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US Airways Stole My Laptop and Won’t Replace It

On a flight from Philadelphia to New York my girlfriend was asked, as she boarded the plane, to “check” her carry on bag and put it below the plane because there was no longer any room in the bins in the cabin. When she arrived in NYC she was asked to retrieve her bag at baggage claim. Once it was apparent her bag was not showing up, the baggage department said that her bag would be delivered to her the next day. When she received her bag, her laptop was missing.  [more]

[Workflow] Three Pro Shooters Share Their Workflows

Having a professional photographer explain exactly how they made a photo from start to finish is something that will always interest me. Having three photographers do this is obviously even better. In this short interview series we get to peak over the shoulders of photographers Romain Laurent, Raïssa Venables and Mat Baker as they explain their individual workflows. Starting with their capture process and continuing on to their post production techniques. [more]

[Pics] Color Photos From America’s Depression: 1939-1943

It’s safe to say that most people probably haven’t seen color photos of small town America during the tail end of the Great Depression. There is good reason for this, as the photos in this post are some of the only color photos taken during this time. Captured between 1939 and 1943 these photos show the effect the depression had on rural and small town residents. These photographs are currently owned and cared for by the Library of Congress.

[Video] Shooting The Ad Campaign For Discovery’s River Monsters

Our good friend Blair Bunting is at it again. This time Blair was hired to shoot the ad campaign for The Discovery Channels hit show River Monsters. The concept was relatively simple; to have the show’s host Jeremy Wade wrestling a giant fish in the shallow waters near South Beach, Florida. To do this Blair’s team used a fake fish that was then replaced in post. To freeze the water with a quick flash duration  and stay portable Blair used the new Photoflex Tritons. [more]

Facebook Just Bought Instagram For 1 Billion Dollars

Facebook just purchased Instagram for 1 billion dollars. Who would have ever thought that an app that simply takes an image, makes that image square, puts a retro filter on the image, and then posts the image to a blog could be worth $1,000,000,000.00. To all of the Instagram users out there; are you excited or terrified about this merger?

[News] 5dmk3 Light Leak Issue Surfaces

It seems a new issue has popped up for the Canon 5dmk3. Multiple people are reporting that there is a light leak through the top LCD panel that directly affects metering. The easiest way to detect this issue is to put the body cap on the camera body as well as cover the viewfinder. Then place the camera in “P” mode at ISO800 and press the LCD backlight button. [more]

Super Models Without Makeup, Hair, Lighting, and Retouching

It’s easy to think that models are perfect in every way because when we see images of them they have had hours of hair and makeup, they are lit by some of the most talented photographers on the planet, and then they are retouched by the most meticulous Photoshop artists around. In this post we get to see side by side comparison shots between each model without makeup and then after the full production. Each of these models looks pretty normal except for the last one that looked incredible even without makeup. [more]

[Video] Mark Wallace Reviews The Canon 5D MarkIII

For those of you that prefer real world testing to shooting test charts, you may be interested in seeing Mark Wallace’s newest review. In this video Mark goes out and shoots the brand new Canon 5D Mark III. On paper the 5D3 may not look like much of an upgrade from the M2 but the focusing, metering, and ISO performance show huge improvements.

[Video] The Nikon D4 Shutter In 1000FPS Slow Mo

Fstoppers reader Jason Kolsch just put together a beautiful 2 minute promo video of the new Nikon D4. The D4 is shooting stills at an impressive 11 frames per second but the Phantom (the camera that this video was shot with) was shooting at 1000 frames per second. The beauty of gadgets in motion should bring a tear to any nerds eye.

[Video] How To Light A Person For A Video Interview

We get asked to show our lighting for our Fstoppers Original interviews all the time but it seems like we always forget to shoot our lighting schemes. StillMotion just released a killer video that shows how they light interviews with key, fill, hair, and background lights. By using Profoto’s new HMI lights with Air remotes, you can easily change the output of each light without moving from behind your camera. Of course all of this still applies to still photography as well.

Fstoppers Undfind One Bag and Waist Shooter Review

Are you in the market for a new camera/laptop bag? Before you buy a common backpack, you may want to check out the One System by Undfind. The One System includes the One Bag (a messenger style bag) that can hold a laptop or tons of camera gear, and the smaller Waist Shooter that can hold a ton of useful camera accessories at your hip.  [more]

[BTS] Inspiration: Ian Ruhter Makes Massive Wet Plate Prints Out Of His Truck

Photographer turned wet-plate artist Ian Ruhter basically dropped everything and cashed in his life’s savings to follow his passion, morphing his van into a massive camera and making enormous wet plate prints as he travels the country. From hand-making the silver emulsion to the financial risks of shooting at a whopping $500 a plate, this video “Silver & Light” gives an in-depth [more]

SLR Lounge Interviews Headshot Photographer Peter Hurley

Pye Jirsa from SLRLounge.com recently sat down with Peter Hurley for an exclusive interview. Peter talks about his history as a photographer, his DVD, his favorite gear, business techniques, and PH2. Peter is a huge character and as always he makes the interview a pretty entertaining watch.

[News] Lightroom 4.1 Update – Now With 5dmk3 Support

So you are one of the lucky ones who got a Canon 5d Mark III this week huh? After taking 15 iPhone photos of the camera box and it’s contents to upload to Facebook (bragging rights) you finally take some test shots. With your hand trembling in anticipation, you eject the memory card, then open up Lightroom 4 to import your ISO 6,000,000 low light test shots to pixel peep the amount of noise at 100% zoom. [more]

[Video] How To Use Smoke To Enhance Your Photography

Are you ever on location shooting and the background is a bit boring? Why not add smoke? In this video Jay P. Morgan shows us how he uses a smoke machine in the woods to liven up his shots. Using some materials from your local hardware store you can make the smoke go exactly where you need it to be.

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