi. He is one of two street photographers left in the capital city of Kabul. The son of a street photographer himself, he started shooting at the age of eleven. Watch as he demonstrates how to use his instant camera. He does all of the developing inside the box, and repeats the process to turn the negative into a positive image. If you’d like to know how to build your own Afghan box camera [more]

Fstoppers Photographers Party In San Fran Tonight

Lee Morris, Jaron Schneider, and I want to meet up with local photographers and friends tonight Sunday May 13th. Come join us for drinks and conversation at Vinyl Wine bar from 7pm-10pm. We don’t expect a huge group so it should be a great low key get-together.

Vinyl Wine Bar
359 Divisadero St.
SF, CA 94117
(415) 621-4132

[Editorial] If You Don’t Own It, Why Not Rent It?

As a photographer just starting my own wedding photography business, I quickly realized how much pro gear really costs. I don’t shoot often enough to afford all of the gear that I need but when I do have a shoot, I like to use professional gear and I like to have backups in case something breaks (especially for weddings). For those of you who are just getting started like me, or those of you who need specialty equipment, you may want to consider renting gear. [more]

[BTSV] A Wedding Deconstructed

You may remember R.J. Kern and Amanda Tipton from a shoot we featured on here before – well they’re at it again and this one is pretty awesome too. Using the PhaseOne 645Df camera and the Capture Pilot w/Camera Control photo app they got some really cool images. They had the models lay flat on a white seamless background while they shot a typical wedding day in a 2D approach. To see more images click here.

[BTS Video] Abandoned State Mental Hospital Shoot

Photographer, Michael J Moore was granted access to a creepy and abandoned state mental hospital for this fashion shoot. He used a combination of lighting setups but mainly, the Phase One 645DF camera with a Profoto 8A 2400W and various Profoto strobes. With all three different lighting set ups, Michael did a great job at capturing that Vanity Fair-esque look that we all know so well.

[BTSV] Photoshoot With Hockey Legend Trevor Linden

Photographer Dave Hamilton takes us behind the scenes on his latest shoot with hockey legend, Trevor Linden. This video is very informative and well produced – including a lighting diagram for each of the different setups. Aiming to get that perfect cover shot for Vancouver View Magazine’s April 2012 issue, Dave was able to get some nice shots using his Canon 5D Mark II.

[BTS Video] Take A Walk Down Memory Lane

If you grew up during the late 1980s through early 1990s, then you can remember the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Using a combination of action figures, about 60 hand-drawn backdrops, and over 4,000 individual images, director Kyle Roberts pays tribute to this classic cartoon with a stop motion animation. This is one you won’t want to miss. [more]

[DIY Video] Fix Your Lens Hood With Peanut Butter

In this oh so clever DIY video by Casey Neistat, he shows us how he fashioned a replacement lens hood on his Sigma lens by re-using the cap from a peanut butter jar. I’m sure that this method wouldn’t work with every lens but if you ever get into a situation like this and need a quick fix, this video just might come in handy.

[BTS Video] This Short Film Will Blow Your Mind

Shot with the Red MX Camera, director Andrew Huang created this incredible short film about the gaps between people and the way those gaps are filled. Solipsist is the antithesis of human connection. This video had me glued as the models swayed back and forth in a Yin & Yang fashion, often times co-creating each other. [more]

[BTS Video] Tips On Using Natural Light And Strobes

In this behind the scenes video, Jay P Morgan shows us how he combined natural light and strobes to get that perfect shot while on location. First, he starts by determining where the sun is going to set on the horizon by using the very handy iPhone app, Sunseeker. For this project, he was shooting stills as well as video, which can get a bit tricky. Using a Kessler Crane he was able to get the video shots just before sunset. After the sun started setting he pulled out the strobe lighting; two Hensel Porty L 1200 kits. If you enjoy this video be sure to check out some of his other videos here.

[Deal] Double Canon Rebates Are Back!

BH Photo’s double instant rebates are back from now until March 31st. You can save up to $400.00 on cameras, lenses and speedlights. They are currently offering the double rebates on the Canon 60D, Canon 7D, and the 5D Mark II.

[Pics] What You Don’t Normally See On Google Street View

The more you scour the internet, the more likely you will find something interesting and that is exactly what Jon Rafman found. In 2007, Google released Google Street Views, which as we all know lets us view practically any street in the world. Every ten to twenty meters, the nine cameras automatically captured whatever moved through their frame. [more]

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