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The Photographers You Idolize Are No Better Than You

We look up to other people in all aspects of our lives. Most of us admire our parents or an older sibling. We desire to be like those who have “made it” like actors, musicians, or wealthy business owners. As photographers, we probably all have a list of our favorite people in the industry. I’m here to tell you that they are no better at photography than you are. [more]

Turn Pegboard Into A Fashion Photography Backdrop

Good photography isn’t all about having a big budget and I am always a fan of photographers who can prove it. Columbus, Ohio based photographer Nick Fancher just sent me a quick video that outlines his very simple, yet brilliant, lighting idea. Nick took some cheap pegboard and lit it from behind creating a hundreds of little beads of light behind his subject. By using a wide aperture he could blur each of these bursts of light to create some pretty compelling images. [more]

The Canon 5D Mark III is Currently On Sale

I just got an email from one of our readers saying that Amazon is currently selling the Canon 5D Mark III for $2999.00, the lowest price this camera has ever sold for. If you were waiting for a deal this is it. I wouldn’t be surprised if it ended in a few hours. Check it out here.

The Fstoppers Photo Plus Party Pictures Are Live

On Friday we threw a party at Peter Hurley’s studio and opened it up to the public to celebrate Photo Plus in NYC. Over 400 people showed up and luckily we never ran out of drinks (in other words it was a big success). Peter built a wacky photobooth out of some AstroTurf he “found” and the characters that showed up for the party knew exactly what to do with it. These photobooth pictures are finally available here. Now that we know we can draw a crowd we will plan to do it even bigger next year.

Fstoppers PhotoPlus Party In NYC Tonight

We’re celebrating PhotoPlus with an all inclusive Fstoppers party in NYC at Peter Hurley’s studio tonight Friday, October 26 at 9PM. If you’re a photographer or videographer, this is one you won’t want to miss. We’ve hired bartenders and the drinks and food will be covered by us all night long (or until we run out). We hope to have hundreds from the industry show up over the course of the evening. [more]

20 Powerful Images From The Last Election

4 years ago my good friend Reese Allen happened to be in D.C. on a photoshoot during the last presidential election. At night, Reese hit the streets and captured some pretty incredible images.  [more]

SLR Lounge Interviews Lee Morris from Fstoppers

For the last 1.5 years Patrick and I have been filming our next massive project; a 10-12 hour long tutorial on all things wedding photography. To put the finishing touches on this, “DVD” we wanted to interview 2 very established wedding photographers that have completely different business models from ours. For the first interview I flew out to California to talk with Pye from Lin and Jirsa Weddings. Afterwards Pye decided to interview me for his second business, SLR Lounge.com. [more]

Ultimate Lens Bokeh From The Canon 50mm F1.0

Many photographers don’t know it, but Canon used to produce a 50mm lens with a F1.0 aperture. Yes, one-point-zero. At the time, this was the fastest SLR lens in production. While it was being made the lens retailed for $4,210. In 2000 the lens production was stopped and was eventually replaced by the F1.2 version. Why? The lens actually wasn’t very good… except for the bokeh.  [more]

The First Real World Nikon D600 ISO Test

I was planing on eventually buying a D600 but when I saw yesterday that they were “in stock” and ready to ship from Amazon, I bought one. I’m a Prime member so I get free 2 day shipping but for just $3.99 more they gave me over-night shipping. Patrick was over at my place packing for a wedding this weekend when the camera came in and we decided to quickly compare the cameras ISO performance to the D800[more]

Fstoppers and PremiumBeat.com Are Giving Away A Blackmagic Cinema Camera

We have teamed up with PremiumBeat.com to give away what may be the most anticipated video camera of 2012, the Blackmagic Cinema Camera. This camera is has a 2.5k sensor that shoots in 12-bit Raw with 13 stops of dynamic range for less than $3000. Up until now, these specs were only available in cameras over $10,000. Just like our last 3 major contests, this is a Facebook contest and it is extremely easy to enter.  [more]

Has Your Memory Card Ever Failed?

I’ve always been more afraid of human error than a memory card error and because of this I always shoot weddings with 1 card per camera. Now that I shoot with D800s, the 36mp raw files require a 64gb card per camera. In 8 years I’ve shot hundreds of weddings and I’ve never had any sort of card error and I’ve never lost a file. What about you? [more]

Did Our Post On ‘Morning After’ Photography Go Too Far?

Earlier today Lauren wrote a humorous, opinionated, post about ‘Morning After’ Boudoir Photography. This post was met with great hostility and inappropriate personal attacks towards Lauren. Is Fstoppers too big now to have a voice? Are we only allowed to report news stories without expressing opinions? Did we go to far or did commenting get out of hand? [more]

Behind the Scenes of Back To The Future Hoverboarding

Back To The Future may be my all time favorite series of movies. Ever since BTTF2, I’ve been patiently waiting for scientists to create a hoverboard but for some reason we still aren’t there yet. When they filmed this iconic scene, CGI still was in its infancy and so good old fashion ropes and harnesses were used. In this video you can see this rig in its testing phase. [more]

This Leica 1600mm Lens Costs 2 Million Dollars

Leave it to Leica to produce the worlds most expensive lens. Sheikh Saud Bin Mohammed Al-Thani of Qatar had this lens specially designed and shipped to him for  a cool $2,064,500. This 1600mm 5.6 lens is the biggest and heaviest Leica has ever made and although it is a one of a kind product, you can see the prototype of this lens (the one in the picture above) in Leica’s factory showroom in Solms, Germany.  [more]

BTS Of Barbie’s 2012 Fashion Collection Photos

Last year we posted a behind the scenes video of the 2011 Barbie fashion shoot and it was a massive hit. This year Mattel has once again teamed up with designer Robert Best and photographer/videographer Paul Jordan to create another amazing collection. The attention to detail in the clothing, set design, and lighting is staggering. Check out the full post for the images.  [more]

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