Lee Morris


Fstoppers Original: King Street Studios Shoots Charleston Fashion Week

Last month Patrick and I had the unique opportunity to follow Todd and Reese of King Street Studios around as they shot Charleston Fashion Week. Not only did they get the standard runway shots, they also setup a small studio backstage and shot amazing portraits of the models right before they were rushed onto the runway. You are about to be blown away by what is possible with a single light.

Joshua Allen Is Not A Photographer

Fstoppers.com is dedicated to showing you the behind the scenes of photo and video shoots but we are also here to simply inspire you as well. This video of Joshua Allen’s street art has nothing to do with photography but it still inspires me to get off my ass and go create!

How To Snowboard On Leaves

Zimtstern, a clothing company needed a new commercial so they decided to advertise their snowboard apparel in a completely new way. Watch the behind the scenes video below and then the finished product in the full post.

Fstoppers is in NYC and needs your help

I am currently up here in NYC and Patrick Hall is coming up on Monday. Our goal was to come to the city to create our next Fstoppers video and the photographer that we had planned to feature doesn’t have any big shoots lined up for next week. If you happen to to be, or know of a great photographer in NYC that will be doing a shoot on Tuesday or Wednesday of next week please give me, Lee Morris, an email (rlmorrisphoto@gmail.com) or a phone call (843.697.4282). We would love to feature you/them free of charge. At this point we are looking for a product/car photographer but since it is so last minute any cool photoshoot will do. If you happen to live in NYC and simply want to party with us feel free to call or email too :)

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