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Fstoppers Meetup In London Tonight!

Patrick and I are in London England. Tonight, Wednesday October 26 we are going to throw another get-together at Opal Bar. The Address is Hungerford House,Victoria Embankment,London, WC2N 6PA and the party begins at 8pm. Help spread the news and if you plan to come please let us know in the comments below so we can get a basic head count.

Tips On Framing Interior Photography Shots By Scott Hargis

I was just sent a fantastic video by architectural photographer Scott Hargis. In the video Scott talks about framing a shot, something that I struggle with at every interior shoot I’ve ever had. It’s very temping to shoot ultra wide so that you can see more of the room but as Scott points out, when you do you also loose the feeling of that room. Once you check out the video below head over to Scott’s website to see what a great photographer is capable of.

A Moving Moment, A Different Type Of Wedding Video

As many of you know I (Lee Morris) am a professional wedding photographer. I was never a big fan of wedding videos until I saw the work that StillMotion was putting out. Even if you hate weddings you can appreciate what they do simply from an artistic standpoint. Even though I loved their work, I actually found it discouraging because I knew I could never do their style of video as well as they could so I never tried to film a wedding.

I had the idea for over a year of shooting a wedding video similar to how I shoot stills. If I could slow down the video enough I could deal with basically a moving image, something that I felt a lot more comfortable with. It finally worked out that Patrick Hall had a wedding on a day that I was free and 3 days before the wedding I ran the idea by the bride and then called my buddy Mike to see if he wanted to help me film it. Check out the finished product below and the walk-through in the full post.

How To Create A Wooden Print From A Digital Photograph

Just ran across and really interesting video that explains how to create a “wooden print”. Basically you want to use a standard laser print on standard paper. Glue the paper face down onto the wood and then wash/wipe the paper away. The toner will then stick to the wood and give a really unique look. I wasn’t quite sure what a “wooden print” was before watching this but I may actually have to give this a try.

The Winner Of The Fstoppers Twitter Macbook Air Giveaway Is…

The random winner of the Fstoppers Twitter Macbook Air giveaway is… Travis Lawton! You can congratulate him on Twitter at “@TheLawtographer“. I scoped out his website (and stole his bio pic for this post) and he has really great work. Travis is a Seattle based shooter specializing in weddings, portraits, and music photography. This contest was a big success meaning that we can continue to do them so don’t be bummed out if you didn’t win. There will be plenty more to come.

Let’s congratulate Travis in the comments below, and if you are Travis, send us a note at contactfstoppers@gmail.com.

Nikon And Canon Each Set To Release A New Pro Camera This Month

I just wanted to give our readers a little heads and let you know that both Nikon and Canon plan to announce new cameras this month. Canon is rumored to announce a 1D series camera (their pro sports camera) on Tuesday October 18th. The camera will have around 16mp and will shoot around 12fps.

Nikon is rumored to release the extremely anticipated (and late) D800 but is rumored to completely change the direction of this camera from a cheaper D3 to a D3X killer. The D800 is rumored to be announced on October 26 and have a shocking 36mp sensor.

Have these camera companies completely switched direction? I thought Canon was all about MP and Nikon was all about ISO performance. We will just have to wait and see.

Use An iPhone To Record High Quality Audio For Your Videos

As a photographer with a new DSLR, you might be trying your hand at video production. Most people completely overlook audio and they shouldn’t. If a video sounds cheap then in most people’s minds, it is cheap. If you don’t have enough money to afford fancy lav mics, don’t worry, you can record clean audio with a number of devices that you may already own. In the video below I will show you how we did it for the first year we filmed videos for Fstoppers with a simple (and free) iPhone app. If you don’t have a smart phone then you can buy one of these for $16.

Lisa Kereszi: Shooting Burlesque Dancers, Art, and Working with Nan Goldin -NSFW

Hey everyone! For this Fstoppers Spotlight, I’m excited to present renowned conceptual fine art photographer Lisa Kereszi. Kereszi, who started out assisting none other than Nan Goldin and currently serves as Acting Director of Undergraduate Studies in Photography at the Yale School of Art, creates stunning images that are both stark and surprisingly complex. Click the Full Post to read my interview with one of the most renowned photographers of our time.

Robert Simpson Has Now Submitted 5 Videos For Our BTSV Contest

To all of our readers who “don’t have the time” or “don’t know how” to create a video for our Behind The Scenes Contest, I just wanted to point out that FS reader Robert Simpson has now submitted his 5th video (and I don’t think he’s done yet). Keep in mind that you still have almost 3 months to submit your video and have a shot at over $20k in prizes.

In the video below (which happens to be my favorite) Robert takes us through every step of creating an interesting concept and bringing it to life. He calls it “The Little People.” To check out the other 4 videos that Robert has also submitted check out the full post.

This Is The Best Timelapse Video You Will Ever See… This Month

I just ran across across Dustin Farrell’s newest timelapse and I know I say this a lot but I really think THIS is my favorite so far. Quality timelapse videos keep coming out and raising the bar each time but this is a big leap in my opinion. Obviously these shots have been enhanced in post and I would LOVE to know how he did it. If you like this timelapse then you may want to check out all of the them we have posted on our site by clicking here.

The New Apple iPhone 4S 1080p Test Video Is Incredible

Everyone was a little let down when Apple announced an iPhone “4S” rather than a brand new “5″. Aside from being a little faster, the iPhone 4S also has a big jump in the camera/video department. This new camera is 8mp and shoots at 1080p with built in vibration reduction. Check out the video below to see what this little cellphone is really capable of.

Update: The video was pulled a few minutes after I posted it. To see the video you can head over to Apples site and scroll down to the video section: http://www.apple.com/iphone/features/

NYC Fstoppers Meetup Tonight! Update: The Party Is Over

Patrick and I are currently in Peter’s studio putting the finishing touches on his DVD and all three of us will be coming out tonight to the meetup. This Fstoppers get-together will be “Las Chicas Locas” at 160 West 25th Street where we have met before. The owner is reserving the bar/restaurant just for us, so let’s try to pack it out. Everyone is welcome no matter what level photographer you consider yourself, and the party begins at 9pm. Hope to see you guys there.

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