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How To Put 500k Lady Bugs On Your Fashion Model NSFW

One of our readers just sent this over to us and it is a really entertaining watch. Ed Zipco got his hands on about 500k lady bugs and shot a range of images with them crawling all over a group of models. That many beetles would freak me out but for some reason lady bugs seem clean and pretty to me. This video did change my opinion of them though.

Need A Little Inspiration? Check Out Karl X Johan – Flames

Our main focus here at Fstoppers is informative BTS content but sometimes as creatives we have the technical skills and we need a little bit of inspiration to get us going. I just ran across Karl X Johan’s music video for the song “flames” by director Gustav Johansson and I was so impressed I had to post it. I’ve never seen story telling in this way and I’m sure you guys will enjoy it as much as I did. Make sure you watch it in HD!

Detailed Lighting Setup For An Amazing Western Shoot

Jay P. Morgan seems to be releasing one great BTSV after another. I have enjoyed them all but I must admit that this one is by far my favorite. At his last workshop, Jay used a 5D Mark II and 4 studio strobes to professionally light his western themed set. If you don’t have all of the studio gear yet, keep in mind that it is possible to light scenes like these with much smaller and cheaper speedlights as well (like the SB-900 or 580EX), just keep in mind that they will not be as powerful as a studio system.

Winner Of Last Months Photoshop Contest And The Start Of The Next

A few days ago we finished up another Fstoppers Photoshop Contest and I am happy to announce that Billy Coker won with his hilarious, and extremely well executed, edit of Patrick’s basketball image. We were by no means expecting to pick a “funny” edit but we honestly felt that this edit had the most creativity and raw Photoshop skill.

It’s time to start the next contest but I couldn’t figure out what image to Photoshop so I am reaching out to all of you. If you have an image that you think has great Photoshop potential post it here on our forum. In 3 days I will pick my favorite image to begin the next contest.

Calle Hoglund: A Photographer Being Creative

The biggest problem with photographers today is that we don’t actually get out and shoot enough. It’s so easy to watch videos of others being creative or wait until we have that next magical piece of gear before we plan a shoot. What happened to taking pictures and being creative because that is what we love to do? Calle Hoglund did just that. He had an idea one night while his buddies were over and he shot it that night. Luckily for us, he also filmed his progress, enjoy.

NYC – Mindrelic Timelapse

Today is our final day in NYC and we are currently in the studio shooting the next Fstoppers Original on Sam Yocum. I have just a second as the model gets makeup ready for the second look. I just stumbled upon this fantastic NYC timelapse by Josh Owens.

The Anatomy Of A Beauty Retouch

As many of you know, Patrick and I are in NYC shooting Peter Hurley’s DVD. We have spent every second awake at his studio in Manhattan or on the train coming to and from Brooklyn. We have not had a second to read all of the emails coming in and so we are very behind on keeping up with the current BTSVs. We will get to them after this weekend. Until then, enjoy this older (but unposted) post production tutorial by Sean Armenta.

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