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How To Shoot A Super Hero Action Shot

I know a couple of Fstoppers that go by the names of Tiffany and Gianna that are going to love this one… Jay P. Morgan is back again with a really unique concept. In this video Jay explains how he created a super hero concept from nothing and then shows us every minuscule detail that goes into making that image come to life. As always, Jay does an incredible job of packing his video with priceless information that every photographer can use, even if you don’t ever plan to shoot Wonder Woman.

DC Creates An Epic Skateboard Commercial

Skateboard and snowboard companies have really been pushing their advertising budgets to the limits over the past decade. In the video below we can see exactly what goes into creating amazing 10 second clips of individual skateboard tricks in super slo mo. The concept is simple but actually making it happen is another story.

Motorcycle Destruction In Super Slo Mo

Allstate created a pretty clever advertising campaign for motorcycle insurance that showed super slow motion motorcycle wrecks without their riders. Their tag line is “Bikes never crash alone.” I think this ad makes a really strong statement without being gory. Check out the BTS below and the finished product in the full post.

GPP Shoot Out 2011: Zack Arias VS Joey L

Each year Gulf Photo Plus takes place in Dubai. During part of the show they pit 2 or more photographers against each other in a surprise photoshoot. Last year the shoot out involved Zack, Joey, and David Hobby of Strobist but this time Zack and Joey were the only shooters. This years subject was quite a surprise and a bit more difficult to shoot than the beautiful women they had last year. I’m not a huge fan of the finished images but I’m not sure what other options these guys had. Check out Zack’s blog to read about his thought process while he was shooting.

Jonathan Mannion Is Hip Hop’s Photographer

I’m a pretty big fan of Hip Hop music and I have seen every one of the pictures in these two videos. What I didn’t know was that they were all taken by a single person. Jonathan Mannion is extremely talented but he also seemed to be around in exactly the right time to shoot the faces of this growing genre of music. Check out the full post for the second video.

The Home-Made 3D Matrix Effect

We have all seen stuff like this done before but it’s usually some sort of huge production team. All of my friends seem to own at least 2 cameras each so I could easily pull this off if I could get 12 of them together :).

More Proof That Expensive Gear Does Not Equal Good Pictures

I created the iPhone Fashion Shoot to attempt to prove this point. 50% of the people who saw it “got” it and the other 50% claimed that it only looked good because I used $10,000 worth of light. Well I’ve always said “light is light” and all those expensive light modifiers do is make the light source bigger or smaller. Don’t believe me? Bert Stephani will take over where I left off shooting with these work lights (the same ones that I used for part of the iPhone shoot) and a shower curtain.

Photographer Travels To The Most Remote Part Of The World To Give Away A Portrait

help portraitI’m sure many of you are familiar with Help-Portrait, an organization of photographers who shoot free portraits to share their art and enrich others lives. Most photographers shoot free portraits around their communities but Sasha Leahovcenco wanted to shoot people that may never get the opportunity to have their picture taken at all. Sasha and his crew traveled to Chukotka, Russia and produced an amazing video of their experience.

You Have 7 Days Left To Design Noam’s Next T-Shirt

This months Fstoppers Photoshop contest is all about helping Noam Galai (The Stolen Scream). His image was stolen hundreds of times and to make a small portion of his money back he is selling a few of his personal “scream designs” in his scream store (both Patrick and I have already been sporting a couple of his shirts around town). The winner of this months contest will win a shirt with his or her design and an Urban Design 70 bag from Think Tank.

Learn all of the details and download the high res image here on the forum.

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