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[News] Datacolor releases Spyder4 colorimeter lineup

If you are like me, and constantly paranoid that your monitor color isn’t quite right, then today is a good day for you. The folks at Datacolor, who have previously brought us products such as the Spyder2 and Spyder3 screen calibration devices, have just released a new colorimeter. As you might have guessed, it’s named the Sypder4. Once again, there are three unique versions from which to choose, with three equally unique colors to distinguish them: red, blue and green, or RGB for short. Coincidence? I think not! There is an Express, Pro and Elite version of the Sypder4.

Click on through to the full post to see more info and pretty pictures.

[Video] 2 Great Video Production Tips For Products

The guys over at SLR Lounge created a killer new bag called the “ONE” bag that can be used to hold just about anything you need. A couple weeks back they created a kickstarter project to help raise money to produce the bag and they also created a BTSV that explained how they shot the kickstarter video. If you are at all interested in video then you should check out their 2 latest videos that focus on 2 different shots in their promo. Check out the full post for the second video.

[Contest Entry] Projecting Shapes Of Light On A Model NSFW

The Fstoppers 2011 BTS Contest is now closed and we are going through every single video 1 by 1 to choose our favorites that will make it to the next round. In the next round our panel of celebrity judges will narrow the lot down to the top 3 winners. At this point we still have not seen every video but if you would like to look through them yourself, you can see them all here on our forum.

I just ran across this really interesting video by Loren Byerstein and Syx Langemann that involved shooting a nude model with a projected pattern. Not only do they show you how they did it but they have actually released the software to make your own patterns easily. If you want to give something like this a try on your own, you can download the software here.

[Visual Inspiration] Street Art Ninjas: A Lesson in Mix and Match Media

Check out this video from Corridor Digital! I love graffiti and street art, and it’s a great lesson to all of us on how mixing and matching media can make an addictive, fun video. The fake door shot reminds me of so many shows and cartoons I saw growing up. If you think about it, they mixed graffiti, acting, and stills for an awesome end product. I want to see one of our readers do something similar with photo stills! I can’t help but think Corridor Digital’s style in this video has incredible, untapped power in the advertising world. What do you think? And which one of you is going to top this?

[Contest Submission] Fantastic Wedding Photography Tips For All Shooters

Warning! You now have 3 days to submit your behind the scenes video for our big 2011 contest.

I’ve been a professional wedding photographer for 7 years now and I’ve seen tons of absurd wedding advice online. Anytime I see a wedding related video submission I think “oh boy, here we go again.” I just stumbled upon a video from 375 Photography on our forum that broke the mold. Not only is this video good, it may be one of the best wedding related videos I’ve seen online. It’s informative, entertaining, and the images speak for themselves. No matter how long you have been shooting weddings, you will learn something from Justin and his team.

[Contest] And The Winner Of The Fstoppers Christmas Twitter Contest Is…

I am happy to announce that the random winner for our Christmas Twitter contest is Seagram Pearce. After randomly picking his “tweet” I headed over to his website to find that Seagram is a photographer that seems to shoot just about anything and he does it all very well . Seagram’s studio is based in Cape Town, South Africa which I hope won’t cause us any shipping issues because he is now the proud owner of a brand new iPad 2 and our new DVD Peter Hurley: The Are Behind The Headshot.

I’m thrilled that we have had another great photographer win one of our contests. If you happen to be Seagram, send us an email at contactfstoppers@gmail.com and we will figure out how to get you your prizes.

Head over to Twitter and tweet him your congratulations

[Video] The Most Memorable Moments Of 2011

Just a few years ago each region would have to have its own 2011 recap. Today, with the power of the internet, world issues become common knowledge and the human race as a whole can look back on the biggest moments of the year. With the help of Google and Youtube, check out the most memorable moments of the year. I don’t own a TV but I still knew every single image and video.

[Video] Indie Film Making Tips, How To Make A Safe Explosion

Realm Pictures has been working on “The Underwater Realm” (one of the most ambitious indie film attempts I’ve ever seen) for months now and have been coming out with great BTSVs along the way. The team recently realized that they need to film parts of their movie in an underwater studio and to do this they need to raise more funds. The team has turned to Kickstarter.com to help out but they aren’t just asking for money. If you pledge $50 you will receive a special edition copy of their movie “Zomblies” and 10 in-depth video tutorials on indie film making tips like the one below.

In the video below Dave shows us how to make a safe and explosion on an indie budget. If you feel like helping these guys out head over to Kickstarter and pledge today.

[Contest] FS Forums Westcott Self Portrait Photo Contest Results

This past month, we tasked you Fstoppers with entering your best self portrait for a chance to win a brand new Westcott Apollo Orb. Self portraits are understandably hard to judge, but I based my considerations on three aspects: 1) Well lit; 2) Concept well executed; 3) The photo tells me something about the photographer.
There were many quality entries and I really enjoyed going through them. Thank you everyone who entered, as it proves what a solid group of photographers we have here.

Check the full post to see the winner and the runners up.

[Video] How To Shoot Moving Images Of An Audi R8 GT

There are a ton of car photographers out there but very few of them are this good. Lee Howell just sent me his newest portfolio shoot that involved shooting a new Audi R8 GT in a soon to be opened tunnel. Lee got his hands on one of the craziest car rigs I have ever seen and walks us through the basics of his production. With a little bit of post work, the images become world class shots. Head over to Lee’s website to get more info and pictures.

[Contest Entry] How To Convert A DSLR To Infrared, Light With Xbox Kinect

The final day to submit your behind the scenes video for our contest is December 31st. With 30 days left, the videos are starting to pour in and they are getting better and better. I’ve never had any interested in infrared photography until I saw Mark Fore’s contest entry. In the video below Mark shows us how he converted his digital rebel into an infrared camera for $6. He then takes pictures lighting his subjects with the Xbox Kinect. To learn how to turn your camera into an IR system, check out this website.

[Funny] What Are People Actually Saying In Stock Photos

I’ve taken quite a few stock images in my life and it’s always been funny to me what sells and what doesn’t. Usually the most popular images don’t really make much sense in real life. One of our readers just sent me this group of hilarious stock images with dialog boxes. Check out the full post to see them all.

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