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[Pics] The Fantastic Photo Manipulations of Thomas Herbrich

The great thing about a program like Photoshop is that no matter how much you know there is always more to learn. As someone who spends a great deal of time each week retouching fashion images I consider myself quite proficient at Photoshop. Then I come across images like Thomas Herbrich’s. His work instantly reminds me just how much more there is to learn. [more]

[Video] Philip Bloom Reviews The 5D Mark III

Even though both Patrick and I purchased the Nikon D4 and D800 the day the preorder became available (and we are NPS members) the cameras still have not been shipped to us. Ironically B&H was kind enough to send us a 5DM3 for review and we should receive it by tomorrow. Neither of us are Canon shooters so our review may take a while but until then, check out this full review by Philip Bloom.

[Video] Canon 5DM3 Video Beat By Panasonic GH2?

What is going on with cameras these days? First we learned that the $6000 Nikon D4 is not a significant improvement over the D3S in terms of resolution or ISO performance. Now we are hearing that the Canon 5D Mark III is not a significant jump in video quality compared to the 5D Mark II that was released 4 years ago. I was shocked to see this video of a $900 Panasonic GH2 outperforming the $3500 5DM3 in terms of sharpness. Check out the full write up and 100% screen caps at EOSHD. [more]

[Pics] Beautiful “Film Noir” Inspired Portraits

I will admit that I am a fan of low key and moody lighting. So the mention of impressive “film noir” inspired portraits definitely piques my interest. The photos in this post have film noir written all over them! They instantly make me want to kick back and watch some old classic b/w movies. [more]

[BTS Video] McLaren MP4-12c – Dallas Street Shoot

Most car guys would be happy just to see a McLaren Mp4-12c in the flesh. Getting to hang out with one for a day, while also being paid to take photos of it, would be “dream job” material. Clearly Dallas based photographer Brian Braun is living the dream! [more]

[Video] How To Land An RC Airplane With A Camera Safely

These days RC helicopters with video cameras are becoming more and more common because you can control and land them in almost any terrain. Have you ever wondered how you have to land an RC airplane when there are no available runways? Apparently you have to fly them directly at yourself and then snatch them out of the air with your bare hand. Check out this fantastic video which shows the pilot in some pretty incredible locations catching the plane again and again. [more]

[Video] How To Shoot Video With The Nikon D4

The Nikon D4 may not be a huge improvement over the D3S in terms of image quality but as a video camera there is no comparison. The most important updates include audio controls that allow you to dial in silky smooth sounding audio from an external mic as well as an audio out jack for headphone monitoring. The camera can also shoot at 1080P in standard full frame, 1.5 crop, or 2.7 crop meaning that you now can get almost a 200mm reach from a 24-70mm lens without losing quality. In this video I’ll show you how to manage these new features. [more]

D4 Buyers May Want To Give The D800 A Second Look

As a wedding photographer I was really never interested in the D800. 36mp in ideal light for commercial jobs sounds fantastic but shooting thousands of images in a dark reception hall and having to deal with massive files horrified me. Because of this I purchased a D4 hoping for high ISO performance in a more manageable 16mp file. After I tested the performance of the D4 in low light and finding it was no better than the D3S, I am giving the D800 a second look.  [more]

The Nikon D4 vs D3S, D3, and D7000… D3S Wins??? [Updated]

Last night we put 3 Nikon cameras up against the new Nikon D4 in a studio ISO test and the D3s won. Don’t get me wrong, the D4 files look fantastic, and beyond ISO 6400 the D4 did have slightly less color noise compared to the D3s but when we compared the images side by side we saw a pretty significant drop in contrast and sharpness. Even though the D4 has more megapixels, it appeared to be capturing less detail. [more]

[Pics] Real World High ISO Images From The Nikon D4

Yesterday I shot a full wedding with the new Nikon D4 that LensProToGo was kind enough to send me since mine isn’t here yet. I was extremely pleased with the way that the camera performed and although I haven’t gone through the images yet, I picked out 6 random shots that were taken at high ISO so that you guys can see the noise in real world situations. [more]

[Funny] The Best Nikon D4 Unboxing Video Ever

Yesterday we got a call from LensProToGo.com and they told us that they had gotten in the new Nikon D4. Both Patrick and I bought the camera but it isn’t due to show up before Monday. LensProToGo said they would over night the camera to me so that we could get a head start on reviewing the camera and now I will be able to shoot a real wedding with it tomorrow. This is the unboxing video of our first Nikon D4[more]

[News] Carl Zeiss Set To Announce “Super Wide” Lens

It’s already been an exciting month for gear enthusiasts. Obviously, the major camera body announcements from Canon and Nikon have taken most of the spotlight. We have also seen new Pocket Wizards, as well as a shinny new version of Adobe Lightroom 4 come out. But what about the glass? Sure, Canon revised a few lenses, but I’m talking about a whole new lens. Carl Zeiss is apparently looking to step up and fill this void. [more]

[BTS Video] Dean Bradshaw Lights And Composites A Variety Of Athletes

Commercial photographer Dean Bradshaw provides us with a unique perspective of his recent photo shoot for “Startrac”. The shoot involved a handful of athletes being shot while mock competing in their individual sports. The athletes were shot in a controlled environment and then composited into different backgrounds in post. [more]

[Videos] Eight Quick Lighting Setups You Can Use

If you are a beginner in terms of lighting, or looking for some quick and simple light setups, then Don Giannatti has you covered. Don (a.k.a. Wizwow), recently posted some videos on his website showing 8 different light setups, as well as the differences between certain light modifiers. [more]

[Video] Zombie Boy Rick Genest Stars in Sick Dermablend Video

Rick Genest (aka Zombie Boy) is nothing if not intense. The 26-year-old Canadian fashion model is tattooed head to toe to look like a decomposing corpse, representing “the art of the rotting cadaver.” Genest, who you may recognize from Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” video, spent over 6 years and thousands of dollars on his body art project, so who better to star in a commercial for tattoo-cover-up cosmetic company Dermablend? [more]

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