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The Most Detailed Video On Beauty Dish Lighting I’ve Seen

I’ve seen a lot of videos that attempt to explain why you would use a beauty dish over a softbox but I’ve always had a hard time understanding the subtleties. Jay P Morgan created a video that not only explains everything in great detail, but he also shows 3 lighting examples with each type of dish configuration. If you have always wondered about the magic of the beauty dish, all your questions will now be answered.

Sometimes Harsh, Direct Sunlight Can Be Beautiful

When it comes to my photoshoots, I almost always look for shade. I find managing harsh, direct sunlight to be a problem for a number of reasons but I may have to give it another shot. In the video below Phillip Dixon shows us that not only is it possible to directly light your subject with the sun, it can produce stunning results.

Hands On Review Of The Red Epic-M

Now we don’t usually post product review videos on Fstoppers, especially for gear that we don’t currently use, but in this case I have to make an exception. Although I may never get my hands on a Red camera, I can dream can’t I? Honestly this video isn’t even really a review but by the end you will know that this camera is “pretty coo’”. But hey, it still got me all excited.

Support Noam, Create A T-Shirt With The Stolen Scream

The Stolen Scream
5 Days ago we released The Stolen Scream, a story about Noam Galai’s stolen photographs. So far, it has been viewed by over 130,000 people and hundreds of websites have already picked up the story. As you know, Noam has made almost no money from his images being used around the world but I think that we can help him in a small way.

How you can help
We have decided to make the Fstoppers March Photoshop Contest a t-shirt/graphics contest to support Noam. If you want to donate your talent to help Noam, please download either his original image, or the graphic image of his scream and create your own design from it. Once you create a graphic, post it here on our forum. At the end of the month Noam himself will choose his favorite graphic and it will be sold in his scream store. All proceeds from the design will go to Noam but the winner will receive a t-shirt with his or her winning design on it plus an Urban Design 70 bag from Think Tank.

If you don’t have the time or the talent to be a part of the contest, you can still help by sharing this contest on Twitter or Facebook. You can also support Noam by purchasing his original scream designs.

Greenpeace Through The Lens: Photographer Pierre Gleizes

In 2011, Greenpeace – the world’s largest environmental campaigning organisation – celebrates its 40th anniversary. French photographer Pierre Gleizes has shot some of the organisation’s best known photographs over the three decades he has worked for Greenpeace. Some of these pictures have truly changed the way we look at our planet and the environment.

Fstoppers Original: The Stolen Scream

What if you took a set of images that became so popular that they were used hundreds of times all around the world by hundreds of artists, businesses, websites, and publications? As photographers, it’s what we all dream about but what if you were never paid for your work? What if you weren’t even given credit? What if your images were being stolen for years and you never had any idea? If there was ever a video to share, this is it. This is Noam Galai’s story. (Full story)

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