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How To Choose And Direct A Model

Here is a great video created by Yuri Arcurs dealing with stock/commercial photography. He makes a great point when he says that a model may be very beautiful but if they don’t look nice and approachable then they won’t sell. Check out his quick video to learn a few other fantastic tips about directing your model as well.

R.L. Morris Weddings: A Quick Interview

For those of you that don’t know, I am a wedding photographer. I have been a wedding photographer for about 6 years now and believe it or not, I actually like it. Wedding photography has given me so much freedom in my life and has allowed me to start new projects like Fstoppers.com.

Patrick and I are going to begin creating behind the scenes videos that pertain to wedding photography in the near future and we plan to cover everything from starting a business from scratch to delivering the final product.

I didn’t create the video below for Fstoppers; I actually created it for potential clients that may not have the opportunity to meet me in person before booking me. I realized that I only get a chance to meet about 50% of my clients before the day of their wedding. That’s the downside with booking weddings outside of the state. I hope that you enjoy taking a closer look at what my life is currently like. More wedding videos will be posted soon.

Lee Morris of R.L. Morris Weddings from FStoppers on Vimeo.

Robert Hernandez Shoots Fire Up Close

Robert Hernandez created this video just for all of you FS readers out there. Robert’s shoot isn’t really that complicated from a photography stand point but I sure wouldn’t call it easy. Robert is shooting images inside rooms purposely caught on fire for fire department training. The room reaches over 200 degrees while Robert attempts to get the shot and protect his gear.

Fire Department Live Fire Photo Shoot Behind the scenes from Miami-Dade Fire Rescue on Vimeo.

Fstoppers Monthly Photography Contest

The September contest just wrapped up and I am happy to say that Shaadi Faris won. It will be shocking to many of you that Shaadi is not a professional photographer and does not have a website but he still won this contest with over 150 submissions. As promised, Shaadi now has a banner on the top of FS and he won a small LiteDome kit from Photoflex.

Shaadi chose to make the theme for the October contest “sport” and he will be choosing the winner at the end of the month. Photoflex decided to raise the bar and give a Octodome NXT Kit to the winner this month! Head on over to the forum here to submit your image for this months contest. I’m am actually really envious that I can’t compete in this contest; I want that bank!

StudioShare.org: Why Did This Take Me So Long To Find?

In my experience there are 2 types of photographers. 1, you have a studio but you don’t shoot in it as much as you wish you could or 2, you don’t have a studio but you always wish that you did. I personally am the type 1 photographer. I do have a small studio but it does not get used very often. I have just been turned on to StudioShare.org and this site may be a huge help to everyone. If your studio space sits empty as much as mine, you might be interested in turning it into cash. StudioShare.org allows you to rent both gear and studio space to other professional photographers. If you are a photographer without a studio and don’t have thousands of dollars a day in your budget, StudioShare.org may help you get that studio that you have always wanted at an incredibly low price. You can also list the services you offer and get hired for gigs–everything from makeup artists to assistants.

So anyway, I contacted StudioShare and they agreed to give FS readers a full year for free, just type in “fstoppers-free” when you sign up into the coupon section. You can’t beat that!

How To Light Glass

Lighting products can be extremely tricky. Especially if that product happens to be reflective. Check out this video from LearnMyShot.com and see how they choose to light 7 wine bottles. The video itself isn’t a large production but there is a boat load of good info to be learned.

Jay P. Morgan Brings The Outdoors Inside

Jay P. Morgan sent me this quick video tutorial he created a few weeks ago and I just remembered to post it. It actually works out well because Jay just let me know that he is doing a Photo/Video Seminar in Universal Studios back lot. If you happen to be California around November 6th I highly suggest checking it out. Check out the full post to see a second video promo for this upcoming seminar.

Electra Bike: Photo How to Video! from Jay P. Morgan on Vimeo.

Smallest Stop Motion Video Ever

Nokia chose to do something pretty cool for their newest commercial. They decided to create the smallest stop motion video and record the entire thing with their new phone. Check out the BTS below and the finished product in the full post.

Made by Novum