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Save $100 Today On Fstoppers Wedding Photography Tutorial

Cyber Monday continues with the biggest sales in Fstoppers history. Our 14 hour tutorial on all things wedding photography named: How To Become A Professional Commercial Wedding Photographer is now $100 off. Tomorrow this product will go back up to $300 so get it now at the lowest price we have ever offered it with the code “BF2013” at checkout. [more]

Sky Divers Record 2 Planes Colliding In Flight

2 planes carrying 9 skydivers accidentally collide in mid air. Many of the skydivers have GoPro Cameras rolling and they capture the collision, the explosion, and the aftermath from multiple angles at the same time. Shockingly everyone survived, even the pilots. [more]

Save $150 On Peter Hurley’s Photography DVD Today Only

Cyber Monday is now upon us and today you can purchase our extremely popular tutorial, Peter Hurley’s: The Art Behind The Headshot for the lowest price ever. On Tuesday the price will return to $300 but for today only you can save 50% with the code “BF2013″. [more]

Fstoppers Real Estate and Architecture Photography Tutorial With Mike Kelley

Each year Patrick and I work on one extremely large project. Two years ago we created The Art Behind The Headshot with Peter Hurley. Last year we finished our 14 hour tutorial on how to become a wedding photographer. In 2013 we teamed up with Mike Kelley to produce what I believe is the best resource available on How To Photograph Real Estate, Architecture, and Interiors. [more]

Jean Claude Van Damme Personally Took Down Fstoppers For 72 Hours

On Friday our writer Dave Geffin featured Jean Claude Van Damme’s newest commercial for Volvo, hailing it as the most successful commercial of 2013. The post was an instant success but then Jean Claude himself saw the post and decided to share it to millions of his followers. For 3 days Fstoppers received thousands of clicks per second. So many clicks that the site would crash instantly every time we reset the server. [more]

Entrepreneurial Inspiration: Interview On The Most Popular Camera Of All Time

Anyone who happened to see me speak at Photo Plus this year knows that I am obsessed with both photography and business. I love learning from those who have been big successes in any field because the idea of building something in general is so exciting to me. This 60 minutes interview with Nick Woodman, the creator of the GoPro Camera is the most inspiring video I’ve seen in years. [more]

Gulf Photo Plus In Dubai Should Not Be Missed

Last year Patrick and I were invited out to Dubai to attend Gulf Photo Plus, a photography workshop unlike anything else on the planet. At the time the only thing I knew about GPP was that they did a shootout with 3 big name photographers. I never expected that attending this event would become one of the most memorable experiences of my life. [more]

The Nikon DF Represents Everything Wrong With Photography

Tonight Nikon will announce announced the “revolutionary” Nikon DF Camera. By “revolutionary” I mean that they have taken a full frame sensor from a current digital DSLR and put it into a non-ergonomic retro body and removed many features, including video. Are we excited about this camera because of the photography we will be able to capture with it or are we excited because we will look trendy and fashionable holding it? [more]

Nikon DF Camera Images Have Been Leaked

The rumored Nikon DF camera with its retro outside and full frame 35mm guts is finally starting to leak. Nikon Rumors posted a few images just minutes ago and then their website went down (possibly due to traffic?). We will be updating this post with camera info as it is received but at this point we only have pictures. The full release of this camera is due tonight or tomorrow. [more]

Pye Jirsa Released New Info About His Wedding Photography Workshop

If you’ve seen our 14 hour tutorial on how to become a wedding photographer, you know that I am a huge fan of Pye Jirsa of Lin and Jirsa Weddings and the owner of SLRLounge.com. When we were planning Fstoppers Workshop: Atlantis we knew we had to get him as an instructor and I’m proud to announce that I convinced him to do his first ever workshop with us down in the Bahamas. [more]

Every Workshop Is Currently On Sale At creativeLIVE

Most of the multiday workshops are $150 or less on creativeLIVE which is a really great deal as it is but for the next 3 days, everything is on sale. Many of the workshops are as much as 50% off. Head there now to check out this incredible opportunity.  [more]

Every Photobooth Image From The Fstoppers Party

On Saturday we threw another incredible party with Peter Hurley during Photo Plus. As always we had an abundance of pizza and alcohol but more importantly we had an incredible photobooth. In fact, it was probably the most expensive photobooth ever created. [more]

Fstoppers Workshop Atlantis, The 5 Day Event In The Bahamas

After 2 years of planning we are extremely excited to announce Fstoppers Workshop Atlantis, our first ever live workshop event. We have 10 incredible instructors and we will be limiting the size of the event to around 200 students. The best part is the location; we are throwing this event at Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas.  [more]

Lindsay Adler’s Fashion Photography Tutorial Now Available

Just last week we opened the Fstoppers Store. At the moment we are working to get our hands on the best digital photography content on the web but in the future we will also be adding physical products. I’m excited to say that today we have just Added Lindsay Adler’s fashion tutorial “Designing An Image” to the store and it is available for instant download.


Fstoppers At Photo Plus, 3 Things You Should Do This Year

The Photo Plus Expo in NYC October 23-26 is a big deal and I know that photographers from all around the world will be visiting this year. Last year Fstoppers threw a massive party with Peter Hurley and this year we are doing it even bigger, plus we’ll also be at the expo.  [more]

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