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Bride Texts During Wedding Ceremony

Cell phones at weddings are getting really obnoxious. “Unplugged weddings” (where all cell phones are confiscated before the event) are becoming very popular these days. I’ve shot literally hundreds of weddings in my life and cell phones have always been a problem… with the guests. I’ve never seen this before though. [more]

The Fstoppers Store Is Now Open

As many of you know, Fstoppers.com has 2 video products currently for sale; Peter Hurley’s: The Art Behind The Headshot and our wedding tutorial How To Become A Professional Commercial Wedding Photographer. Today we have expanded and created the Fstoppers store that will house some of the best digital photography products on the web. [more]

Save $50 On Animoto Pro Photography Slideshows

A few days ago I wrote a post about Animoto’s new theme that I designed. Although I’m sure a few of you will take advantage of it, I forgot the mention the really important part; they wanted me to give out a discount. Click here to save $50 on a year of Animoto Pro. [more]

Do You Use Animoto? Check Out This New Simple Theme

Animoto.com has revolutionized photo slideshow creation. I believe that for my wedding photography business in Charleston, slideshows are the most valuable form of marketing I have. I’ve always had one problem with Animoto though, most of their themes were really over the top. That was until they let me design my own. [more]

Today Only: Refurbished Nikon D7000 For $580

The D7000 is an amazing camera. I shot weddings with it exclusively for 2 years and during that time we also filmed every Fstoppers video with them as well. Today only Adorama is selling refurbished versions of them on eBay for just $580! If you need a mid level DSLR, don’t let this deal pass you by.

Photography VS The Business of Photography

Have you ever seen a photograph taken for a large, expensive advertising campaign and thought: “I could have totally taken that picture.” I see photographers charging unbelievably high prices for mediocre images all the time. It makes me wonder; what is more important, the quality of my photography or the business of selling it? [more]

Get The Peter Hurley “Look” With A Single Light

Since we released Peter Hurley’s: The Art Behind The Headshot, the internet has been trying to replicate his signature look without shelling out thousands for his Kino Flo lights. The guys over at SLR Lounge put together a great video that comes up with a similar look by using only 1 light, 1 bank, and 3 reflectors. I think the results are fantastic.

The Cheapest And Easiest Way To Get Into Aerial Photography

A few months ago I got a random email that said “Would you like to review our new remote controlled drone that can carry a GoPro?” I love all types of electronics so I said I would be happy to. I assumed I would be receiving a remote controlled toy in the mail but I was very wrong. The DJI Phantom absolutely blew me away. Even after I destroyed it. [more]

The Peter Hurley Headshot DVD Is On Sale, Save $100

Happy fourth of July Fstoppers. To celebrate we are currently discounting Peter Hurley’s: The Art Behind The Headshot $100 (the most we have ever discounted it). If you purchase Peter’s tutorial you will also receive a $50 discount for our wedding tutorial: How To Become A Professional Commercial Wedding Photographer.

To save $100 use code “save100″ [more]

These Are Our Favorite Fstoppers Logos From The Contest

The Fstoppers Logo contest has ended and after over 1500 submissions I can say that I believe all possible avenues have been explored. Both Patrick and I went through every single logo one by one separately and we narrowed them down to our favorite 17. Check out the full post to see our best options and vote on your favorites. [more]

Design Fstoppers’ New Logo And Win $2000

4 years ago Patrick and I came up with the idea for Fstoppers.com. We needed a logo and so I went into Photoshop and created the “FS” inside a circle that you can see above. It took me about 5 minutes and neither Patrick or I have ever really liked it. It’s time for a change and we will pay you to help us get there. [more]

Fstoppers Original: Success in Photography

This year Patrick and I were invited to Gulf Photo Plus in Dubai to film a behind the scenes look of what it’s really like to go to this exotic workshop. The experience itself was one of the highlights of my life but the most memorable moment for me was the few minutes I had with each of the instructors. I decided to interview them about the pitfalls of their careers and what it takes to become successful as a photographer.  [more]

Shoot Bon Jovi With David Bergman For Charity

A couple years ago Patrick and I were invited to film David Bergman shooting a Bon Jovi concert in New Jersey. The experience was one of the most memorable of my life and if I had to put a price on it I really couldn’t, to me it was priceless. The same opportunity is now available to you. David Bergman is auctioning off the ability to shadow him at a Bon Jovi concert. [more]

The Most Beautiful Set Tom Cruise Has Ever Worked On

If you’ve seen any movies in the theater recently you’ve probably seen a preview for the movie Oblivion. A major part of the movie takes place on a science fiction “sky tower” above the clouds. Instead of using green screen the director had a 360 degree set built that allowed the team to project real skyscape video around the glass building. The results not only look incredible but they also gave the actors a more realistic set to work on. [more]

3 Tricks For Your Impossibly Small Film Crew

I know many of you out there think that a massive team and a giant budget is necessary to produce a quality video but most of the time that simply is not the case. I was just sent a link to a quick video about filming with an incredibly small film crew and these guys give 3 fantastic tips for the average person trying to get into video production. [more]

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