Lee Morris


Contest Entry: James Karinejad Shoots “Strange Fruit”

James Karinejad has officially raised the bar on this contest. His team shot Emma Michelle’s music video and he created a great BTS video to show us everything that went into making this a successful piece. View the full post to see the finished product and remember to please leave James feedback in the comments below or on his forum post here.

RC Chopper Shoots Gulf Oil Disaster

The only thing this BTS video is missing is the actually images! But it is still really cool so I will give it a pass. They wrote: “Hand launching a custom built Canon 5D Mark II aerial drone from a boat in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico to capture oil spill imagery: Although we are able to hand launch our drones in very confined space, we’ve never done this from the back of a very unstable pitching and rolling boat…in rain and drizzle. Over $10,000 in equipment can be lost in an instant! Between boat movement and gulf winds this was an extreme challenge! What a great show of talent”

Fstoppers Quicky: David Oppenheimer Shoots Jay Z At Bonnaroo

For the last 4 days I have been at Bonnaroo listening to music and living like a caveman. The biggest show of the event was Jay Z Saturday night and to get a decent view we camped out 4 hours before the show. The guy next to me happenend to be David Oppenheimer, a professional photographer, and we ended up chatting. He decided to camp out and shoot from the crowd with a monopod and a remote.

Contest Entry: Fatal Attraction

Our next contest entry as just been posted. David Solomini shoots for A-List Magazine. It’s really cool to see all that goes into getting a cover of a fashion magazine. You can view more details about the full shoot at alist-international.com and you can add to the dialog about this BTS video on the forums here. Please give the creator of this video your feedback, we would all appreciate it.

Travis Harris (FS Fan) Visits Charleston For 5 Days

A few weeks ago I got a friend request and a nice message from Travis Harris, a shooter out of Miami that I had never met before. 4 weeks later he was on a plane to assist me and hang out for 5 days. Travis left yesterday and just a few minutes ago he wrote a kind and inspiring post about his trip on our forum. Travis took a big chance and I think we can all learn from him. Check out his story here. Please feel free to join in the conversation and add your own messages to the post.


Today We Shot Our Biggest Video Yet

Today we shot what I believe will be our biggest video yet. It isn’t going to be big because we featured a famous photographer because I, Lee Morris was the photographer. We did something very different today; something I believe has never been done before. It will take us a few weeks to edit down the video but until then you can see a few shots from our shoot and try to guess why this shoot was significant. Check the full post to see 3 more images.


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