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Bride Drowns During Photoshoot From Heavy Dress

Today, during a photoshoot in Canada a bride slipped in less than 1 foot of water. The Photographer attempted to pull her out but the dress became too heavy.  The bride was swept down stream and then pulled under the water. The bride’s body was found a few hours later on the bottom of the river. This will come as a complete shock to most wedding photographers because shooting near or even in water is a very common theme these days.  [more]

How To Tether a Nikon D4 or D800 To Lightroom [UPDATED]

Have you tried to tether a D4 or D800 to Lightroom? If so, you’ve learned that neither program can actually recognize these cameras. Apparently Nikon has yet to release the developer kit necessary to make this happen. Erica Barker points out that you can use Nikon’s software “Camera Control Pro 2″ to tether your camera to a computer, and then simply point Lightroom to that folder. It’s an acceptable fix while we wait for Nikon to release the dev kit. [more]

This Is Why Posing Your Subjects Is Important

I’ve seen some examples of some goofy poses for wedding pictures but this is the first optical illusion. The idea is a bit strange but innocent enough; “let’s have the groomsmen kneel down and the bridesmaids sit on their knees.” Who would have thought this could make the girls look like dwarfs. I’m shooting a wedding this weekend and now I have one more thing I know not to do.  [more]

How To Make A Surf Video

If you live near the coast you have probably considered shooting stills or videos of the local surfers. If you’ve ever tried it (I have a few times) you know that it’s much harder than it looks. Vimeo Video School put together a great 4 minute video that goes over the basics of shooting your first surf video. With a little practice, maybe one day you will be able to shoot something like this. [more]

Why Bad Wedding Photographers Have Made The Industry Better

When most photographers stumble upon an ad on Craigslist for a $300 wedding photographer, they get angry. Not only is this “Craigslist photographer” claiming to to be professional when they are not, they are also lowering the value of wedding photography in general, right? How can us “real” professionals ask for thousands of dollars when there are others willing to do it for almost nothing? These are fair assumptions, but I believe bad wedding photographers have made the industry better. [more]

Bruce Davidson: 70 Years As A Photographer

Bruce Davidson was born in 1933 and he started shooting pictures when he was just 10 years old. Since then Bruce has become most famous for his photojournalist work that included street gangs, circus performers, and the civil rights movement . In this video Bruce talks about some of his most famous images and his love for Leica cameras.

This Batman Movie Was Made With Action Figures

I’m usually not a huge fan of stop motion videos but this 6 minute short by Derek Kwok and Henri Wong is incredible. Every detail of this video from the lighting to the sound is top notch. The design of the action figures and their animations were sometimes so good that they appear to be real. Even if stop motion isn’t your thing, this video is worth checking out. [more]

138 Skydivers Join Hands And Set The Vertical World Record

Using 6 aircrafts, 138 skydivers jumped at 18,500 feet and created a snowflake shape by holding hands and remaining vertical (head down feet up) to set the new vertical world record. Skydivers traveled from all over the world to take part in the record attempt, including from France, Spain, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, Russia, Italy, Belgium, Australia and the U.K. [more]

The New Mars Rover Has Landed Safely, Here Are The Details

NASA’s newest 2.5 billion dollar Mars rover named Curiosity successfully landed on the surface of the Red Planet early this morning. In this post I will try to update everyone on everything from the incredibly complex landing concept, the suspenseful live video of the landing itself, and the first images that this Rover has sent us. [more]

Incredible Lord Of The Rings Special Effect Done In Camera

In Lord Of The Rings the Hobbits, who are supposed to be very small, are required to interact with much larger humans. I always assumed they did this by recording each actor separately and then combining them in post but I was very wrong. By using a telephoto lens and very small aperture that produced a long depth of field, they could place the actors on different focal planes and keep them both sharp. With some incredible set design they could fool the viewer even while the camera was in motion. [more]

Alien Skin Exposure 4: Our Favorite Photo Enhancing Plugin

I’ve been a big fan and user of Alien Skin Exposure software for many years now. A couple months ago Alien Skin asked if I would review their newest version of the software and although it took me quite a while, I’m finally done. Basically, Alien Skin has taken what I have always considered to be the best photo enhancing software available and they have made it even better. [more]

High End Lexar Memory Cards Are Currently On Sale

If you have been waiting for a deal on Pro level memory cards, your wait is over. Today only B&H has high end Lexar memory cards on sale from 16gb to 128gb. Keep in mind that many of these cards are still very expensive because they are some of the fastest cards money can buy (up to 150mbps). The discounted cards are broken up into 3 levels; mid level CF cards, top level CF cards, and SD cards.

Olympic Photographer Leaves Lens Cap On

We’ve all left our lens caps on before but it usually takes a split second to look through the viewfinder and figure out what the problem is. This Olympic photographer took a little bit longer to figure out that his lens cap was the reason for his blank images. Unluckily for him, these embarrassing 12 seconds were broadcast to the world. [more]

This Year’s Olympians Are Also Sexy Super Models NSFW

Is it just me or are the Olympians this year extra revealing? Each year ESPN releases a Body Issue which features men and women Olympians fully nude but this year other publications are also jumping on board with extra sexy Olympic imagery. For every image you have seen there are dozens of other photoshoots that also took place. In this video we go behind the scenes on a handful of these lesser known shoots featuring female athletes.  [more]

Check Out This Amazing GigaPixel Image Of The Olympics

Our good friend David Bergman was hired by Sports Illustrated to shoot the Olympics once again this year. David is becoming more and more well known for his Gigapan images which require a camera to take hundreds of pictures that are then stitched together in post. The result is a single image that you can “zoom” almost endlessly into.  If you want to see every detail of the gymnasium at the Olympics, check out this incredible GigaPixel image. [more]

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