Lee Morris


The Creation Of A Modern Wedding Video

Wedding videography is no longer the boring handycam crap it was a few years ago. Visual Masterpiece takes us behind the scenes on their latest wedding video and gives us fantastic details into what it really takes to produce a video at this level. Shooting the footage itself is hard, but the editing is really what makes their videos shine. Check out the full post to see the finished product.

Behind The Scenes At Pixar

I’m not a huge fan their style of movies but I can totally appreciate the talent that Pixar puts into each of their projects. If you are at all interested in 3D animation, movie production, or incredible offices, this video is for you.

How To Get A Professional Photography Website For $38

About 95% of the time I can guess the quality of a photographer by the design of their website before the first image even loads. If you want people to take your work seriously a Flickr page isn’t going to cut it. You may think that you can’t afford a professional website; think again.

For the next 18 days Creative Motion Design is giving Fstoppers.com readers 60% off their already incredibly low website prices. With this discount their websites start at just $38.00. I know there are other template websites out there that have notoriously bad customer service (I’ve experienced it first hand) but CMD actually posts their phone number on the front of their website. Still don’t believe me? Well you can test out a website completely for free by simply clicking on “free trial” by any of their sites.

We all work so hard to produce amazing images and now there is absolutely no excuse for not having a professional way to display them. Check out the full post to see a video on how easy these sites are to customize.

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