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How To Take Surfing Pictures With Studio Lighting

I’ve taken small strobes out into the ocean to shoot kiteboarders in the past and it wasn’t a huge success. My assistants were getting bashed by waves and the small strobes just aren’t powerful enough to really show up in the day.

Robert Snow had a much better plan though. He decided to go to a wave pool where the waves always break in the same spot and set up beefy studio lighting on the land.

Wave Pool Shoot from Cavin Brothers on Vimeo.

Photography Changes, Lighting Doesn’t

Have you ever seen “How To” photography videos from the 80′s and 90′s? Most of these videos are so cheesy that it’s hard to take anything of value away from them. In the video below Dean Collins teaches a workshop on the properties of light and instead of focusing on current trends, he sticks to the fundamentals. This video was shot in 91 but it is still completely relevant today.

How To Light A Land Rover By Tim Wallace

I just ran across this quick BTS of a Land Rover photoshoot. The video itself isn’t that impressive but the photography sure is. It’s really interesting to see how Tim Wallace determined his lighting. First he focused on the ambient light for the background and then after he had that locked in he added 3 strobes to fill in the car but keep the sky dark.

How Often Do You Visit Fstoppers?

It’s really interesting working on a site like FS because you never really know who your readers are. If you just looked at our comments you might guess that we only have a couple hundred readers a day. If you check our analytics however, you will find that there are about 60,000 unique visitors to FS every month. So that got me wondering… Are these the same 60,000 people or are they totally new each month? Well, only YOU can help answer this question. How often do you visit Fstoppers?

Jesse Rosten Uses iPad Studio Lighting

Jesse Rosten got his hands on $4500 worth of iPads and decided to do a photoshoot with them. You may be thinking that this is totally pointless and for stills I might have to agree that this is overkill but a single iPad could be used to add softlight to extremely low lit scenes; something a small strobe could never do. An iPad can also change color temperature to match the ambient light around it. I see this being used more for video that stills anyway. Don’t believe me? Well you can buy this light panel for $500 and I’ll stick to my iPad.

iPad Photoshoot from Jesse Rosten on Vimeo.

The 2011 Subaru WRX STI Commercial

It’s to easy to do things in post these days. If you can think it, someone can do it on a computer. To stand out, we are beginning to see a trend in TV commercials where directors do it “the old fashion way”. So far on Fstoppers we have posted BTSVs for Old Spice, Lexus, Nissan, and Levi’s commercials. Subaru didn’t want to be left out so they decided to film an animation in a single take using a perfectly timed car. Check out the finished product in the full post. Keep’em coming!

Veterans Of The Fighting Lady

My good friend Diana Deaver just sent this video over that she recently helped created and I really love it. 8 of the top photographers in the area got together to shoot portraits of US veterans in Charleston and listen to their incredible stories. I believe Diana shot this video and her stills using the 5D Mark II. This photography exhibit will be open to the public on November 5th. Projects like these are really what make me love living in Charleston, SC.

Phantom Camera Slo-Mo For $1000?

Well not exactly but we can still get kinda close. The Phantom camera costs a staggering $118,000 for the body alone which puts it out of the average Joe’s reach. The Canon T2i costs just $699 and it currently has a $400 rebate when you buy it with a Pro9000 printer (I love these “free printer” rebates they are doing). The T2i shoots 60fps but has great manual control. Once you shoot your super sharp 60fps you can use software called Twixtor to bring that framerate to Phantom levels. Twixtor costs about $300 and we have used it in a few of our FS originals. Very cool!

More Super Slow Motion [Water] – 550D from Rickard bengtsson on Vimeo.

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