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3 Days Left For The Monthly Contest


Just a friendly reminder that you have 3 days left to enter our monthly photography contest. Submit your “technology” pictures by posting them here.

We just got back into the states yesterday and we should have the BTS contest for the camera figured out and running again on Tuesday.

Leibovitz Shoots Sean Connery For Louis Vuitton

Annie Leibovitz is perhaps the most well known photographer in the world and her work always stands out from the crowded world of photography. While her Louis Vuitton campaign with Sean Connery is a few years old now, there is still a lot of great information to be gained from the beach shoot. Using nothing more than a Photek Softlighter, Annie balances her ambient light well with her soft broad lighting to create a really awesome series of images.


The Contest Voting Has Been Paused

There has been some shady activity on our forum. Patrick and I are about to head out of the country for 5 days and we will not have internet. We have decided to pause the contest voting so that we can research IPs of the voters on the contest. More info soon.

Paddy, Keith, Sans, and Sean. Please send us an email at contactfstoppers@gmail.com. I would like to start a discussion with all of you.

Fstoppers Original: Lee Morris Shoots Oak Steakhouse

When we launched Fstoppers back in February we were working hard to create our own original video content to help kick off our website. After shooting this video it got buried in my computer before I had time to edit it because we were also working to complete multiple other videos at the same time. I finally had enough free time to finish up this quick food shoot. View the full post to read the full story.

Fstoppers Original: Lee Morris Shoots Oak Steakhouse from FStoppers on Vimeo.

Travis Harris Just Became A Full Time Photographer

Remember Travis Harris? He called me out of the blue a few months back and actually flew to Charleston to assist me at a couple of weddings. Since then Travis has had one goal in mind: to do whatever it takes to quit his day job and work as a full time professional photographer. A few weeks ago Travis took the plunge and quit his job and now he is working his ass off to pick up as many photo jobs as humanly possible. Travis was kind enough to shoot a BTSV at his last gig and give us a few of his lighting schematics.

It’s really exciting to be able to watch Travis go from amateur to professional right before our eyes. Please leave him some encouraging words below.

Shooting for “InFocus Models” from Travis Harris on Vimeo.

The Fstoppers Monthly Photography Contest


Our big contest is about to end but we thought it would be fun to start up a monthly contest. Obviously we can’t afford to give away a new camera every month but we can offer up our coveted banner space at the top of our site. So far we have only given out banners to big name contributors of our site. We have had other photographers offer to pay us for the clickable space and we turned them down. We have decided to do a monthly photography contest and the winner will get their picture and link to their website in flash banner at the top of our site for the next full month.

This month the theme of your pictures must be “technology”. At the end of August I will chose my favorite image and the photographer will win the banner placement for the next month. The winner will also get to choose next months theme and choose the winner. Please post your “technology” pictures here.

Is this a good idea? Will you participate? Let me know in the comments below.

FS Recommendation: Go Pro HD Hero

If you have not seen the Go Pro HD Hero camera before, let me introduce it to you. We have bought a few of these this summer for various projects and they are a lot of fun to play with and the footage is absolutely amazing. We will have some new Fstoppers videos coming out soon with Go Pro HD footage but in the meantime you must check out these videos. Click the
Full Post for a few details about the Go Pros and to see two other fun videos.

Fstoppers Contest: It’s Time To Vote!


First of all I would like to apologize for the delay. We have been in contact with a few other web admins with contest experience and they warned us that cheating could be a big problem. We wanted to create a fair voting system before we jumped into this and we have finally figured it out.

To keep the voting fair (and not a popularity contest) the poll will take place on our forums here. To vote you must be a member of the forum and you must have made at least 3 comments on other posts before you are eligible to vote. Commenting 3 times is not hard but it is difficult enough to deter random friends who are not Fstoppers readers from voting and it keeps users from creating multiple accounts. If you are in the running, feel free to tell your friends to sign up and vote for you, but if you make multiple forum accounts you will be disqualified (we CAN see who you are).

We were planning on picking our favorite 5 videos for you guys to vote on but we had so many good submissions that we have narrowed it down to 10 videos to vote on. If you didn’t make the top 10 please don’t be discouraged. Keep making videos and sending them in.

After you pick your favorite video in the full post, head over to the forum to vote. Voting will last 5 days starting now.

Live In NYC? Let’s Meet Up… Again

photogs meetup

A few weeks ago we decided to try to get FS readers in the NYC area to meet up one night. We made a simple post with a time and address and it turned out to be a great event. Over 20 photographers showed up included a few big names in the industry. At the end of the night Peter Hurley actually invited everyone up to his studio for a tour and actually gave us all some quick headshots.

I had such a great time with our last event, I want to do it again. Tomorrow (Thursday August 12th) we will be meeting at D.B.A (41 First Ave. New York, NY 10003) at 7pm.

Honestly, this get together has little to do with Fstoppers. It is really about meeting others within your industry. No matter how established you are, we would love to see you tomorrow night. At the last event we had a couple of the top photographers in the industry and we had those who were just getting started and wanted to start assisting. This event will be great for networking and an all around good time.

If you plan to come please leave a comment below so we can have some what of a heads up.

Update: I have just been given confirmation that David Bergman will be there. You may have seen one of his 8 SI covers.

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